Health Tips

Catch up on what our health coach and our PT clinical staff are offering for healthy tips and advice to support your movement for life. Cioffredi & Associates | The Institute for Health & Human Performance.

Backpack Safety Guide

According to doctors and physical therapists, backpacks that are overloaded or worn improperly can, over time, cause painful misalignment and harmful compression of the spine.

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Is Hip Surgery Right For You?

A year ago, Bill Samuels could barely walk. Today, you’ll find him golfing throughout the week, carrying his clubs all over the hilly 18 holes of his local golf course.

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Staying Fit on the Fairway

SIMPLE GOLF EXERCISES YOU CAN DO ON THE GREEN TO PREVENT INJURY Jump to exercises The average golfer will repeat a swing pattern thousands of times in a season as they attempt to perfect their skills and improve performance. This repetitive activity is a major factor for the most common […]

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Q&A: Talking Trails with Randy Richardson

For many people, hiking is an integral part of the Upper Valley experience. We are so lucky to live in a community where we can simply walk out our front door and immediately access world-class trails that engage both the body and mind.

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Hiking Exercises

Go outside! Get some exercise! Who knew our parents were giving us scientifically sound “advice?” Mom and Dad just wanted us to be happier and healthier.

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