Conor Hiner, Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Conor graduated from Plymouth State University with a BS in Exercise & Sport Physiology (2021), a minor in Health, and is pursuing an additional minor in psychology. He played on the football team all five years, serving as Captain his final year, and was inducted into the National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame (NFF) Hampshire Honor Society in 2022.

At Plymouth State, Conor completed a strength and conditioning internship where he worked both one-on-one with injured athletes looking to return to their sport as well as in a team setting training a variety of varsity teams. He now continues to work with Plymouth State as an assistant strength & conditioning coach for all their teams, but with a primary focus with women’s lacrosse and men’s soccer.

“My favorite part of working with Conor is that the workouts push me harder than most of my sports which allows me to focus more on having fun rather than feeling like I’m surviving my sports. And I can see a clear path to achieving my craziest challenges yet. Now it’s not about being healthy and having adequate mobility, but about seeing what’s possible for me!” -Roger Limoges

Following graduation, Conor acquired his Advanced Personal Training Certification from the American Sport Fitness Association (ASFA-APT). At Cioffredi & Associates, Conor’s Personal Training approach is focused on working collaboratively with his clients towards achieving their goals and improving everyday movements unique to their lifestyle. He loves to make training enjoyable for everyone by actively listening to his clients and incorporating things they enjoy into the training program. He believes this buy-in is critical to establishing a mutual understanding and making meaningful progress his client’s goals.

“I have been working with Conor for just three weeks, yet I feel I have made a great deal of progress. Conor is an inspiring instructor – thoughtful, attentive, and very professional… It’s great to feel so optimistic about my future physical well-being!” -Peter Travis

In his free time, Conor loves participating in a variety of recreational sports. He especially enjoys playing golf, hockey, men’s league softball, and rooting on all Boston teams.

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