• “Stephanie was incredibly helpful! I really think the biofeedback was key in showing me where some of my problem areas are. I appreciated that Stephanie was so willing to let me try the biofeedback in multiple positions (laying down, sitting, standing) to see what worked best for me. She did a wonderful job walking me through everything. I thought this would be an awkward experience, but Stephanie made sure it wasn’t!” – Katherine Bauer
  • “I appreciated working with Justin Walker at the Grantham office. He was both professional and engaging-his services definitely helped me improve both my strength and range of motion in my affected area. I would recommend his services to anyone.” -Phil Langsdorf


  • “Becca and Maddie are amazing. Thanks to them I will be back to hiking 4000 footers in no time. Not sure what I would do without them.” -Amy Davis


  • “The ankle I broke July 30th is fully recovered after several weeks of PT. The staff at Cioffredi did a great job. I’m greatful to be walking normally and without discomfort.” -Anonymous


  • “My physical rehabilitation experience with Cioffredi was outstanding. My balance and walking have improved greatly. Justin Walker was my therapist and he was very professional and sensitive to my needs and limitations. As a result of his guidance and training I now have more confidence in my walking and balance. I recommend Cioffredi and Justin without reservation.” -M.S.


  • “Zac is very knowledgeable and was particularly helpful to me in reaching my PT goals.” -Anne Charron
  • “As my tennis game improved and I started to hit harder, my tennis elbow returned with a vengeance. I changed my string tension and ran to Cioffredi for relief. Kyle quickly diagnosed my issue, laid out a treatment program, and had me doing exercises from day one – totally a professional. He patiently answered all my questions and kept me moving through the program, and my arm began to respond quickly. There were various fun and interesting exercises along the way, and Kyle’s endless good humor kept me going. Things got better fast and I was discharged a couple of weeks earlier than planned. What more could I ask for? My four rules for success with a PT-treatable issue are: 1) Catch it early, 2) Go to Cioffredi, 3) Do everything they tell you to, and 4) No I mean really every exercise every set every day.” – Steven Maker
  • “I have been highly active my whole life, Skiing, Biking including racing mtn bikes, hiking running etc. About 3 months ago something started going quite wrong with my Knee. I was experiencing an odd pain I had never experienced the likes of. It felt loose and the pain increased as time went on. The pain would move around from back of knee to the side up my hamstring etc. It got to the point where the pain was really affecting my desire or ability to be active. I saw my regular PCP on the week before he left his practice for my annual checkup (Aug 12th) and I mentioned my knee pain at the end of the appt., he had me do some range of movement tests and stated it may be just worn out? I do not feel he was completely serious, but boy did that hit home. I am 59 and just retired and now I might need a knee replacement?? I was referred to Cioffredi’s by my new Dr. for an evaluation. I met with my physical therapist Marsha who did some thorough range of motion tests. Halfway through she said “We’re on to something now.” It ended up being my Sciatic nerve in my back. My first appt with her was around mid-September doing specific stretches with homework. 4 sessions later almost no pain and full range of motion. I never would have believed it due to the location of my pain being primarily behind my knee. I would highly recommend Cioffredi’s. I’m positive if I hadn’t been referred to them I would still be dealing with the pain and thought of a knee replacement.” -Jay Whipple


  • “I started seeing Marissa at Cioffredi’s mid way through the summer as I was having some issues with tendonitis in my wrist. I had a hard time lifting or gripping things without a lot of soreness afterwards. After a couple months at Cioffredi’s my wrist is just about 100% and I have seen massive improvements in its overall health. I am back to lifting normally with little to no pain in my wrist.” -Griff Lehman


  • “I first came to Cioffredi on Oct 21, 2020 with an arm injury from work. My arm was very painful and I couldn’t move it or use it much. The doctor I had seen put me in a sling and referred me here. This is the second time coming to Cioffredi and I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendly, truly caring staff here. With numerous visits under way with my therapist, Kyle, it didn’t seem like I was progressing. He tried everything, going in different directions, always caring. Finally he asked me some questions and brought me out to the big room. I don’t trust easily, but I trusted him enough to let him guide me to new levels of weights. Kyle is such a caring, driven therapist that truly cares for his clients. Since that day, my arm has improved tenfold because he cared enough for me to improve but not get hurt. He is amazing!” – Margena Isaacs
  • “When I came in to see Marissa, I was having a really hard time climbing my stairs to get up and down to do my laundry and I was unable to take my usual 2.5 mile walk. I now have learned exercises that have strengthened the areas that were causing my pain. Thank you Marissa and Jose!” -Karen Terry


  • “Cioffrediʻs Grantham office is a wonderful place to do physical therapy work – theyʻre staffed by a team that obviously like each other and the work they do, and theyʻre very good at it. The facility is nice and I look forward to my sessions there.” -P.T.


  • “I have been seeing Stephanie Daniels for pelvic floor PT and have been amazed at the progress I have made in only a month. While I still have occasional pain, I feel much better than I used to! My pain doesn’t last as long and doesn’t occur as frequently. I may never know what is causing my pain, but now I feel like I have some tools in my toolkit to use when I need to. I hope that I continue to improve as my treatment plan continues.” -B.V.
  • “I felt safe at the facility and very confident in my therapist.” -W.E.
  • “I have been seeing Stephanie Daniels for pelvic floor PT and have been amazed at the progress I have made in only a month. While I still have occasional pain, I feel much better than I used to! My pain doesn’t last as long and doesn’t occur as frequently. I may never know what is causing my pain, but now I feel like I have some tools in my toolkit to use when I need to. I hope that I continue to improve as my treatment plan continues.” -B.V.


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate. She very ably zeroed in on problematic areas and provided treatment that greatly improved my knee function and pain. Knee pain rarely wakes me at night now. As an election worker I am at the polls on my feet and walking for more than 12 hours. The August primary was quite painful. By November I was able to last the entire time with little to no pain . What a relief! In addition to having a skilled therapist, working with such a friendly person makes the sessions enjoyable. I am sorry to come to the end.” -N.H.
  • “Justin was fantastic! It was great to have him explain more in depth what was happening in my shoulder and then explain how the exercises would benefit me. I made such progress working with Justin and it propelled me to want to do more. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and worked magic on my shoulder!” -L.M.


