• “Amazing, helpful, spot on. Marsha was very realistic and honest straight to the point. She helped me so I can continue my recovery and helped me through p.t. of a car accident. I’ll never be 100% but I’m as close as I could get without major surgery. Most of all with all the exercises given to me I am almost 80%-90% pain free for the most part of my days.” -Danielle Lemay


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  • “I went to see Becca to help me with excruciating pain in my shoulder as a result of neck issues. After a few weeks of sessions I wasn’t experiencing any improvement so she recommended some different methods including dry needling. It was like she performed a miracle. I’ve had to return for “maintenance” several months after ending treatments but she’s able to help “reset” me to a good place. In addition to the hands on treatments, she gives instructions and exercises. By going to physical therapy, I have delayed surgery, hopefully indefinitely!” -Liz Borger


  • “My experience at Cioffredi was beneficial to me and I would highly recommend it to others seeking relief from their pain. I came in with a lot of pain and Stephanie took the time to review my condition with me and to clearly explain what my treatment would be moving forward. The treatment was personalized for my level of progress and my therapist listened to my concerns and made adjustments as necessary. I am now pain free and I would highly recommend Cioffredi to others.” -Anonymous
  • “I found Becca professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. The space was clean. Scheduling was easy and I liked the reminders.”  -A.M.


  • “I worked with Kate for eight months to rehab a chronic back and hip pain that prevented me from standing for more than fifteen minutes, caused trouble sleeping and interfered with daily activities. As an older adult, I didn’t want to lose any abilities to do the thinks I enjoy doing, like exercising, gardening and traveling . I am happy to say that we accomplished my goals. I would recommend Kate to anyone needing PT and enjoyed working with her.” -JH


  • “I broke my left upper arm the day after Thanksgiving, essentially shattering my elbow. It required surgical repair with a plate and nine screws and I was in a full cast until the end of December. When I started therapy, there wasn’t much that I could do with my left arm. I had no strength and very limited mobility. No control of steering wheel, so no driving. I couldn’t even touch my face so washing my hair, getting dressed, etc was difficult. Opening jars and cutting food was interesting. I was lucky in that I am right-handed, but I had to struggle with doing everything one handed. Six months after starting therapy (and still doing my exercises every day), I am back to hiking and biking and opening my own jars of peanut butter.” -Katy Driscoll


  • “I saw Justin during my recovery from meniscus tear surgery. He worked with me through my ups and downs adjusting my PT exercises to suit me when I had another problem emerge. I’m so grateful to him for being understanding and working with me. I’m excited to finally be back to myself and I’m looking forward to going hiking and walking this summer which is something I haven’t been able to do for over a year!” -Glynis van der Merwe
  • “Great experience with Justin. He helped cure my knee pain and got me back to hiking and mountain biking. Very knowledgeable and great to work with to regain my mobility. Highly recommend!” -Peggy Aldrich


  • “Experience overall was great! Justin, Becca and Kate went out of their way before, during and after the pandemic closures to ensure that I continued my treatment program. I accomplished the goals I started out with and have left with a good regimen to continue to improve both my shoulder and elbow.” -Bruce Altobelli


  • “How Pelvic Muscle PT helped me. It occurred to me when I watched yet another advertisement for “Adult Pull-ups” I thought to myself, it isn’t normal to be incontinent as active adults. The advertisers are normalizing it for their profit. I’m not yet old (I don’t think 60 is old, but some might disagree) and I started to have trouble with “that area down there” that no one likes to talk about. And yes, I did my kegels! I didn’t want to be entering my 70s already needing incontinence products. I turned to Stephanie Daniels at Cioffredis. Stephanie was professional and kind; she explained that the pelvic floor has lots of muscles that can get tight or weak like any other muscle. Pelvic floor muscles work together with abdominal and hip muscles to keep everything functioning correctly. There are exercises that go beyond Kegels to really help. She stepped me through retraining my muscles. Within a month, I am more confident when I sneeze, or laugh or cough! The exercises aren’t hard and you don’t need a gym! You can do many while standing in line! Face it, if I can do it, anyone can do it.” -Anonymous


