Want to know how to prepare for your upcoming race? Our Distance Running Program fills in the gaps around your race training with three different tactics to increase your performance and prevent injury (VIDEO BELOW):

1. Dynamic warm-up exercises to efficiently maximize your training

  • Elevate the heart rate and increase blood flow to tissues

  • Prime the neuromuscular system to facilitate use of full speed and power

  • Prepare the elasticity of tissues for optimized performance and injury prevention

2. Static cool-down stretches optimize muscle recovery

  • Improve flexibility and range of motion more effectively while muscles are warm

  • Reduce the risk of injury caused by muscular imbalances and lesions of the connective tissue

  • Reduce soreness after your workout


3. Foam rolling improves circulation before and after

  • Increase supply of oxygen to your muscles to assist with warm-up and recovery

  • Loosen tight, achy muscles

  • Reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness

  • Increase muscle flexibility and range of motion


Watch the Distance Running Basics: Running Your Race Injury Free video presented by Emily Milbank PT, DPT, CSCS

1. Dynamic Warmup (Repeat 10x Each Side): Walking Hip Cradle (0:19), Walking Figure 4 (0:33), Walking Quad Pull (0:48), Active Hamstring Stretch – Walking Tin Soldier (1:03), and Hip Stretch & Twist – World’s Greatest! (1:16)

2. Cooldown Stretching (Hold 20s each side): Static Hamstring Stretch (1:50), Static Glute Stretch (2:01), Static Figure 4 Lateral Hip Stretch (2:07), Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch (2:17), Standing Gastroc Stretch (2:30), Standing Soleus Stretch (2:39)

3. Foam Rolling 101 Basics (Roll 1m Each Side): Glute (2:58), IT Band (3:17), Hamstring (3:34), Quad (3:47), Calf Foam Rolling (4:04)


Let’s Talk Feet! Ensuring a Good Foundation from the Ground Up

Running Evaluations

Mother’s Day Massage Special – One Hour for $75


Let mom get in some hard-earned relaxation with a massage! Call us to reserve your gift certificate or schedule a visit. Certificates can be picked up from either Lebanon or Grantham clinics or we can mail them to directly to you! See below for our massage services.


Types of Massage We Offer Include:

Relaxation Massage

This is a light pressure, full body massage to refresh the mind and body.

Therapeutic Massage

This deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and incorporates a various range of stretches to get to the root of your pain and stiffness. The therapist will customize the massage to your specific needs, injury or condition. It can be full body, or we can focus in on specific areas of concern.

Hot Stone

This technique uses hot stones, heated to 140 degrees, to massage the body. The warmth of the stones aids in the relaxation of muscles and fascia, and helps the therapist to get deeper more quickly. Available in Relaxation or Therapeutic styles. Note: Available for a $20 surcharge.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of massage that utilizes specific strokes to help athletes obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning by increasing power, endurance, and mobility—both before and after an event or exercise.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is specifically customized for mother’s to be. It starts with gentle light pressure, going only as deep as is safe for you and the baby. It can be full body, or focus in on specific areas of pain and stiffness. A body pillow is used to provide comfort for you as you lay on your side. If it is your first massage while pregnant, we recommend a 30 minute session to see how your body will respond before booking a longer session.

Massage Therapy

Our Team

What to Expect at Your First Massage Session


We are very proud to announce that Marissa Reilly, DPT of Cioffredi & Associates in Lebanon has completed her Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP) certification.  Marissa leads up our Sports Performance Program and adds this certification to her existing qualifications as a Physical Therapy Doctorate, Athletic Trainer, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

What is The Mulligan Concept?

The Mulligan Concept is an advanced set of specific manual therapy skills geared towards joint treatment when pain and range of motion are involved. It is especially helpful for the spine with immediate and usually long-standing reductions in pain, and improved function/ROM.  The basic concept is that, by applying an appropriate force to an affected joint while a patient moves in the direction of pain, it will eventually reduce pain and improve motion. Learn more about the Mulligan Certification here.

By acquiring this certification, Marissa becomes one of four CMPs in the state of NH and is now regularly utilizing Mulligan mobilization with movement concepts into her treatments with clients. Please join us in congratulating her on this great achievement!

Our Team

Two PTs Acquire Advanced Orthopedic Certifications

Our Commitment to Education


In this issue…

✓ The Horse Whisperer: Building Positive Relationships

✓ Spring Sport Preparation: PT Gives You the Edge

✓ In Their Own Words: Success Stories from Our Patients

✓ What is Vertigo? It’s All in Your Head!

✓ Overcoming Opiods: Managing Your Pain

✓ A Special Invitation to Grantham’s First Birthday


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Vertigo is a common type of dizziness, defined as a false sensation of spinning.

The most common cause of vertigo is BPPV, or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. This is a disorder of the inner ear characterized by repeated episodes of positional vertigo, meaning that the spinning dizziness is triggered by sudden head positions or movements. It can affect your balance, safety, and ability to function.