  • “As an avid soccer player and skier I place a strong emphasis on sports and athletics in my free time. After my work injury I was unable to perform a simple activity like jogging. With the help of Cioffredi and Associates and Joe Soojian I was able to get back to running without the need for surgery. I feel stronger and healthier than I did before my injury. The level of professionalism, empathy and knowledge I found at Cioffredi and Associates is unmatched in the Upper Valley!” -Allan Wheeler
  • “I am now able to do basic activities without feeling any knee pain. The PT sessions and workouts for my waist, bridges, glutes, and hamstrings helped a lot on easing my right knee pain. The sessions have taught me very well on how to take care of my body so I can keep doing what I love to do (which is running!) Thank you.” -Michelle Crisostomo
  • “Marissa has been an enormous help in my rehab to get back on the slopes. She is very patient and very knowledgeable. She has given me new hope in getting my balance back after having herniated a disc in my back and ending up with foot drop. That happened over 10 years ago but I thought it was worth a shot. Her understanding of anatomy and muscle coordination has given me a better understanding of my problem and my challenge. In a nutshell, I would say she is a huge asset to this clinic.” -Greg Boydanich


  • “PT with Stephanie Daniels at Cioffredi & Associates has helped me have less pain, regain function, recover from my surgery, start to feel good again, and feel like a successful pregnancy wouldn’t be a total mess! big wins all around and am starting to feel able to move well enough to feel fit and strong again (and yes lose a little weight as is appropriate).” – Shirley Hills


  • “Having injured and reinjured my right knee multiple times in 2020, and on top of my existing left knee injury, I was pessimistic that I would ever play hockey again. However, the professional core and training I received helped me quickly realize I was  not only capable of getting back on the ice, but would be able to do so in time for the coming season. I greatly appreciate the professional as well as personal nature of the training i received at Cioffredi. thank you Marissa!” -Brian J. Premore


  • “Amazing, awesome, encouraging, invigorating, excellent, wonderful, need I go on? I am completely satisfied with the care I received and have strongly recommended Cioffredi to numerous friends and family members if ever they needed a little PT.” -Mary Beth Wyatt


  • “Therapist was very knowledgeable and was clear in his explanations.” -John Largent
  • “I found the exercises and advice helpful. I felt like I learned how to protect my injury while getting stronger.” -K.W.
  • “I was very satisfied with treatment. I couldn’t walk on my knee before I came in. Now I have no pain in it.  My hip is much better.” Brian Rossiter
  • “After injuring my ankle back in February, I just accepted that getting it back to normal probably wasn’t in the cards for me. I had seen Marissa when I was home on winter break to rehab my hip and I should have remembered how much of a miracle worker she is. because of Marissa and her personalized care, i felt like I was her only patient and main focus. My ankle is feeling back to normal and it’s all thanks to the amazing support of Marissa and the staff at Cioffredi. Not to mention how clean and safe I felt coming her given the current global state.” -Alli Duany


  • “Taylor was a joy to work with! I feel confident in the skills, exercises, and stretches Taylor has introduced to me, and I feel that her interventions and muscle manipulations have resolved my most serious chief complaint (frozen hips & weakness). I feel prepared to continue a healthy maintenance program. Thanks Taylor!” -Meredyth Morley


  • “My second time coming back for some chronic hip pain and Marissa was just as helpful as before! Very grateful to have access to such great treatment here in the Upper Valley!” -Caroline Ramsey


  • “Kate and Meghan are awesome. The ability to utilize a variety of treatments, such as stretching, exercises, massage, dry-needling, Neubie, personal training, and related equipment, is a huge benefit. The integration of healthcare and transition back to office visits worked well, as did the later transition to personal training. I was very comfortable with the level of attention to COVID-related precautions.” -K.C.


  • “My experience was excellent. Kate is knowledgeable and designed a program that helped me feel less pain.” – E.N.
  • “I started with PT after many months of pain and limitations brought about by injury, misuse of appropriate muscles and lots of inactivity. My work with my therapist has been successful in restoring much function and reduction of pain. I have learned how to maintain and continue my recovery as well as how to increase my success. Altogether, I am very happy with my experience and especially grateful for my therapist’s attention and committment to my recovery. Thank you.” -Jean Burling


  • “After two total knee replacement operations this past summer, I arrived ready to rehabilitate my legs and Taylor Daley was just great to work with. She spent a lot of time patiently answering all my questions and made sure I was getting the needed exercises to efficiently regain my leg strength to help support my new knees. She readily recognized my areas of weakness to help focus my efforts when I was at home and doing the prescribed exercises.” -Michael M.Higgins


  • “I have had two courses of PT with Justin, the first being for my TMJ which had gotten bad enough that I could barely open my mouth. Being a retired PT, I knew I had procrastinated long enough and needed to get some help. I sought out someone with expertise treating TMJ problems which led me to Justin. With some hands on treatment and a comprehensive exercise program things quickly improved and soon I was able to continue on my own with my home exercises. Then last fall I injured my knee while mountain biking and ended up having surgery in July. I was referred back to PT and opted to see Justin again. Both times I found Justin to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled as well as being fun to work with. In addition to treating the affected areas he looked at the whole picture and gave me fun and challenging exercises to address areas of weakness and imbalance that contributed to my problems. After a couple months of PT for my knee I was back on my mountain bike doing what I love. Thanks, Justin for all your help!” – Jill Cutting


  • “Having injured and reinjured my right knee multiple times in 2020, and on top of my existing left knee injury, I was pessimistic that I would ever play hockey again. However, the professional care and training I received helped me quickly realize I was not only capable of getting back on the ice, but would be able to do so in time for the coming season. I greatly appreciate the professional as well as personal nature of the training I received at Cioffredi. Thank you Marissa!” -Brian J. Premore


  • “My second time coming back for some chronic hip pain and Marissa was just as helpful as before! Very grateful to have access to such great treatment here in the Upper Valley!” -Caroline Ramsey
  • “Marissa and her trainee John were a huge help after my bunion correction surgery. They helped me regain full mobility on my big toe and built my leg/foot muscles back up. Every appointment, I felt they listened to me and challenged me. I appreciate all they did to get me back to hiking!” – Alicia Hershberger


  • “I started going to Cioffredi and Associates when I realized that I could not just keep pushing through the pain anymore.  After a lifetime of contact sports like football and rugby, and a decade as infantryman in the US Army, I was struggling to maintain my physical fitness and questioning how much longer I could keep up with my current lifestyle. The constant pain was a source of frustration that took the joy out working out. The staff at Cioffredi and Associates is phenomenal. Taylor and Kate used a variety of treatment methods and personalized workout plans to get me through old injuries, helping me to be pain-free for the first time in years. They always listened to me and worked towards my needs as an athlete, instead of simply restricting my activities. Their methods made me more self-aware as an athlete and gave me the tools to maintain myself for many years to come. Choosing to invest in myself by seeking treatment at Cioffredi and Associates was one of the best decisions of my life. I recovered in ways that I didn’t think were possible and I realized that I can still do all the physical things that I love to do.” -Kenton Satterwhite
  • “When I first came in to Cioffredi’s I was in constant jaw and neck pain. I have suffered from TMJ since I was very young and this was the first time I had actually gone somewhere to get help. I remember the first time I saw Zac I was hurting pretty bad and by the time I left that day I could actually open my mouth without any jaw pain. I couldn’t wait to come back again for my next appointment because the relief was instantaneous. I met with Marissa and her student John multiple times as well throughout my therapy and they were wonderful! All three of them taught me some great exercises to do at home to help build muscle and reduce the pain I was feeling. I am so appreciative to them for helping me get to a more manageable place with my TMJ and for such a great experience every time I came in!!” -Megan Dean


  • “Justin was excellent to work with. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience at Cioffredi” -T.R.


