Rates for Medically-Based Personal Training

We offer two tiers of pricing for our Medically-Based Personal Training Program. Any client who transitions to this program directly following completion of their PT/OT Program are eligible for reduced pricing for eight weeks following discharge.

Pre-Paid Package Pricing

Save on your training by pre-paying for your package. The more sessions you buy, the more you save. Not able to pay in one lump sum? See our payment plan pricing below.

Private Training: 
Single Session – $60
4-Pack of Sessions – $230 ($57.50/session)
8-Pack of Sessions – $440 ($55/session)
16- Pack of Sessions – $840 ($52.50/session)


Semi-Private Training (two people):
Not available in singe sessions
8-Pack of Sessions – $320 per person ($40 pp/session)
16- Pack of Sessions – $560 per person ($35 pp/session)


Payment Plan Package Pricing

Our payment plan packages are designed for those who wish to pay as they go, and are only available for private training. Payment plans require a deposit of 25% of the total package and are non-refundable. We require a credit card kept on file to charge the per session fee weekly.

8-Pack of Sessions – $130 down, $48.75 per session
(total $520 or $65/session)
16-Pack of Sessions – $240 down, $45 per session
(total $960 or $60/session)
32-Pack of Sessions – $440 down, $41.25 per session
(total $1760 or $55/session)

PLEASE NOTE: ALL OF OUR TRAINING PACKAGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, but the value may be transferred to another service if you do not use all visits (pending transfer is done prior to expiration date). All personal training packages expire 6 months from date of purchase. 


Reduced Pricing for Current PT/OT Clients with Our Transition Program*:

Private Training:
Single One-Hour Session $50 – Single 30-Minute Session $40
4-Pack of One-Hour Sessions $180 ($45/session) – 4-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions $150 ($37.50/session)
6-Pack of One-Hour Sessions $240/person ($40/session) – 6-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions $210 ($35/session)
6-Pack (One-Hour Sessions) Payment Plan $67.50 down, $33.75 per session

Semi-Private Training (Two People):
Single Session $40/person
6-pack of Sessions $180/person ($30/session/person)

Post-Transition Packages (Only for clients who complete a transition program package, when purchased back-to-back)
6-Pack of One-Hour Sessions $330 ($55/session)
8-Pack of One-Hour Sessions $400 ($50/session)

*PLEASE NOTE: The Transition Program is only available to current PT/OT clients, and packages must be purchased on or before date of discharge from PT/OT. For semi-private training, only ONE member of the group must be a current PT/OT client. This offer does not apply to all trainers. Transition packages expire 8 weeks after date of discharge. Packages are non-refundable, however may be transferred to another service if you do not use all sessions (pending transfer is done before expiration date). All transition packages are subject to our standard training/fitness cancellation/no-show policies as outlined in the Client Training Agreement. After completion of your package we welcome you to continue training with us at our regular rate.