  • June 2020 Knee Lifts Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy“On Christmas eve of 2019 I was injured at work. Not knowing what to expect going forward, I ended up reaching out to my primary care facility to figure out the next steps to return to work. Other than the typical aches and pains one might expect, I assured my coworkers I would be back to work in no time. I could not have been more misguided! The worst symptom I had was recurring headaches and occasional dizziness which was most prevalent when I lost my sense of space, for instance at night in complete darkness. Following a couple of weeks of testing, I was diagnosed with a concussion/TBI to which my treatment was REST. The first few weeks resulted in sleeping a lot, to include napping throughout the day. That’s when I realized my stamina for long days had shrunk to barely 8 hours or less before needing to sleep again. Weeks turned to months, and as time passed the headaches subsided and I would only notice the dizziness when looking at certain design patterns and moving objects. For example escalators and the moving walkways in airports were cause to pause. By March a coworker told me that Cioffredi had a PT program for post concussion injuries, so at my next appointment with the Dr. I inquired. I was referred and quickly scheduled an appointment to start PT where I was connected with Marissa! Finally, after two months I felt as though the wheels started turning toward recovery! We started with simple eye movements which for some reason triggered headaches, which I found odd, but I stuck with Marissa’s treatment plan of “pencil push-ups” and rapid eye movements. Twice a week we met and I looked forward to the progress I was making each and every time. At nearly the same time I had started at the gym, and the physical and mental exercises gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment, alas…..Covid! All at once, everything that made me feel better, stripped away, overnight. The feeling of being “deflated” hit and I felt as though I would be returning to square one all over again. After pushing through this down turn, like most people during this time, we took to the outdoors and started doing weekly and bi-weekly hikes locally. And while on the trail I reflected on the short time I was in PT and why I felt it was helping. Funny thing about brain injuries I discovered, you compensate for everything, the smallest of things, to more import physical aspects of living. And while being in PT, Marissa provided me with this understanding because of my treatment. I would have never discovered my loss of balance to be so dramatic had it not been for my treatment. And yes many “pencil push-ups” and finally, my eyes were strong again and the headaches went away. By the beginning of May nearly six weeks went by before I stepped foot into Cioffredi, and I was excited. The hustle and bustle of a packed gym was gone, replaced by individual one on one treatment sessions in small rooms. It was quiet and peaceful and I found concentrating at the task at hand, recovery, was easily accomplished. The difficult part was doing ladder work in a tiny space! We made it work. Again back to twice a week appointments throughout May, many temperature screenings, hand sanitizing, and performing physical activities while breathing through a face covering the end was in sight. June 1st, my recovery journey to return to work had ended. Thank you Marissa (your awesome!) and all the staff at Cioffredi for the countless hours you spend cleaning sanitizing, preparing and most importantly treating patient like me!” -Jeffrey Egner, Captain Lebanon Fire Department


  • “In September of 2019 I fell along a riverbank and injured my left shoulder. I was evaluated by Marissa Reilly at Cioffredi’s, and she said I had most probably torn my sub-scapularis, the large muscle in the front of the shoulder. In October I had an MRI at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center , which showed that Marissa was absolutely correct. I had surgery in late December, 2019. I started physical therapy rehab with Marissa in mid January of 2020, and had two sessions a week for approx three months. I think she did a great job; giving me valuable information about shoulder joint anatomy and function, and prescribing increasingly challenging range of motion exercises as I made gradual progress. I had two more sessions after Cioffredi’s re-opened their facility after the Covid-19 shut down, and I now have an exercise plan I’m comfortable continuing on my own. In January I couldn’t reach for a coffee cup with my left hand and arm. Now I’m able to do light to moderate carpentry, use a shovel and rake, and paddle a kayak. I found all the staff at Cioffredi’s courteous and helpful. I’ll go there again for any future physical motion issues I might have. Thank you very much.” -Edward John Tretter