  • “My primary care provider recently recommended that I receive physical therapy services. I chose Cioffredi & Associates out of all the options available in the Upper Valley because of my previous very positive experiences there. Everyone I have had contact with at Cioffredi’s has been very helpful and pleasant. Zachary and Taylor are very knowledgable and professional while at the same time caring and personable. It was also very reassuring to see that CDC guidelines were being carefully followed regarding safeguards during the Corona virus pandemic. Many thanks to everyone there for their part in helping me feel better!” -Anonymous


  • “I returned to see Zac Gardner, who had been helpful to me on a couple of past occasions. I was having steady pain in my lower back at a level that was disrupting sleep and interfering with a number of activities. Zac listened carefully, asked questions that further clarified the issues I was experiencing, and then began a plan of on- site electronic stimulation and manual treatments , and recommendations of exercises for me to do daily. Over a period of several weeks the pain was reduced and the focus on the symptoms were narrowed. I have a clear understanding of what is happening in my spine and in the musculature and helpful exercises to continue and maintain my improvement. I must also add that Cioffredi’s Covid policies were clearly stated and closely followed. I had confidence in my safety as I received treatment. Zac and everyone I interacted with was friendly, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. I’m a pretty active man rapidly approaching seventy. I’ve received help from Cioffredi’s with my shoulder, a torn meniscus, and my back. over recent years. Each time I’ve had excellent treatment and lasting benefits. As a result I am confident I can continue hiking, cross country skiing, swimming, and gardening…and I’m back to getting a good night’s sleep!” -C.L.


  • “I am not much of a letter writer, but in today’s vastly critical world I felt it was important to let you know how a member of your staff has been such a important factor in helping me regain some normalcy in my life. Three years ago I had knee replacement surgery while down at our Southern winter residence. The follow up PT was supportive and I was satisfactorily engaged with them until we were able to return North. It was only six weeks after surgery and I still needed Physical Therapy to regain my strength and normal life. You see, I am a busy retiree. After I closed my business I have enjoyed the extra time being with family, centering on my grandkids, and a surprisingly expanding group of friends I have met through my volunteer work, my gym workout schedule, my love of quilting and my gardening. I spend most of my summer days on my knees in the 3000 sq. feet of garden dirt around our house, and people say that is where I get my biggest smiles. Anyway, I feared all of that was lost with my slow recovery from knee surgery. Then I met Marsha Wykes. Under her complete knowledge and sincere support I made steady progress back to the life I loved. She was incredible in the way she explained the specific way she wanted me to move and the reasons she designed the program she did. I not only made steady progress in your office, but she tapped into my own drive to push myself in between visits to double my progress. She led my body’s recovery, but more importantly my own emotional recovery. This past Spring, while I was helping my husband clear away some debris from our firewood project, I tripped and suffered a severely broken wrist- three fractures held together by a metal plate and nine screws. After six weeks in a sling I called your office to request a visit with Marsha. She started right in with some stretching work, but then realized my shoulder was giving more pain and discomfort than it should. A trip back to the surgeon revealed a torn rotator cuff, ligament damage, and other issues. I was heartbroken with the lack of movement and the prognosis from the doctor that I may never get full use back. Marsha, again came to the rescue. She teamed with me with an understanding of what I was able and willing to do in between visits and was incredible. She pushed me when I needed it and gave me the positive reinforcement when I was frustrated with my progress. While I am still working to achieve my goals, I wanted you to know what a tremendous asset you have in Marsha and how she has helped me, get my life back to a new “normal”.” -Susan Barrett
  • “I was able to be seen right away. Staff very helpful. PT was Justin Walker . He was extremely helpful teaching me a variety of exercises for my shoulder and providing me with helpful on-line videos. Most impressed with his care and management. Highly recommend.” -Robert Cricco


  • “For 12 months I had back stiffness, shooting pains down my leg and general weakness in my calf. After 60 days with marissa, and a 30min/day set of exercises, I am pain free, nimble and getting strong again. It works.” -Davis James


  • “Being a firefighter for the past 15 years I am no stranger to the aches and pains that come with the job. Strained muscles and sore backs seem almost as routine as our shift schedules. The problem is when we go from just routine sore backs to a nagging injury that doesn’t seem to go away, in fact, one that gets worse. Being an active guy who enjoyed working out regularly, cross country skiing, running, and being in the grouse woods with my German Shorthair Pointer Cricket. I was frustrated that this back “thing” just wouldn’t go away. A few months of trying to cope and simply wishing the pain away finally led to a breaking point. I had utilized Ciofreddi’s in the past for rehab from job-related injuries like a traumatic knee injury to a labral tear in my hip. So naturally, I returned to friendly faces when I couldn’t shake a painful lower back. One call and I was linked up with Kate the following day. A quick diagnosis of a very stiff spine coupled with weak abdominals and glutes (likely caused by months of compensating for that nagging back “thing”) and we had a plan. We started with light stretching, message and nerve glides to get things starting to fire again. A few weeks of regular PT and some homework and I was ready to graduate to Meghan’s academy of body movement and strength training to get back into fighting form. I can not say enough about how professional and knowledgeable both Kate and Meghan have been throughout my treatment, I feel like I should mention they both seemed to giggle at or at least tolerate my terrible jokes which made for some fun training and positive healing. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Cioffredi and Associates, I can’t thank Kate and Meghan enough for fixing my bad habits and getting me back on the right track. Being an advocate for functional fitness and wanting to fix pain through movement rather than surgery will always have me singing the praises of physical therapy, more specifically my friends at Cioffredi’s.” -Will Rancourt


  • “I was reluctant to call but family encouraged me. Kate is a master at working with the individual, but most importantly, she understands how life can tax our bodies. I had hurt my back caring for a beloved family member and felt like I couldn’t afford to be compromised. Kate knew where I hurt and why. She worked in such a way that I too became more aware. The exercise plan and technology treatments, she provided, made such a difference. But knowing too, that she understood my circumstances, allowed my healing in a much more integrated way. Within days, I was feeling relief. And when I think about what really changed, it seemed at some point I stopped thinking and just began feeling my body … now, I am pain free and wholly functional. This therapist meets you where you’re at, ensuring the very best of outcomes.” -Ann Marchewka


