Testimonials Updated 12/2/2021

We post all the incredible feedback we receive coming in on a daily basis to this page, updated every week. If you would like to submit your own story, you can do so here.  You can also read archived success stories and articles by topic here


  • “Outstanding” -William Ketterer


  • “I came to Cioffredi with debilitating knee pain on long hikes in the White Mountains that would linger post hike and kept getting worse. After a few sessions with Howard my symptoms improved immensely. Thanks to Howard’s focused and efficient sessions and home plan, I no longer have pain while hiking and can pursue my passion. Howard’s energy and passion for his profession helped the appointments fly by and were enjoyable.” -G.


  • I started with Megan for PT on my left knee, three days after surgery. Right from day 1, I felt like I was making progress with the exercises and knowledge she has given me. I have never been in real pain and if I experienced discomfort she would suggest different positions for sleeping. She has also helped manage the inflammation by massage and again she has great knowledge! She has given me some great tools to continue my recovery at home. I came here committed to getting better fast and I think that helps!” – Barbara Middleton
  • “I started to work with Stephanie when a doctor recommended pelvic floor PT after I suffered a severe exasperation. The techniques, personalized exercises, and learning to listen to your own body was incredibly insightful and helpful. I am back to my active self by incorporating what I have learned in PT. Stephanie is a great listener, intelligent, kind, and compassionate in aiding in my recovery. She is amazing to work with and I cannot thank her enough for all the help and knowledge she has provided me.” -A.N.


  • “I had severe problems with pain and stiffness in my lower body, glutes, and right leg and hip. In four weeks of working with Howard and Jodi, My symtoms disappeared. PT with them was a most valuable and helpful endeavor.” -Alan Lelchuk


  • “The experience was wonderful as it provided me with understanding and professional care of my concerns and wellbeing.” -P.J.


  • “Insightful, knowledgeable and persevering.” -Bill Malcolm
  • “I was struck by a car while I was crossing the street in a crosswalk. The right side of my body was in pretty bad shape, with bruising, road rash and immobilizing pain in my back and knee. As the bruises and road rash healed, I was still having trouble doing daily activities such as walking, bending, cooking, and taking care of my cats. I came to physical therapy at my doctors recommendation, but as I had never participated in physical therapy before I was a little skeptical that it would heal my pain in the way I was hoping for. However, after my first session with Howard I had high hopes that I would get better. Howard listened to me, made me feel safe and comfortable in his care and encouraged me throughout every session (and on top of his professional abilities he is also very funny!). For the first month, I attended twice a week and in the second month I transitioned to one visit a week. I have made a lot of progress and feel like I am very close to feeling as good as I felt before the accident. I can take long walks, change my cats litter box, travel in the car, etc with very little pain. I am amazed at how my pain went from consistent to intermittent in such a short period of time. I accredit a lot of my healing to Howards ability to coach me back to health (even though he puts the credit right back on me!). I would highly recommend Cioffredi & Associates!” -Anonymous


  • “In April of 2021, I was in excruciating pain and having difficulty carrying anything (even if it weighed only 24 pounds)!  My wife talked me into seeing Bill Cioffredi to get some relief.  Bill and I worked diligently to try to gain some strength and range of motion with my hips and legs to no avail!  Bill then asked me to get both of my hips Xrayed and to see an orthopedic specialist as he thought there was a problem in my hips.  [My doctor] and his assistant and the Xrays showed that I had severe arthritis in both hips.  I scheduled a right hip replacement for September 20 and returned to Bill in October for rehab again of my right hip.  I am awaiting a hip replacement for my left hip in early December so rehab was somewhat complicated due to my left hip pain.  Bill is a miracle worker and I have passed all of my strength and mobility tests for the right hip as of November 15th!  I will continue with the exercise program that he has given me to maintain my strength and flexibility.  He also has shown me how to control the discomfort in my left hip while I am awaiting surgery.  I will be back to see him in January for more rehab and I am looking forward to that experience.” -Stephen McGuire


