Achieving Work-Life Balance

Cathy Pelton Shares Her Journey with Health Coaching


Cathy Pelton Health Coaching Success Story at Cioffredi & Associates
Cathy with Her Health Coach Denise

“When I initially

Denise gave me the tools, motivation, and support to make lifestyle changes that because of our hard work together have now become a fundamental part of my daily life.

Denise taught me how important it is to have both short term and long term goals. From just a few weeks to 6, 9 and 12 months out, we should all have something that we are aiming to achieve. Some of the goals I have set and achieved include cutting the intake of sugar in my daily diet, increasing the amount of weight I can lift, and even surviving the holidays without going completely off track. At one point I had to set a goal to maintain what we had already achieved when I experienced a setback due to an injury. This too was accomplished with Denise’s support.

One of my most important, and unexpected results was finding a better balance between my personal and professional life. This is something I’ve attempted many times before but never got much traction on until working with Denise. I believed that being a Director meant that work would always trump home life and that was just how it is. With Denise’s guidance I have discovered that if I put my mind to making a change and have the support of someone who has my interests at heart, I can do anything.


I have learned that it doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t always easy, but I can do it and I can achieve those things that I never thought I could do before. I am finding more balance in my life and am loving it. The balance will continue to change and improve over time. As new obstacles come up I will be able to approach each of them with confidence knowing I have a proven method of achieving what I set out to accomplish. In the 7 months I’ve been working with Denise I have set and achieved more than 10 goals and I have a list of goals already lined up through September 2015. I have no doubt that I will achieve each and every one of them and that Denise will be there supporting me every step of the way!”

~ Cathy Pelton