  • “Degenerative changes in my 73-year old spine have led me to physical therapy in recent years, at other locations. Finding myself in pain and in New Hampshire this summer, I contacted Cioffredi Physical Therapy in Grantham. Justin Walker helped me to become pain-free, strengthen my core, and improve my flexibility. Most importantly, he gave me the tools to stay pain-free while doing the things I enjoy – gardening, walking, traveling in the car. Thank you Justin!” – Karen Zuppardi
  • “Stephanie was great to work with. She listened to my concerns and provided exercises and strategies based on what I shared with her. She communicated with me effectively via telehealth and email. She was friendly and a very knowledgeable therapist.” -Anonymous


  • “I always receive outstanding care with Kate! She is thorough, thoughtful and gently guides and supports whatever I need to do to heal. And, each and every interaction I have with her and ALL members of the staff are positive. Every. Single. Time!” -Becky Luce


  • “I had an outstanding course of PT at Cioffredi’s. Kate Leiser was my physical therapist, and she was the best. Her physical skills and ability to relate were topnotch. She worked closely with me to tailor my program, which was very helpful. She really cares, and I looked forward to our sessions. I definitely will recommend Cioffredi and Kate to anyone who needs PT. Thank you.” -D.N.
  • “I would not even consider or recommend anyone other than Cioffredi. Becca in your Grantham office took fantastic care of me after I had a knee replacement, under her guidance and care she did such a good job that I will be able to get back to skiing this year, I am 73 years young and look forward to a great year after missing two seasons with knee problems.” -Bill Sinatra
  • “Marsha was excellent, the right balance of kicking my butt and empathy” – S.S.


  • “I have found everyone to be very professional and caring.” – Kathleen Mallett
  • “This was my first experience with Cioffredi for PT. The staff was consistently warm and friendly and extremely competent. My PT was Kris Bosela. We connected immediately, he listened well, always, and adjusted treatment wach week based on my feedback. What I appreciated most about Kris was his ability to answer my questions to clarify issues. Each question, he would refer to the muscle chart to show me what was actually going on internally. His responses were always clear and enlightening. kris is a natural teacher and this skill made my recovery contiune on a most positive trajectory. he is a gift to the profession.” -Ridie Ghezzi
  • “Kris was very informational about the actions I need to take to keep my problem areas in check. Great hands on massage to needed areas. Gave me great exercises to continue to get relief from pain in neck.” -Debra Stickney


  • “I was experiencing terrible back spasms due to an old injury, and I was blessed to find Cioffredi & Associates in my own neighborhood in Grantham, NH. Right from the start, Kat helped me schedule an appointment as soon as possible, and Justin Walker helped design a PT program to alleviate my pain and strengthen my core. I enjoyed all of my visits and appreciated Justin’s close supervision when I practiced my on-site exercises. He also provided helpful printouts of my exercise routine so I could do them at home too. After only 5-6 weeks, I am pain-free and more flexible than I’ve been in a long time. Thank you so much–I will recommend your services at every opportunity!”  -Theresa Joyce
  • “I felt very comfortable with the staff and my PT Taylor. This was my first PT experience and once I knew what to expect after the first few appointments, I really looked forward to going every week. It was great to finally learn about my body and the anatomy I had developed. I believe I learned enough to strengthen my muscles and increase mobility.”  -Jaime Blais


  • “I have found my time with Marsha not only physically productive to my injury, but mentally as well. After being assaulted at work, I felt myself on edge and nervous about my recovery time. She was always willing to assure me that it would get better and that was always comforting. Thank you for your help, Marsha!” – Anonymous


  • “Working with Kate was a delight. She’s knowledgeable, caring and kind. She encourages without pushing too far. I enjoyed my time with her.” -M.B
  • “I have had low back pain since college, following an injury. Over the years, I developed pain in my hip as well. I received intensive, excellent physical therapy to strengthen surrounding muscles, but I continued to struggle with residual piriformis pain. I was referred to Sadie for therapeutic massage to see if that would help retrain the way my muscles acted together to stabilize my hip. It worked!! I am back to a level of functioning I thought was lost forever. And I plan to continue to have Sadie and the Cioffredi crew support me in healthy aging. What a difference a year makes!!” -Anonymous


  • “I have dealt with a lower back issue for years not really thinking I could ix it. Seeing so many people live and deal with their own back issues I thought it was just something I had to live with. After a particularly bad ‘flare up’ my doctor suggested Physical Therapy. We talked about the long term effects as well as what to expect. To me, Physical Therapy always holds an image of old people in a pool. I was surprised to learn there is much more to it. From finding what is wrong, where the issue comes from, and how to fix it. Along with learning small, but important motions that can effect your comfort every day.” -Christopher Eastman
  • “I was very satisfied with my treatment I receivied this time.  Steph was very good at explaining things to me and helping me do my home treatments. I would recommend your associates to anyone.” -Dorothy Hutchins


  • “The words “MEET STEPHANIE DANIELS PT, DPT Physical Therapist, Pelvic Health Specialist” appeared in my cluttered mailbox back in January and I was instantly on the phone. A few minutes into our first session I knew that Stephanie was the practitioner I had been waiting for. My passion for improvisational dance was rekindled by enrolling in Tai Chi classes at the age of 59. My destiny to be an actress and dancer had been hijacked in my twenties by motherhood, hence I became a psychotherapist instead. Over the last 6 years I have struggled with an ancient art that puts my ‘dance body’ in a straight jacket while instructing me to use an entirely different muscle group. Despite the sparring within my muscles driven by the formality of ballet and a martial art, I cannot quit. At 59 I had already come through an appendectomy, 3 C-sections and an oophorectomy. Then in 2016 when my inner dancer and fighter were getting into a hybrid flow, I had surgery for a pelvic prolapse. I still feel the effects of this surgery despite being reassured that it isn’t the cause of my pelvic discomfort. I soldered on because I just LOVE to dance and Tai Chi was enhancing my ability. A total hysterectomy due to a diagnosis of endometrial cancer in November of 2019 broke my stride and my confidence. When I told Stephanie that my presenting problem was pelvic discomfort that I had a hunch might be due to 7 abdominal surgeries never mind my age, and that I wanted to dance without hurting myself she smiled in a way that lifted my spirits; I had won the healthcare lottery. I am unabashed about exploring what is happening below my belly button in what I imagine to be scar tissue resembling a box of melted crayons. Stephanie is attuned, grounded, and applies her expansive knowledge and medical expertise in a way that is inspiring and comforting. Under her care I have made immense gains corroborated by two surgeons in late June. “Keep working with your PT” is my recommendation! What cannot be measured is the value of having my confidence restored. Any description of Stephanie as a person and professional would fall short of her vibrancy, brilliance and kindness.” -Ellie Anderson


