Angie Hinton: Back to Running for Better Health

Angie Hinton, PT ClientPhysical therapy has meant a great deal to me. I have been a member of the (Lebanon, NH, Recreation & Parks) Couch to 5k running group for three years now, and I had been feeling pretty confident about trying my first 10k this summer. That was put on hold in February when I fell on the ice while working. I ignored the pain for a little while, but it did not go away so I began PT. Come to find out, it was not my leg that was the issue but my back. The impact from my fall hurt my lower back causing several problems with my leg and foot. I wanted PT to help clear up the monster amounts of pain I was having and I wanted to get strong enough to run again. Working with Kate has been challenging and very rewarding, I did not think I could get to the point of sitting comfortably, let alone run, but she helped me believe that I could do it. Injuries can sideline you but you can come back. I am practicing with the run club and will run in the 5k race on the 4th of July!

Angie Hinton Runs the Couch to 5KI started to run because I wanted better health and better control of my diabetes. A month ago, after being on medications since 1994, I was taken off insulin and am beginning the process of getting off medication all together! The team at Cioffredi has given me so much more than they will ever know (so much more than PT). I thank them from the bottom of my heart and running shoes!!

–Angie Hinton, Lebanon

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New Medically Based Personal Training Rates

Medically Based Personal Training Experience

We want to make our Medically Based Personal Training program accessible to help you improve your fitness and feel better about your health, and we are here to give you the confidence to do it right. For those who are finishing up physical therapy, our trainers work directly with our Physical Therapy Staff to ensure that your workout is appropriate for your area of injury, further improves your fitness, and reduces the rate of re-occurrence of injury. Our Personal Trainers have many years of experience and use a medically based approach to their program.

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7 Ways a Personal Trainer Adds Value to Your Workout

  1. Goal Setting

A personal trainer helps you define specific and attainable goals, and how you can measure your progress toward meeting them. As with any journey, you’ll need to know where you want to go and how to know when you’ve gotten there.

  1. Personalized Workout

A personal trainer creates customized workouts based on your condition, medical background, and what you want to achieve. It won’t just be a “general” workout, it will be your workout tailored to your goals.

  1. Instruction

A personal trainer will teach and demonstrate workout movements, and then guide you as you learn them yourself, in order to prevent injury and to equip you to exercise on your own.

  1. Motivation

Sharing your goal and establishing a schedule for workouts is a great way to maintain momentum, and a personal trainer will celebrate your success with you as you make progress.

  1. Accountability

A personal trainer will help you measure your success, and keep you accountable to—or adjust –your goals as needed. Scheduling with a trainer will also ensure that you have regular time set aside to work out.

  1. Variety

Changing up your workout periodically will keep you from getting bored, and a personal trainer can offer a range of different ways to work target areas—and at levels that are appropriate to your development.

  1. Efficiency

With scheduled sessions that are well planned, a personal trainer will help you make the most of your designated workout time. They can also adapt your sessions as needed