  • “Treatment with Dr. Shanna was life-changing. I really appreciate her skill, expertise, and how she brings such a high level of compassion and humor to her care. You can tell she deeply cares about her patients and it comes through in her treatment. Shanna is so effective in her explanations of exercises and anatomy, which led me to understanding aspects of health I had wondered about for years. I would highly recommend Shanna to anyone. She is an asset to Cioffredi and her profession in general.” -S.W.
  • “I came in for help with severe soreness in my shoulder after a fall, and difficulty lifting my right arm above my head. Howard gave me a thorough assessment each time I visited, and sent me away with helpful exercises and clear instructions. I appreciated his extra care taking the time to explain things, and also his good humor and upbeat personality have helped me on my path to getting better.” -Anonymous
  • “My name is Nate Mcgrody and I broke my leg July 24th. this is my second time I broke my tibia. I was racing motocross and I got taken out and my foot got stuck in his wheel and broke my tibia. I was in a walking boot for about a month with no weight bearing. After that I did five PT appointments and worked hard to get back on my bike.” -Nate Mcgrody


  • “Becca is a rock star! Got my knee squared away to I could put it to the test in Colorado and Utah.” -J.P.
  • “They were a big help in my surgical recovery.” -Jon Sterling


  • “I worked with two highly skilled, and supportive Physical Therapists.” -J.C.
  • “Very positive and helpful with a problem I had dealt with for two years.” -Phil Langsdorf


  • “I was frustrated with the discomfort I was experiencing pretty much all the time for months. Having had a hip replacement on the opposite side of my current knee issue, I was thinking the worst about my aching painful knee. Marsha initially tested and measured range of motion and strength. It was comforting when she said it wasn’t a torn meniscus but due more to weakness in the gluteal muscles and hip rotators. Getting the help was great….following thru on my part is the biggest challenge!” -Sally Bourdon
  • “I came here because I had my knee surgery and needed PT to improve my knee. Since four month after surgery, Cioffredi staff have been nice and respected me as a deaf patient and had a sign language interpreter every appointment. My knee now is improving and long way to go. The PTs are patient with me the whole time. I appreciate what Cioffredi did for me so I can walk, work, and workout again.” -S.L.


  • “Neil explained things very clearly. He quickly understood that I was an over achiever and helped me get comfortable with not being perfect at each exercise. He helped me think of how I should care for myself after PT. He helped me discern constructive pain from destructive pain.” -P.B.


  • “Since working on PT with Megan Osanitsch, PT, my strength and range of motion have greatly improved. I know I will continue the exercises on my own to maintain strength and range of motion.” -Carol Weingeist
  • “On my first visit to Cioffredi & Associates, I had lower back pain and pain shooting down my leg. After a few weeks of Physical Therapy, I am able to do activities pain-free. No more lower back pain or pain down my leg. Thank you to all at Cioffredi & Associates!” -Lori Purington
  • “I came into Cioffredi after experiencing severe knee pain that was keeping me from doing the things I enjoyed like running and skiing, but also was effecting my daily routine with my kids. Howard really listened and identified the issues and weak spots and worked with me on a physical therapy routine that has left me feeling stronger than I have in many years. Howard’s depth of knowledge was really impressive, but his ability to communicate it to me and set realistic routines is what made the program successful for me. Howard really is the best and I tell everyone with an injury to see him!” -J.C.


  • When I started PT here I was so affected by my concussion that I felt like I could not live my full life. With Megan Osanitsch’s help I got better so much faster than anticipated. Being able to get back into my normal routine is something I am so grateful for. because of Cioffredi & Associates I can have the senior year that I always imagined.” -Londyn Crenshaw


  • “I came to physical therapy because of hip pain that was preventing me from having a full nights sleep, making it painful to climb stairs and causing general pain/tenderness in that area. Howard worked with me for two months, and though I am not completely “cured” of this problem, I am now sleeping almost every night without pain, climbing stairs is minimally uncomfortable, and I have strengthened my core muscles with a noticeable difference in my strength and range of motion. I will be working with my PCP for next steps, but I am so far very pleased with the progress I have made with Howard. He listens well and communicates very clearly well about my condition and the goals of treatment. He frequently evaluated my treatments and home exercises to make sure we were still making progress. I had an excellent experience with Cioffredi as a whole and with Howard in particular. If I need to have more physical therapy for this issue, I look forward to working with Howard again.” -Anonymous
  • “Jodi Ramirez is excellent, knowledgeable, professional and kind – I really enjoyed my time with her. I thank her for helping me.” -Brita Eberitsch
  • “I have had nothing but positive results from the staff. I have used them for both of my shoulders (replacements). I wouldn’t have had such good results without them.” -Jon R. Sterling


  • “Jodi is a very compassionate person and a highly skilled PT. I have not felt this good since before my back injury 10 years ago. Thank you for helping this ‘Old PT!'” -Tarah Friend Cantore