  • “Stephanie is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge is very comforting. She is very respectful and easy to work with. I am grateful for my experience with her.” -Nancy Baker


  • “Justin Walker did a superb job on my left shoulder replacement. He is extremely knowledgable and professional and communicates effectively regarding the complexities of the muscles in the shoulder joint. I highly recommend his therapy and would not hesitate to use him again. Many thanks Justin!” -Jack Haskell


  • “After wishing and waiting too long for my injured knee to get better, I made an appointment to see Marsha. She is such a good listener and explainer. By the end of my first appointment she had a plan forward for me. She made sure I did the exercises with proper form. Each session she checked my form and added something new to my mix. After a week of the exercises my nerve pain was vastly improved and I had more confidence in moving about. By the end of my sessions I’ve learned a lot of practical tips to manage my aging knees!” -N.S.


  • “I was very skeptical that PT could help with bowel issues. But it did. my muscles had somehow gotten confused and were not functioning correctly. PT showed me how they should be working and I was able to re establish my connection to the appropriate muscles necessary and learn how to strengthen them and use them correctly. Stephanie was very knowledgable. Her professional manner and kindness reduced the stress and embarrassment thought the course of my treatment.”  -Anonymous


  • “I have loved working with Kate, as she is so sensitive to details about pain and anatomy – and she is such a good listener.” -Joanne Scobie


  • “I am a repeat customer and have always been impressed by the knowledge and skill of your physical therapists, and with the friendliness of the staff as a whole. I have never had a bad or questionable experience.” -Anonymous


  • “Marsha helped me tremendously. My lower back, hip and upper leg were very sore when I first began treatment. After the first 2 visits, I already noticed improvement, less pain and more maneuverability. The work done in the office combined with the at-home exercises were so helpful. Marsha listened to my pain issues and was able to diagnose the right blend of exercises. By the end of the third week, I was on the mend and getting relief from my back issues. By the end of my series of appointments, I was nearly pain free and am able to continue my exercises and strengthening from home.” -Gail McPeek


  • “Stephanie took great care of me. She was clear as to how we would achieve my goals at the end of treatment and she was always following up with me to track my progress and my comfort level. She went out of her way to send me additional exercises and treatment that I could use to return my body back to its operational level prior to my injury.” -M.D.


  • “I really enjoyed working with Zach. He identified my problem and gave me focused exercises that I completed on my own in addition to therapy at our appointments. This helped me a lot.” – Zachary Hawthorne


  • “Marissa and John were able to bring my sciatica and related back pain and weakness back to a reasonable level which is wonderful! I can stand up straight again and go for walks. Thank you so much Marissa and John!” -Connie Filbin


  • “During a year-long period, I was challenged by ongoing discomfort, related to rotator cuff surgery, and repetitive -use challenges. Having the opportunity to do PT with Kate really changed my perspective for resuming those activities that were important to me. My passions, gardening, working in clay, baking, and swimming all presented hand and shoulder challenges over a long period of time. With Kate’s incredible expertise and communication skills, I progressed steadily. When unexpected discomfort, or set-backs occurred, she was always able to discover another solution or strategy to problem-solve. Her repertoire of PT tools is astonishing! She always remained positive, reassuring me that with the practicing of exercises and maintaining an active lifestyle, I would be able to fully participate in these activities. Her support and knowledge resulted in a very successful PT partnership!” -Joanna Waldman


  • “Instead of focusing on the skills and therapies I was provided to correct my injury I want to focus on the manner of which it was provided. Most physical therapists can help you achieve your goals, but the amazing ones help you mentally and emotionally work through all aspects to achieve those goals. This was not the first time I have had the pleasure of working with Marissa. What made this time more special to me was the difficult medical illness, unrelated to my injury, I developed while I was under going physical therapy. I experienced pain, weakness, and neurological effects. I was frustrated with myself, my intermittent lack of progress, and general feelings of despair. Marissa intuitively knew what to say, when to push, when to change approach, and when to remind me that I have had this injury for almost 30 years. I have been given the skills to continue my growth in physical fitness without causing further injury. I will truly miss my sessions with Marissa, I can’t recommend her enough to everyone. Honestly, it isn’t just Marissa that’s amazing, the entire staff has always been warm and friendly. I never hesitate to ask any of the staff a question.” -Karen Barbour



  • At first, I felt a little silly about getting Physical Therapy for my TMJ. I had never done any Physical Therapy before, especially not over Zoom! However, as the weeks went on, I was surprised by how much of a difference it made. My jaw hurts less, I can open it much wider, and it is easier for me to eat the foods I wanted to–even bagels, which used to make my jaw achy and sore after eating. I suffer from frequent headaches, and the work we did to loosen my jaw and improve my posture has meant fewer headaches and less neck pain. I didn’t even know that my TMJ was contributing to my headaches. Thanks for your help in making me feel better!” -Christine Scales
  • “Marsha worked wonders for my lower back and sciatica. I have had pain sitting and lying in bed for many years. That is behind me now and I can sit comfortably and sleep all night without tossing and turning.” Jeffrey Smith
  • “Cioffredi’s once again exceeded my expectations through out my treatment. I’ve been to them 3 times for various reasons and the kindness of the staff never fails to amaze me. My therapist, Marissa, adapted my treatment plan to my crazy lifestyle and I can keep up the good habits even tho I’m no longer seeing her.” -Anonymous


  • “I had a great experience working with Stephanie. I came in with a lot of shoulder and neck pain during pregnancy, and worked with her for about two months. She was great both with the hands-on part of physical therapy and also with giving me exercises to do and adjusting them as time went on. She was also creative — she proposed about halfway through that we try cupping and the Graston tool, and that proved to be very helpful. I am feeling much better now. Thanks so much!” -B.D.


  • “I have had lower back pains for at least thirty years. Because my PT with Marsha. I feel very little pain. Marsha was able to achieve this new back status when other PTs and many doctors failed. I am very, happy and appreciative with Marsha. She was extremely knowledgeable, well trained and follows all the rules. Thank you Marsha.” -Ed Graham, PhD
  • “Cioffredi & Associates exceeded my expectations. Beginning with my first phone call to set up an appointment until my last day of therapy, I had a thoroughly positive experience. The entire staff was professional, but they were friendly at the same time. The receptionists greeted me warmly each time and knew who I was, even though I had a mask on! I felt safe with their COVID related procedures (hand sanitizer for when you check in, everyone masked, and all the equipment cleaned after each use). My physical therapist, Taylor, provided excellent, personalized care. On the rare occasion that Taylor was unavailable, she had me work with Marissa–who was also an excellent physical therapist. That kept my program consistent. If I ever need PT again, Cioffredi & Associates will be my first choice.” -K.M.


