Pain, Resilience, and Opportunity

by Bill Cioffredi, PT

Physical Therapist Bill Cioffredi, Founder of Cioffredi & Associates | The Institute for Health & Human Performance on PAIN AND RESILIENCE: AN OPPORTUNITY

Over the course of my 30-plus-year career as a physical therapist, I have gotten a lot of satisfaction from helping people deal with what I saw as a lot of mechanical kinds of pain, and if I could help them with their pain through understanding the biomechanics and correcting things, it was really terrific.

More Than Mechanics

But I noticed, over time, more and more people who had histories of anxiety issues, panic attack problems, nervousness, and depression—and many people were on medications for these kinds of things. I began to see that there was a lot more than mechanics behind the pain problems of the people that I was seeing, and I realized that I really needed to get better at understanding that kind of “needingness” to really help people further.

I consider it an interesting paradox that there are now ways, through healthcare, that allow people to live a lot longer than they used to. The question and the challenge that follows is, “Are they, are we, living happier?” especially over those longer periods. This is where the concepts of pain and resilience and opportunity converge.

Building Competence and Confidence

As physical therapists, we have the pleasure to treat people when they come to us because they have a pain problem, and through our work with them we help them develop their competence. But in fact we also have an opportunity to help them develop their confidence—confidence that they can handle whatever it is that’s giving them trouble. It’s true that they usually come to us because they’ve got a pain problem, but you can almost take that concept of the “pain problem” and insert just “problem,” and then what we’re doing is building people’s competence and confidence to handle whatever is in front of them.

And so the topic of resilience is very interesting to me for those reasons, not only just for the pain problems that we see people for, but for the “livingness” parts of things. I have developed a deeper appreciation that when I provide care with this in mind, the pain condition becomes an opportunity…both for the person I’m treating and for me.

Dr. Adam Schwarz Presents The Clinical Science of Resiliency, part of PAIN AND RESILIENCY: AN OPPORTUNITY

LEARN MORE about Pain and Resiliency

I was honored to host Dr. Adam Schwarz of the Hanover Continuity Clinic as the featured presenter at our Fall Speaker Series event on November 2, 2016, and his lecture “The Clinical Science of Resiliency” is available to view on the Cioffredi & Associates YouTube channel.


Thank You From Cioffredi & Associates


* Pain and Resiliency: An Opportunity *


Our Fall Speaker Series took place on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 here at Cioffredi & Associates|The Institute for Health & Human Performance, and if you weren’t able to be here, we have good news! You can watch both presentations on our YouTube Channel. See below for more details.

Featured Presentations


Dr. Adam Schwarz


The Clinical Science of Resiliency

Dr. Adam Schwarz

Primary Care Physician, Hanover Continuity Clinic

Resilience is a quality that allows us to meet challenges, and not only survive, but to thrive. Whether it’s a physical pain, an emotional upset, or one of life’s many other challenges, resilience is an essential element. We are honored that Dr. Adam Schwarz has agreed to speak at our upcoming lecture series on The Clinical Science of Resiliency.



Kate Leiser, PT, DPT, OCS


Walk It Off: The Role of Exercise in Management of Pain

Kate Leiser, PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist, Cioffredi & Associates

Learn how physical therapists effectively treat pain while teaching people how to manage and avoid relapses. Physical therapy is a safer alternative to pain medication; there are no side effects, and even some added benefits. Developing one’s competence and confidence to handle and recover from periods of pain in life is fundamental to building resilience.




Dear Dennis,

I wanted to thank you for your time to come and speak at the Institute’s Spring Speaker Series. You should know that so many of the people attending had thanked me for the program and for your presence. You touched so many people.

You’ve earned a reputation as a thoughtful and effective physician. My guess is you would have had a similar reputation in any other field you might have gone into. You came to the Upper Valley just a few years before me, and I’ve observed your style for some time. Based on what I’ve seen, this is how it breaks down for me: It starts with genuinely being interested in the person in front of you; being able to communicate with that person through listening, duplicating their viewpoints, and acknowledging them without judging. In finding some element you can admire in each individual, and then helping them achieve what they want, in whatever way they can accept it. I think that’s how you created the strong, lasting relationships that were your hallmark. It seems to me that is also the way you lived your life. You were married to the original gal for 45 years…and happily married. In this time of “evidence-based practice,” there’s the evidence.

I think society has been struggling here a bit Dennis. Technology can be a nice tool, as long as we don’t let it confuse us or interfere with our ability to build relationships with our patients. Thank you for everything Dennis. You really made a difference. I will remember you as I continue to apply what I’ve learned from you in my personal life as well as my professional life.


Billy Cioffredi

sports nutrition

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This free one-on-one screening with one of our Physical Therapists will evaluate your balance and mobility, provide valuable insight into fall prevention, and offer solutions to decrease your risk.

Participants will need to complete a medical history and balance scale prior to their screening. The therapist will review your history, and put you through a series of test to evaluate your balance and determine your risk of fall. EdithYou will leave the screening with some tools that you can use to improve your balance.

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Featured Speakers:

Sharon McMonagle WEB5:15 – 5:45pm

Core Strength: From Injury Prevention to Athletic Performance

Presented by Sharon McMonagle, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist at Cioffredi & Associates. Sharon received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She completed her undergraduate degree at Colby College where she was a student athlete participating in both Varsity Swimming and Crew.

John Nutting

5:50 – 6:20pm

Rotator Cuff Injury & Management: Current Best Practices

Presented by John Nutting, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. Dr. Nutting
received his medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. He completed residencies in orthopaedic surgery at both DHMC and Newington Children’s Hospital, followed by a fellowship at Harvard Combined Hospitals in Boston.

Bill Cioffredi WEB6:30 – 7:00pm

Foot Pain: Finding the Source

Presented by Billy Cioffredi, PT

Founder and CEO at Cioffredi & Associates. Bill graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1979 with a degree in Physical Therapy. He has extensive experience in both orthopaedic and sports rehabilitation. He is certied in Trigger Point Dry Needling which he incorporates into care when appropriate.