  • I’m a believer! I worked with Marissa and after two weeks I noticed my pain level decreased immensely with exercise and the use of the “neubie”. I had a referral to the pain clinic where they prescribed muscle relaxers which only made me tired. I asked about PT and the doctor said PT would not work for me. I was out to prove him wrong! After having chronic lower back pain with sciatica being prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers, I knew I could not keep going on this way. I am a very active person and had to do something different! I could not walk to the end of my driveway and back without being in pain. I could not vacuum. I had to lean on the kitchen counter while making dinner to hold myself up. I had heard so many good things about Cioffredi’s that I asked my Rheumatologist if I could have a referral. My goal was to be able to stand straight, strengthen my core and to walk a mile. “Motion is lotion” has nearly eliminated my symptoms! I can’t thank you enough Marissa and Cioffredi’s!!” -Sandra Andress


  • “It has been a real pleasure to come to Megan Osanitsch, PT. I admire her excellent skills, care and professionalism. She gave me back ‘Happy Feet'” -Erica Rothenfluh
  • “Jodi was highly responsive and sensitive to my concerns and designed a plan that was very effective in my rehab.” -Roger Dontonville
  • “I enjoy my six weeks of program here with Megan Osanitsch, PT. I had back pain and now it is all gone. People here at Cioffredi & Associates are friendly and helpful.” -Wenlin Zhang


  • “I came to Cioffredi & associates by recommendation from my pcp after my 3rd lower back injury with in a year. I knew something was wrong and I needed help to fix myself. I learned the correct way to lift and strengthen my core, lower back and just complete day to day activities. Now that I have completed my therapy I am much more cognizant of what I’m doing and how my body is positioned. I cant still here my physical therapist Jodi telling me square up to the object, get as close as possible, engage your abs keep your back straight and drive threw your heals. I subconsciously do all of these motions like 2nd nature without hesitation. I feel my stronger and more secure in my day to day activities. I would highly recommend Cioffredi & Associates to anyone needing physical therapy. Thank you Jodi and team at Cioffredi’s for giving me my ability to enjoy life back!” -Phillip Robinson
  • “My goal was to recover enough from knee surgery to be able to enjoy a vacation trip to Italy. Bill worked with me tirelessly, educating me about the importance of exercise and what to do to accomplish my goals. I just returned from my trip, where I was able to walk 3-4 miles a day, climb huge lights of stairs, and manage cobblestones, hills, and uneven pathways without a problem and pain-free. Thank you so much! I would recommend you and your facility to anyone!” -Carol Orr


  • “I came in stiff and achy and with a very unhappy shin. I felt very discouraged. I am now so much better with the exercises and advice I have been given. Thank you so much!” -S.S. with Taylor Daley, PT


  • “I always feel encouraged when I come to work with Kate. She is a very good diagnostician and listener. She is also able to use different modalities, testing out how helpful they are, to improvement.” -J.S.
  • “Kate is topnotch. Using an amazing number of approaches, including the Neubie, stretches, exercises and massage, she got my hip and leg muscles operating again and strengthened after hip and knee replacement surgery. When my back muscles had trouble adjusting to long-unused movement patterns and went into painful spasms, she shifted gears and worked on them. When a sudden foot pain intervened, she fixed that! So I am able to enjoy vigorous exercise and heavy outdoor work. And then she fixed my hands so I can play my violin again! No problem seems beyond her ability to solve. Kate is an excellent listener and truly makes her client a partner in determining treatment and evaluating progress. AND she’s personable, engaging, and a delight to work with! I’m happy and pain-free!” -Judith (Judy) Pond
  • “I was experiencing extreme pain in my left hip and thigh when I lay down and could not sleep. I went to see Marsha Wykes for an assessment. After her examination she new exactly what was happening. She devised a set of exercises and treatment to relieve pressure on the nerves in my lower back. By the beginning of the third week I was completely pain free. I feel very fortunate to have the expertise of Marsha and Cioffredi & Associates to help me through this.” -Bill Wiley


  • “I was in a lot of pain when I began my physical therapy. In 2 short months Jodi got me back to almost 100%! She is a wonderful physical therapist!! I would highly recommend Cioffredi & especially Jodi to everyone!!” -Cheryl Burwell
  • “Great first experience with your office. Very kind and professional staff.” -C.G.


  • “Just what I needed, as usual! Thorough and accurate evaluation and the perfect combination of reassuring bedside manner and appropriate exercise routines. I feel worlds better than when I began.” -Anonymous


  • “When I saw Neil McKenzie for severe knee pain I was unable to walk any distance. As an avid walker, I usually walked about 3 miles/day for exercise. Neil worked with me over a period of about 4 weeks. By the end of my session with Neil I was walking at least mile and a half a day without any pain. I have continued to increasing my walking time daily. I now feel like I can get back to my exercise routine without any problems.” -E.B.