  • “Kate Leiser is one of the best, if not the best, PT that I’ve worked with over the past 25+ years.” -A.K.


  • “Going to Cioffredi has always been a successful way for me to rehab from injuries and prevent future ones. All of the PTs I have worked with have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic in providing the best treatment possible for me.” -Owen Deffner


  • “Cioffredi’s is an excellent place for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. This is my second time needing PT and I would not go anyplace else. Kate is excellent and helped me to get my shoulder/arm back in shape after rotator cuff surgery. Zac is excellent as well as I am sure all the therapists are. Everyone is very friendly, from Jamie and the others as you first walk in to the therapists working with you and other patients. I would not go anyplace else if I ever need PT again. Love you guys.” -P.F.


  • “It was a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.” -Cherry Garcia
  • “I contacted Cioffredi Associates in Grantham concerning a chronic neck and shoulder problem that had flared up during the winter months. I met with Justin to review the problem, he assured me that in time the problem could be repaired. He developed a progressive strength and flexibility program that provided me with weekly improvement that has ultimately allowed me to once again participate in baseball, cycling and golfing as well as other activities. I am now pain free and thrilled with the outcome that I have experienced.” -Denis Ibey


  • My most recent experience at Cioffredi & Associates was similar to times in the past when I needed some expert treatment consisting of exercises and hands on therapy to keep me functioning. I consider this facility my first choice for treatment of injuries as well as for massage therapy. The staff is very friendly and enjoyable to work with and I have always been seen within a day or two of an injury. -Pat Stockwell


  • “I’ve been treated at Cioffredi for a number of injuries over the past 12 years. My Physical Therapists have always been friendly and professional. As long as things break and tear I will always come back to Cioffredi’s.” -Mark Peirce


  • “My whole life I have had headaches when I got overtired but in the last 16 years (I am 61 now, they started when I was about 45), I have had chronic headaches. Over the past few years I was having multiple headaches a week, being awakened by headaches in the night, waking up in the morning with headaches that nothing would help, and taking lots more ibuprofen than I wanted. On top of this, I was unable to identify a clear cause for my headaches. My PCP had mentioned a medicine I could take for the rest of my life that might have helped but I really did not want to go that route. So I prayed for healing and managed the headaches as best as I could. I happened to see a brochure from Cioffredi Physical Therapy, “What to do when HEADACHE PAIN . . . really isn’t in your head.” It talked about how poor posture, in particular, a pronated head, can, over time, produce headaches. This was me!!! I called Cioffredi’s. Even after the first couple of PT sessions, I was having less headaches and was beginning to be able to manage the pain of those I had! Now, after two months of PT I am “armed and ready”. I am down to only headaches I can attribute to 1) Eating sugar too late at night 2) High Humidity or 3) Car sickness — and all of these I am able to manage or dissipate with my exercises and stretches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do my exercises and stretches diligently because the results are phenomenal!! NO more waking up at night because of a severe headache, no more waking up in the morning with a headache that I cannot shake. No more afternoon headaches — and hardly ever do I take ibuprofen. If I do wake up in the night and feel one coming on, I do my exercises in the night and it goes away. I am so thankful to Marissa and John for their kindness, knowledge and skill to free me from chronic headaches. I am indeed healed!!” -Margaret V. Pillsbury


  • “Excellent patient outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic and very understanding about rescheduling appointments. Zach was amazing and never once made me feel like the pain was in my head. I will definitely come back if I need PT again.” -Chelsea King
  • “I was exceptionally pleased with the care and treatment I received at the Grantham Cioffredi office. All staff members were very helpful and professional, in aiding me through my course of treatment, and in caring for billing and associated questions. My thanks to Kat, Justin and in particular Becca, for getting me to pain free and productive place, once again.” -T.L.
  • “I have used Cioffredi & Associates three times now, for neck and shoulder concerns. Becca is patient, listens and is willing to find exercises and stretches that fit both my injuries and my limitations, plus she always has kind words of encouragement! This time around I also met Justin. His approach is slightly different than Becca’s but he really got my shoulder moving. Together the therapy I received from Becca and Justin was just what I needed to sleep and move pain free. I also experienced the tele-health services for the last few visits and they were just as amazing and helpful.” -Lisa Hanscom
  • “I really enjoyed everything about PT with the Cioffredi team In Grantham. The pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back was from years of poor posture and old school sit-ups! Becca worked the kinks out and taught me exercises to reduce pain and gain strength back. I love the professional and cheerful personalities of everyone and how I’m now able to teach my Grandchildren the backstroke! Thank you!!!” -Deborah Fagone


  • “While running, I felt a sudden “pop” in my hip. I came to a grinding halt and gingerly walked the ~1 mile back to my apartment. This was the second time I’d felt a pop in my hip and, after only resting last time, decided to call Cioffredi & Associates because of the wonderful PT services I’ve received through them in the past. I was able to book a virtual appointment with Justin and am so glad I did. Justin knew right away that it was caused by snapping hip syndrome and we immediately got to work with a combination of virtual appointments and “homework” exercises. Over the course of several weeks, the pain I felt when walking, sitting, standing up, and stepping up was gradually relieved, my balance improved, and I was able to start a walk/run routine. Justin was kind enough to develop a walk/run routine to help me get back up my regular running (about 3 miles) and walking (about 5 to 6 miles) routine. I’m so grateful to Cioffredi & Associates for all of the wonderful care I’ve received!” -Nicole Losavio
  • “Friendly, helpful staff greets you with a smile and Hello. Came here for PT after back surgery to resolve a herniated disc that was compressing a nerve. My back hasn’t felt this great in years and my weakened leg is getting stronger every week.” -Robert Kuhn


  • “I got a lot of moral support from my therapist. She helped me work through challenges and kept me motivated. My symptoms became less frequent and less severe. I felt stronger and more relaxed. I came to want to exercise everyday. The obstacles fell away. It was good to have the challenge. It was good to have success in one area of my life while the lockdown was going on and the rest of existence went on hold. I was impressed by how easy it was to switch to virtual visits. We never had any technical challenges. I had a good experience all the way around.” -C.D.