We all have crystals of calcium carbonate in a specific part of our inner ear that function in our sense of balance and body motion. BPPV is caused by these crystals coming loose and moving into a different part of the inner ear, the semicircular canals, where they are not supposed to be. This can trigger the brain to think that the body is violently spinning with just a simple head movement, such as looking up or rolling over in bed.

Episodes of severe dizziness usually last less than one minute, but can be triggered with movements for weeks to months. Between episodes, some people feel symptom-free, while others feel a sense of imbalance or disequilibrium. If you are suffering from these symptoms, a Physical Therapist specializing in Vestibular Disorders can help!

“I have lived with motion sickness in a variety of settings for my entire life. I never knew that PT could help, but it has! This will allow me to enjoy many more activities in life. If you get motion sickness, try PT. Don’t wait 43 years like I did.” -RT

Our Team

Got Headaches? The PT Cure Explored

Treating TMJ

Snow Covered Fairways are Starting to Thaw. Mud Season is Here!

The antsy golfer has their clubs packed for their annual golfing trip down south. Is your body prepared to jump back into activities and movements it hasn’t performed the entire offseason?

Start your season off on the right foot with our staff of highly trained Physical Therapists! We specialize in working with all levels of golfers and can help you get a jump start on the season.

During your Golf Evaluation, your Physical Therapist will focus on sport specific strength, flexibility, stability, and overall movement to develop a comprehensive treatment and maintenance plan to keep you going the entire season.

Give us a call to schedule your Golf Evaluation!


Sports Performance & Rehabilitation

Staying Fit on the Fairway

We are proud to be partnering up with Lebanon Parks & Rec again to host this Spring’s Couch to 5K kickoff!


TUESDAY APRIL 9, 2019 | 7:15PM – 8:15PM

Cioffredi & Associates • 112 Etna Rd • Lebanon, NH


Have you been looking for that extra motivation to get back in shape after the long winter? Couch to 5K is the perfect opportunity to work towards a common goal with an amazing, supportive group. Join us for the kickoff meeting to meet the team and learn more!


In late 2017, Kris Bowen came to us with knee pain so severe she was unable to walk up and down stairs. Recently, she was able to partake in the experience of a lifetime, hiking all over rocky coast of Scotland!

“I just wanted to share this picture of me in Scotland celebrating my 50th birthday! When we started working together a year ago, this was my goal. For over two weeks we walked rocky beaches in the Inner Hebrides islands. We hiked on steep and muddy paths through the Highlands. We got to experience so much beauty on the trip of a lifetime. My knee felt great! I took my time on some of the trickier terrain (I like to think of it as contemplative walking) and the hiking poles were an excellent asset to have along. But overall, I just felt strong and ready to take on all the fantastic adventures we waded into. Thank you so very much for your help getting my knee back in shape so I could have this wonderful experience!” -Kris Bowen

Sports Injury Recovery

Knee Pain: Finding the Source

Hiking Exercises




Becca Swope PT, MSPT, OCS and Anna Hinman PT, DPT, CHC, CEAS

It’s resolution season! With 2019 here, a lot of us are hitting the reset button on our health and setting goals to become more physical active. It can be difficult to fit physical activities into your already busy day though. Our Guru’s from the Grantham clinic are here to help with 5 tips to help you meet your goals!




Don’t stress yourself out trying to find that one open spot close to your building. Park far away in that nice open lot and get a few extra steps in. Same thing when picking up your mail! Park the car and use it as an opportunity to take a quick walk!


We’re not built to sit all day. Set an alarm for every 30 minutes for a quick stroll, stretch, or exercise. Try doing a few squats, toe-touches, or side-bends to get the blood moving!



Chores building up and you still haven’t gotten in your exercises? Time to do double-time! Try heel raises while washing dishes, balancing on one leg while brushing your teeth, or flexing your core while driving around on errands.



You don’t have to have a fancy watch to track steps. Did you know most smart phones have a pedometer built into them? Set goals you can manage with yours and work up to 10,000 steps a day!



Don’t jump back into your exercises full tilt. That’s how you injure yourself and set yourself up to fail. Start slow with goals that you know you can achieve. That way you have no excuses to not do them and can create a habit over multiple weeks. Then, you can start to ratchet up the intensity and work towards goals without having to re-engage your willpower constantly.


If you have any questions for our Grantham Gurus, please email us at scheduling@cioffredi.com.


New Year – Newsletter!

Jim Beattie is a former MLB Pitcher for the Yankees and Mariners, General Manager for the Expos and Orioles, and more recently, a Scout for the Blue Jays. These days, he serves as the Director of the Upper Valley Special Olympics Winter Games and spends his free time traveling, skiing, and exploring the great outdoors. Jim came to us to help recover from a skiing injury and we had a chance to ask him a couple questions about his success, active lifestyle, and the upcoming Winter Games!

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