  • “Very professional and knowledgeable.” -Anonymous


  • “Jodi did a great job! I came in with a lot of pain caused by poor movement patterns. She helped me strengthen the weak muscle groups and fix my movements. I’m not fully pain-free yet, but I’m back to my usual level of activity and things are steadily improving by the week.” -Advith Suresh


  • “Marsha helped me regain the use of my right shoulder and arm. Her explanations of my physical problems were easy to understand. The exercises and therapy she gave me greatly improved my range of motion and ability to use my right arm after many years of increasing difficulties. Marsha is professional, kind, caring and gently. I recommend her to anyone who needs physical therapy.” -M.D.


  • “I felt seen, heard, and part of the process. At one point I had a billing issue with insurance and Lyndsay investigated and resolved the matter before I even had a chance to be worried. It was always great to be greeted by name even though I know I am only one of many to receive treatment here. Kyle brought humor and skill to my treatment plan, encouraging me along the way. The results of reduced pain and increased movement in my knee were so dramatic I pursued treatment for achilles pain as well. I’ve made significant progress and am back to running comfortably again. High marks to the therapists and front desk for making me always feel welcome and in the know about my treatment plan.” -K.C.


  • “My PCP recommend me to Cioffredi & Associates for physical therapy on my lower back and hips. I had 10 appointments with Megan Osanitsch in July through September. They were great! I had feared that I needed hip replacements, but an X-Ray prior to starting therapy gave me more confidence that the main issue was tightness due to pain from osteoarthropathy in my lumbar area, especially L5-S1. My PCP believed that physical therapy would make a significant difference.” Megan massaged and manipulated my hips, back, and legs and gave me exercises during our sessions and to continue at home, which strengthened, loosened, and stretched many sets of muscles that were tight due to lack of exercising in the last few years as my husband’s health has demanded more of my time. This experience has made me realize I can find ways to take time for myself, and in fact I must. I always looked forward to therapy because Megan gave me a lot of confidence in what she could do for me and what I could do for myself. I particularly like the easy going way she asked me about myself and my family, which gave her more of an idea of what my home situation might be, and also made me feel like she cared about me as a person, not just a client. She realized that I had a fairly good knowledge of human anatomy , answering my questions in adequate detail. I admire her professionalism and her ability to listen and communicate extremely well. Over time I began to feel much more flexible and able to bend, walk up and down stairs carrying things, pick up things, reach for things, get up off the couch (!) etc. without having so much pain. I never missed a day doing my exercises at home, and I am resolved to keep going because Megan made me feel like I could do more than just maintain my status quo on ‘graduating’ from treatment.” -M.H


  • “Marsha has been outstanding. She has encouraged me to do things that at first were uncomfortable but once I did them she was quick to congratulate me. She has inspired me to do more than I thought I could do.” -Al Griggs with Marsha Wykes, PT in Grantham, NH


  • “I spent the summer working with Zac Gardner at Cioffredi. I am recovering from an ACL reconstruction with a meniscus repair, and since it’s my third operation on that knee it was a tricky road back. Zac has been awesome. Consistently supportive while also designing challenging workouts that push my boundaries and building my confidence in the knee. Can’t wait to be skiing again!” -Lars Chinburg with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “This practice is wonderful. Starting with the convenient location and extended hours and clear through all the approaches they have to get you back into an active life. Alas, this is my second time as a patient. The first time was for a shoulder injury and this time it’s for my knee. In each case, the treatment has been methodical and effective.” -J.S. with Marsha Wykes, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “For 3 months plus I have had severe sciatica pain. I tried doing exercises – which were probably wrong! My first appointment with Cioffredi & Associates was a thorough exam and exercises which improved my walking ability. Marsha sent exercises including video examples via email. Very much appreciated. My 2nd and 3rd visits were even more helpful. These precise exercises are strengthening and healing my body. Can’t emphasize the stress they relieved!” Anonymous with Marsha Wykes, PT in Grantham, NH