  • “It all went very well and am most appreciative of the progress I made with Marissa!” -Jean C. Brown


  • “I was very, very happy with the PT experience I had with Zach Gardner. He quickly got to know what I could tolerate, and challenged me in all the right ways to take advantage of this opportunity to gain flexibility, strength and function. He was thoroughly professional, but also personable and polite. I made a great deal of progress toward my recovery, and he has launched me into a phase where I can now be fully in charge of my own continued work.” -Rob Grabill


  • “Zac listened to my personal goals and designed an exercise program to increase my strength and ROM to help me progress to those goals. I am continuing to do the exercises at home which will help me progress further.” -Brenda Knight


  • “We were given a recommendation to try Cioffredi and are SO glad that we did! From my initial phone call with Jamie (she was SO patient, so professional and kind!) I just knew that this was going to be a great experience. My son, Brexton (14) had a snowboarding accident that resulted in a bad break of his arm & wrist. After several months of surgeries, casts, pins, stitches and more, PT was the next necessary step. Marsha did an AMAZING job with bringing Brexton’s recovery to the next step. In the last month she brought back an incredible amount of range of motion as he is now in the ‘normal’ range of all function! With every single appointment you could tell that she truly cares for her patients and their well-being. We really couldn’t be happier with everything!” -B.E. & A.E.
  • “I came into therapy with quite a lot of nerve pain, unable to sleep, and basically no mobility in my spine, having been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and a herniated disk. Marsha was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. After 10 visits, I am sleeping better, have greatly reduced pain and vastly improved flexibility in my spine. The sessions with her, and the results, far exceeded my expectations!” -A.M.


  • “I came to the Cioffredi Grantham, NH office for PT on my healing broken lower leg. I was very impressed with Justin Walker’s assessment of my injury’s needs and both the in-person therapies he performed and at-home exercises he gave me. I feel Doing the exercises made a difference with the weekly progress Justin measured and monitored as compared to my other leg. My healing progressed as expected, with the final few percent to come from extended at-home exercises after I was discharged.”-Ed Howes


  • “Amazing, helpful, spot on. Marsha was very realistic and honest straight to the point. She helped me so I can continue my recovery and helped me through p.t. of a car accident. I’ll never be 100% but I’m as close as I could get without major surgery. Most of all with all the exercises given to me I am almost 80%-90% pain free for the most part of my days.” -Danielle Lemay


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  • “I went to see Becca to help me with excruciating pain in my shoulder as a result of neck issues. After a few weeks of sessions I wasn’t experiencing any improvement so she recommended some different methods including dry needling. It was like she performed a miracle. I’ve had to return for “maintenance” several months after ending treatments but she’s able to help “reset” me to a good place. In addition to the hands on treatments, she gives instructions and exercises. By going to physical therapy, I have delayed surgery, hopefully indefinitely!” -Liz Borger


  • “My experience at Cioffredi was beneficial to me and I would highly recommend it to others seeking relief from their pain. I came in with a lot of pain and Stephanie took the time to review my condition with me and to clearly explain what my treatment would be moving forward. The treatment was personalized for my level of progress and my therapist listened to my concerns and made adjustments as necessary. I am now pain free and I would highly recommend Cioffredi to others.” -Anonymous
  • “I found Becca professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. The space was clean. Scheduling was easy and I liked the reminders.”  -A.M.


  • “I worked with Kate for eight months to rehab a chronic back and hip pain that prevented me from standing for more than fifteen minutes, caused trouble sleeping and interfered with daily activities. As an older adult, I didn’t want to lose any abilities to do the thinks I enjoy doing, like exercising, gardening and traveling . I am happy to say that we accomplished my goals. I would recommend Kate to anyone needing PT and enjoyed working with her.” -JH


  • “I broke my left upper arm the day after Thanksgiving, essentially shattering my elbow. It required surgical repair with a plate and nine screws and I was in a full cast until the end of December. When I started therapy, there wasn’t much that I could do with my left arm. I had no strength and very limited mobility. No control of steering wheel, so no driving. I couldn’t even touch my face so washing my hair, getting dressed, etc was difficult. Opening jars and cutting food was interesting. I was lucky in that I am right-handed, but I had to struggle with doing everything one handed. Six months after starting therapy (and still doing my exercises every day), I am back to hiking and biking and opening my own jars of peanut butter.” -Katy Driscoll


  • “I saw Justin during my recovery from meniscus tear surgery. He worked with me through my ups and downs adjusting my PT exercises to suit me when I had another problem emerge. I’m so grateful to him for being understanding and working with me. I’m excited to finally be back to myself and I’m looking forward to going hiking and walking this summer which is something I haven’t been able to do for over a year!” -Glynis van der Merwe
  • “Great experience with Justin. He helped cure my knee pain and got me back to hiking and mountain biking. Very knowledgeable and great to work with to regain my mobility. Highly recommend!” -Peggy Aldrich


  • “Experience overall was great! Justin, Becca and Kate went out of their way before, during and after the pandemic closures to ensure that I continued my treatment program. I accomplished the goals I started out with and have left with a good regimen to continue to improve both my shoulder and elbow.” -Bruce Altobelli


  • “How Pelvic Muscle PT helped me. It occurred to me when I watched yet another advertisement for “Adult Pull-ups” I thought to myself, it isn’t normal to be incontinent as active adults. The advertisers are normalizing it for their profit. I’m not yet old (I don’t think 60 is old, but some might disagree) and I started to have trouble with “that area down there” that no one likes to talk about. And yes, I did my kegels! I didn’t want to be entering my 70s already needing incontinence products. I turned to Stephanie Daniels at Cioffredis. Stephanie was professional and kind; she explained that the pelvic floor has lots of muscles that can get tight or weak like any other muscle. Pelvic floor muscles work together with abdominal and hip muscles to keep everything functioning correctly. There are exercises that go beyond Kegels to really help. She stepped me through retraining my muscles. Within a month, I am more confident when I sneeze, or laugh or cough! The exercises aren’t hard and you don’t need a gym! You can do many while standing in line! Face it, if I can do it, anyone can do it.” -Anonymous


