Throwing Exercises


12 Quick & Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Arm and Prevent Injury


With the spring upon us, baseball and softball  preseason is in full swing! When you get out on the field , will you be ready?

It’s mid-season. You’ve been practicing most every day and you’re getting better and better. Not only that, but your team has been on a roll! If you keep this up, you might even make playoffs!

Today, you show up to practice and start warming up by tossing the ball around with your teammates. Coach grabs a bat and sends everyone out to field some pop-ups.


Here’s one right over center field and you take off running. Your eye is glued to ball as it arcs off to your right and you speed after it… you might just be able to make it! As it starts to plummet, you’re almost there. You stretch out your arm and POW! The ball hits your glove solidly. What a catch!

You can’t take long to savor the catch though. Every millisecond counts, even in practice. If you recover fast enough, you might be able to get that player on third base out! It’s a ways away, but you think you can make it. You reach across your body into your glove, fumbling fingers finding the ball. Your eyes train in on third as you take a step, set your feet, whip your arm back, and let fly.

But something’s wrong.

A sharp pain courses through your shoulder. What had previously just been a sore throwing shoulder has snapped into something you immediately know is more serious. Your arm falls to your side and suddenly feels weak. You attempt to raise the arm out from your body, but the pain stops you. 

You take the rest of practice off and head to the doctor. They perform a series of tests before diagnosing a torn rotator cuff. You’re informed that if you keep using it and do not let it heal, the tear will get worse. Your promising season is over.


How can you put yourself in the best position to avoid injury and stay on the field? 



Every year, baseball and softball players develop aches and pains associated with their throwing motion. In more severe cases, like the one mentioned above, it may even prevent play or cause long term damage.

Each of the following exercises is designed to strengthen core muscles in the arm, enforce proper form, and improve joint control. Performing these warm-ups regularly will keep you on the field and out of the doctor’s office.


In Season: 1 Set of 10 Repetitions 1-2 Days/Week
Out of Season: 2 Sets of 10 Repetitions 2-3 Days/Week
  1. PENDULUMS: General Joint Warm-Up

  2. 90/90 EXTERNAL ROTATION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

  3. DIAGONAL SHOULDER FLEXION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

  4. SCAPTION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

  5. ABDUCTION: Strengthens Deltoid

  6. ELBOW FLEXION: Strengthens Biceps

  7. TRICEPS EXTENSION: Strengthens Triceps

  8. PRONATION/SUPINATION: Strengthens Forearm

  9. PRONE SCAPULAR RETRACTION: Improves Scapular Stability

  10. PRONE “Y”: Improves Scapular Stability

  11. PRONE “T”: Improves Scapular Stability

  12. 90/90 INTERNAL ROTATION: Strengthens Rotator Cuff

Avoid sprains, strains, and tears both in season and out!