  • “Last June my son John injured a lateral knee ligament during soccer practice. He tends to mask pain, but I could see after a little bit of walking that he couldn’t bear any weight with that leg. Based on past experience of letting injuries go and seeing them get worse, I got an appointment right away. He saw Howard, who was great with kid and parents and very thoughtful. On that day, my son could barely bend his knee at all. Howard provided my son with a few simple rules and exercises, and helped my son find the incentive he needed to follow them. By following Howard’s program, John improved faster than anyone expected. Howard added some new exercises and gave us a program that we continue to use after discharge to strengthen the muscles that provide stability to the knee… and help prevent reinjury. He also let John know that that strength work would help him kick a soccer ball harder, which also didn’t hurt his motivation to continue the exercises. We are so grateful that Howard was there to help!” -Suzanne Spencer Rendahl with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I went to bed feeling fine, only to wake up in the morning unable to raise my left arm above my shoulder. Go figure! Next day, I was taking down blinds on a window. To raise my left arm to grab the screws, I had to place my hand on the window casing and use my fingers to ‘walk’ my hand to the top! When things did not improve after a few days, I figured it was time to head back to Cioffredi & associates. Over the years the ‘miracle workers’ there have helped me with other problems, and this time was no exception. After a few sessions with Megan Osanitsch I could move my arm without pain. A few more sessions and I was good as new! Megan’s massage and basic exercises worked another ‘miracle.’ Thank you, Megan!” -C Harrison Trumbull


  • “I came to Joe with knee pain. I was not sleeping well, taking motrin daily, unable to participate in anything outside basic daily activities due to pain with activity (and at rest). I was skeptical that PT alone would fix me and wondered how many months it would take. I did my PT at home every day and started seeing immediate improvement. Here I am 5 weeks later back to all pre-injury activities and feeling fantastic! I’m looking forward to working with Meghan for some personal training to continue building strength to enhance my life and prevent future injuries. Highly recommend Cioffredi & Associates.” -Norma Alley with Joe Soojian, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came in with knee pain that I had done PT for earlier in life. Jodi brought a whole slew of new exercises and concepts to help me overcome the issue. She also happily explained things and answered my questions, and integrated my past experiences and medical history to make a custom PT routine for me. I would definitely recommend working with Jodi!” -Matthew Maclay with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I have had low back pain for 12 years. I have had every treatment available including surgery, but none were successful. I have difficult walking or standing for more than 10 minutes. I teach Taekwondo but have been forced to do much of the teaching sitting down. I also travel internationally and have difficult sitting in a plane for long periods of time. I went to Cioffredi to give the Neubie system a try. I worked with Howard Badillo. Howard was very knowledgeable and showed a real interest in my problems. He prescribed a progression of exercises to address the problem. These and the Neubie allowed me to make steady improvement. I am now able to walk for 30 minutes without pain. I can also teach and demonstrate Taekwondo standing up for our hour long classes. I would recommend Howard to anyone that has suffered from long team back pain without relief.” -Stephen Hopkins with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Stephanie is absolutely the most kind, caring, thoughtful, and helpful person I could ever hope to work with for my pelvic floor PT. You can tell she listens intently to her patients and is genuinely invested in their comfort, healing, and well-being. Every time I visited her, she treated me like I was the only patient she would see that day by me giving personalized tips and really listening to what I had to say. I had delayed going to pelvic PT for many years because I was afraid of what it would be like and assumed that my pain was incurable. Stephanie completely changed my perspective & showed me that I have autonomy over my body in ways that I didn’t understand before. Now that I am a few months out of her care, I’m able to fully see and enjoy the benefits of my therapy. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. She’s truly changed my life and I’m so grateful to her!” -Anonymous with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came to physical therapy at Cioffredi to finally address knee pain that I experience especially while hiking downhill. It’s a pain that I’ve had most of my life but just recently received a diagnosis for, and physical therapy is one of the things I am doing to mitigate it. During several sessions of physical therapy I did a wide variety of activities to strengthen muscles so that I have more control and experience less pain. Although it still hurts to go down hill, I feel like I am stronger and my recovery time is shorter. And now, I know what to focus on going forward as I continue doing exercises on my own! Megan was very helpful and pleasant to talk to, and I had an overall really positive experience at Cioffredi.” -Karina  Ricker


  • “A great experience! Plan was thorough and easy to follow. Great communication. Bottom line, it worked! Chronic hip pain is resolving and I have the knowledge on how to keep away.” -C.R. with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Marissa is through, patient, and just generally a wonderful therapist.” -Jeanne Prince in Lebanon, NH
  • “The headaches had just become too much. Long days of working on a computer and life stress had taken its toll. I finally reached out for help and feel great. Taylor was so patient and reassuring the whole time. The in-person sessions and the at home exercises in combination made it easy to build strength and maintain it. I am very grateful.” -Amanda Albright with Taylor Daley, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I worked with Marissa for several months to work through tendonitis and shin pain. I wasn’t able to run at all and even walking hurt. She was so great to work with, encouraged me while being realistic, and I’ve been able to slowly build some running miles back up thanks to her!” -Erzsie Nagy with Marissa Reilly in Lebanon, NH


