Megan Osanitsch PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Megan holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2018) and Bachelors of Health Science (2015) from Quinnipiac University. Her doctoral capstone project and research explored the effects of guided relaxation on heart rate variability and the concurrent impact on recovery for sport. Prior to joining Cioffredi & Associates, Megan practiced for three years in Maryland as an Orthopedic Physical Therapist. She  is SFMA Level 1 and Level 2 certified.

Megan’s treatment approach addresses her clients as a whole, rather than focusing on one specific diagnosis, to include manipulating the nervous system and surrounding environment to provoke musculoskeletal change. She enjoys challenging her clients and providing the support and motivation to achieve their best selves.

“[Megan’s] very warm presence and knowledge of my situation was remarkable.  I knew when I first met her, I was in good hands.  Each session I only improved, I could sleep at night, walk with ease, lift my right should above my head, I was so pleased with my, thrilled in fact, and again, I COMPLETELY CREDIT, Megan for her work combined with her knowledge of what needed to be done to my right side!” -Wadeane Kunz

A lifelong athlete, Megan captained the Quinnipiac Women’s Field Hockey Team (Division 1) for two seasons. She also spent time volunteer coaching a high school team while in graduate school. In her free time she enjoys hiking, golfing, skiing, playing field hockey, and reading. She now lives in the Upper Valley with her husband, Matt, and pupper, Dixie.
“I have been to many PTs over the years for my knee and no PT has had such a varied exercise program to keep me engaged and working hard towards my recovery. She also gives straight forward feedback that clearly lets you know where you stand and what else can be done to improve outcomes. Thank you Megan O!” -Andrew Clark
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“When I started PT here I was so affected by my concussion that I felt like I could not live my full life. With Megan Osanitsch’s help I got better so much faster than anticipated. Being able to get back into my normal routine is something I am so grateful for. because of Cioffredi & Associates I can have the senior year that I always imagined.” -Londyn Crenshaw
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