  • “I’ve been going to Cioffredi & Assoc for about 20 years now and always use them as my first choice for PT because they uniformly do a fantastic job.” -Bruce Altobelli
  • “The Grantham office has been great. Professional, courteous and everything is covid clean. Justin has been great to work with. His initial evaluation outlined the process and outcomes. I had improvement day one and continue to improve. He assesses where I am at at each visit and makes sure he’s moving forward at the correct pace.” -Linda Cunningham


  • “I’ve been going to Cioffredi & Assoc for about 20 years now and always use them as my first choice for PT because they uniformly do a fantastic job.” -Bruce Altobelli
  • “I began working with Stephanie at Cioffredi & Associates after tearing my ACL while skiing. The doctor recommended that I start exercises to build and strengthen my legs before having surgery. After surgery I returned to PT for a couple weeks prior to the clinic closing due to Covid-19. I was disapponited about the clinic closing since I was in my prime post-op PT time, however, Stephanie made sure I had the appropriate exercises to work on while at home and checked in with me for follow up. A few weeks later Kate started working with me via Tele-health, which was a huge help, since I was ready to move on to more difficult exercises. It was great having someone guide me through the next steps (literally going up steps) as I progressed through my PT. When I heard the clinic was reopening I didn’t hesitate to go back in, because I knew they were taking every precaution necessary, and beyond, to make sure everyone was safe. If it were not for the continuous support I had through the combination of in-clinic and Tele-health, I don’t believe I would be as far along in my post-op rehab as I am now.” -Alisha Keel


  • “Stephanie Daniels is honestly one of the kindest and most understanding providers I have ever encountered. After delivering my first child I struggled both mentally and emotionally to cope with the changes that occured in my body. After talking with Stephanie and other new mom’s its clear to me that many women have pelvic health problems after pregnancy and childbirth that aren’t often talked about. Stephanie helped me understand what was happening, and worked with me to come up with solutions that were both personalized and effective. I’m so thankful that Stephanie has been able to help me heal my body and I wish I had come to see her sooner!” -J.G.


  • “I have been treated for several sports related injuries with two different therapists at this office. I had conditions for years that I searched elsewhere for help and was only given pain meds and stretches. My joint and muscle pain has been completely treated by Cioffredi and Associates and I am 100% healed and back in function.” -Timothy Meyers
  • ”When I first came to Cioffredi, I had been dealing with a lingering knee injury for six months. I had gone to two different physical therapists for several months, but neither of them were successful at bringing me back to the sport I love – trail running. I was despondent about recovering and had resigned to just not running anymore. Then I met Kate Leiser at Cioffredi. She examined me and together we crafted a recovery plan with a clear goal to get me back to running. Having a plan with clear steps that shifted every few weeks with my progress was just the kind of tailored care that I needed to stay motivated and recover. And working with a PT who was an athlete herself really made a difference. I’m happy to report that after three months of working with Kate (even through the pandemic via telehealth sessions!), I am back running pain-free. I have a short strength training routine that is sustainable for me to keep up, and I’m feeling stronger by the day. Thank you, Kate & Cioffredi!” -E.M


  • June 2020 Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy Back Pain”Cioffredi’s has been great! Everyone employee there is kind, friendly and supportive. My PT, Zac Gardner, simply put, is incredible. My journey has been long hard one and Zac has stood by me every step of the way. His sense of humor, his compassion for my care, and his ability to try all modes of therapy to move me forward with my injury and pain is nothing short of amazing. Not once has he given up on me. I have been blessed to have Zac as my Therapist. Can I also add…..The new protocols you have put in place so I can continue my care are great. I feel perfectly safe in your care and appreciate all you have done in order for me to do so. Thank you.” -Lisa Meyer

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