  • June 2020 Knee Lifts Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy“On Christmas eve of 2019 I was injured at work. Not knowing what to expect going forward, I ended up reaching out to my primary care facility to figure out the next steps to return to work. Other than the typical aches and pains one might expect, I assured my coworkers I would be back to work in no time. I could not have been more misguided! The worst symptom I had was recurring headaches and occasional dizziness which was most prevalent when I lost my sense of space, for instance at night in complete darkness. Following a couple of weeks of testing, I was diagnosed with a concussion/TBI to which my treatment was REST. The first few weeks resulted in sleeping a lot, to include napping throughout the day. That’s when I realized my stamina for long days had shrunk to barely 8 hours or less before needing to sleep again. Weeks turned to months, and as time passed the headaches subsided and I would only notice the dizziness when looking at certain design patterns and moving objects. For example escalators and the moving walkways in airports were cause to pause. By March a coworker told me that Cioffredi had a PT program for post concussion injuries, so at my next appointment with the Dr. I inquired. I was referred and quickly scheduled an appointment to start PT where I was connected with Marissa! Finally, after two months I felt as though the wheels started turning toward recovery! We started with simple eye movements which for some reason triggered headaches, which I found odd, but I stuck with Marissa’s treatment plan of “pencil push-ups” and rapid eye movements. Twice a week we met and I looked forward to the progress I was making each and every time. At nearly the same time I had started at the gym, and the physical and mental exercises gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment, alas…..Covid! All at once, everything that made me feel better, stripped away, overnight. The feeling of being “deflated” hit and I felt as though I would be returning to square one all over again. After pushing through this down turn, like most people during this time, we took to the outdoors and started doing weekly and bi-weekly hikes locally. And while on the trail I reflected on the short time I was in PT and why I felt it was helping. Funny thing about brain injuries I discovered, you compensate for everything, the smallest of things, to more import physical aspects of living. And while being in PT, Marissa provided me with this understanding because of my treatment. I would have never discovered my loss of balance to be so dramatic had it not been for my treatment. And yes many “pencil push-ups” and finally, my eyes were strong again and the headaches went away. By the beginning of May nearly six weeks went by before I stepped foot into Cioffredi, and I was excited. The hustle and bustle of a packed gym was gone, replaced by individual one on one treatment sessions in small rooms. It was quiet and peaceful and I found concentrating at the task at hand, recovery, was easily accomplished. The difficult part was doing ladder work in a tiny space! We made it work. Again back to twice a week appointments throughout May, many temperature screenings, hand sanitizing, and performing physical activities while breathing through a face covering the end was in sight. June 1st, my recovery journey to return to work had ended. Thank you Marissa (your awesome!) and all the staff at Cioffredi for the countless hours you spend cleaning sanitizing, preparing and most importantly treating patient like me!” -Jeffrey Egner, Captain Lebanon Fire Department


  • “In September of 2019 I fell along a riverbank and injured my left shoulder. I was evaluated by Marissa Reilly at Cioffredi’s, and she said I had most probably torn my sub-scapularis, the large muscle in the front of the shoulder. In October I had an MRI at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center , which showed that Marissa was absolutely correct. I had surgery in late December, 2019. I started physical therapy rehab with Marissa in mid January of 2020, and had two sessions a week for approx three months. I think she did a great job; giving me valuable information about shoulder joint anatomy and function, and prescribing increasingly challenging range of motion exercises as I made gradual progress. I had two more sessions after Cioffredi’s re-opened their facility after the Covid-19 shut down, and I now have an exercise plan I’m comfortable continuing on my own. In January I couldn’t reach for a coffee cup with my left hand and arm. Now I’m able to do light to moderate carpentry, use a shovel and rake, and paddle a kayak. I found all the staff at Cioffredi’s courteous and helpful. I’ll go there again for any future physical motion issues I might have. Thank you very much.” -Edward John Tretter


  • “I’ve been going to Cioffredi & Assoc for about 20 years now and always use them as my first choice for PT because they uniformly do a fantastic job.” -Bruce Altobelli
  • “The Grantham office has been great. Professional, courteous and everything is covid clean. Justin has been great to work with. His initial evaluation outlined the process and outcomes. I had improvement day one and continue to improve. He assesses where I am at at each visit and makes sure he’s moving forward at the correct pace.” -Linda Cunningham


  • “I’ve been going to Cioffredi & Assoc for about 20 years now and always use them as my first choice for PT because they uniformly do a fantastic job.” -Bruce Altobelli
  • “I began working with Stephanie at Cioffredi & Associates after tearing my ACL while skiing. The doctor recommended that I start exercises to build and strengthen my legs before having surgery. After surgery I returned to PT for a couple weeks prior to the clinic closing due to Covid-19. I was disapponited about the clinic closing since I was in my prime post-op PT time, however, Stephanie made sure I had the appropriate exercises to work on while at home and checked in with me for follow up. A few weeks later Kate started working with me via Tele-health, which was a huge help, since I was ready to move on to more difficult exercises. It was great having someone guide me through the next steps (literally going up steps) as I progressed through my PT. When I heard the clinic was reopening I didn’t hesitate to go back in, because I knew they were taking every precaution necessary, and beyond, to make sure everyone was safe. If it were not for the continuous support I had through the combination of in-clinic and Tele-health, I don’t believe I would be as far along in my post-op rehab as I am now.” -Alisha Keel


  • “Stephanie Daniels is honestly one of the kindest and most understanding providers I have ever encountered. After delivering my first child I struggled both mentally and emotionally to cope with the changes that occured in my body. After talking with Stephanie and other new mom’s its clear to me that many women have pelvic health problems after pregnancy and childbirth that aren’t often talked about. Stephanie helped me understand what was happening, and worked with me to come up with solutions that were both personalized and effective. I’m so thankful that Stephanie has been able to help me heal my body and I wish I had come to see her sooner!” -J.G.


  • “I have been treated for several sports related injuries with two different therapists at this office. I had conditions for years that I searched elsewhere for help and was only given pain meds and stretches. My joint and muscle pain has been completely treated by Cioffredi and Associates and I am 100% healed and back in function.” -Timothy Meyers
  • ”When I first came to Cioffredi, I had been dealing with a lingering knee injury for six months. I had gone to two different physical therapists for several months, but neither of them were successful at bringing me back to the sport I love – trail running. I was despondent about recovering and had resigned to just not running anymore. Then I met Kate Leiser at Cioffredi. She examined me and together we crafted a recovery plan with a clear goal to get me back to running. Having a plan with clear steps that shifted every few weeks with my progress was just the kind of tailored care that I needed to stay motivated and recover. And working with a PT who was an athlete herself really made a difference. I’m happy to report that after three months of working with Kate (even through the pandemic via telehealth sessions!), I am back running pain-free. I have a short strength training routine that is sustainable for me to keep up, and I’m feeling stronger by the day. Thank you, Kate & Cioffredi!” -E.M


  • June 2020 Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy Back Pain”Cioffredi’s has been great! Everyone employee there is kind, friendly and supportive. My PT, Zac Gardner, simply put, is incredible. My journey has been long hard one and Zac has stood by me every step of the way. His sense of humor, his compassion for my care, and his ability to try all modes of therapy to move me forward with my injury and pain is nothing short of amazing. Not once has he given up on me. I have been blessed to have Zac as my Therapist. Can I also add…..The new protocols you have put in place so I can continue my care are great. I feel perfectly safe in your care and appreciate all you have done in order for me to do so. Thank you.” -Lisa Meyer

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