  • “I started PT with intense sharp pains in my back from my job at a landscaping firm. After only a few appointments I felt a lot better. My back loosened up and I was given the tools to make my back stronger. The exercises that Jodi selected for me were effective and even though I wasn’t perfectly constant with doing them I still saw vast improvement.” -William Bugg with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “During the pandemic I let myself get very sedentary for a few months. This led to my feet getting weak enough that I stressed a tendon. When I came to Cioffredi, I could only get around using cutches but even then my good foot was getting bad enough that crutches wouldn;t work for much longer. Kyle helped me learn what was causing the problem and the exercise program had my foot on an upward trajectory very quickly after starting! Now I can walk easily and can get back to jogging. Thank you!” -Sam Lensgraf with with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “In a few short sessions, Becca helped to significantly improve my shoulder mobility. She also provided me with a set of exercises that should allow me to keep on improving.” Stephen Haase with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH


  • “I visited Howard for help after a hard fall to my chest during a hike, as some activities were still painful a week later. Howard diagnosed the location and severity of the discomfort and used both the Neubie machine and exercises to build strength around this area. He also gave me useful advice on how to step back into my accustomed sports and weight training at the right pace, without a setback as I recovered from the injury. In addition to being an effective physical therapist, Howard is fun to work with as he has a great sense of humor and an encouraging manner.” -W.C. with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I have a really positive experience working with Howard. He listened and was attentive to my description of my issues with my knee. He provided exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee and and helped strengthen and make it more flexible. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has knee issues and on top of that really enjoyed talking with him and learning about his practice.” K.H with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I have loved working with Kate! She is thorough, creative, empathetic and constantly trying new things to help with my on going jaw issues. ” -J.S. with Kate Leiser, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Feeling fabulous!!  When I first entered your office, I could hardly move my right shoulder and arm, later my right leg began to give me problems – due to wearing flat shoes on long walks I am sure and to add to my discomfort, I was not sleeping at night due to the pain on my right side.  I have never in my life experienced such discomfort and was quite annoyed, puzzled and dismayed. After weeks of suffering, Cioffredi & Associates was recommended to me.  I met with Megan Osanitsch, who had started work in your office two weeks earlier.  Within 6 sessions I was feeling like myself, she was completely dedicated to curing my issues and did it with such panache.  Her very warm presence and knowledge of my situation was remarkable.  I knew when I first met her, I was in good hands.  Each session I only improved, I could sleep at night, walk with ease, lift my right should above my head, I was so pleased with my, thrilled in fact, and again, I COMPLETELY CREDIT, Megan for her work combined with her knowledge of what needed to be done to my right side! Never having been to a PT before, because of my shoulder issue I went to another therapy office in Hanover, not knowing what to expect from a Physical Therapist I complained to a friend, I do not understand the purpose my visits to this therapist, she is only talking to me, and showing me various exercises but we are not working together.  The friend highly recommended your office.  Working with Megan was the experience I should have gone through far earlier.  Besides being extremely efficient with her craft, she has a welcoming, lovely, engaging presence and remains professional as well.  A perfect combination for any professional dealing with the public.  I am impressed with your organization and very much impressed with Megan. As my daughter’s NYC boss said to me when we met, ‘Thank you for having Sarah….,’ and I now say to Cioffredi Associates, ‘Thank you for hiring Megan.'”  Wadeane Kunz with Megan Osanitsch, PT in Lebanon, NH



  • “Neil was clear as he went through exercises with me. He was responsive to my feedback, questions, etc. I was very pleased with the progress I made under his guidance. (He also helped with corollary issues that came up, e.g., knee issues that resulted from having been off one leg for an extended time.)” – Anonymous with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Kyle was great. Was very knowledgeable and really focused in on what I needed.” -Anonymous with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I have to admit I’d never heard of Pain Neuroscience Education and Graded Motor Imagery prior to one week ago. So here is my story. I arrived at my first PT session for my right knee with a diagnosis of a torn meniscus and a Baker’s cyst. My pain had been excruciating behind my knee and running up into my thigh and down my shin for about three weeks. My range of motion was limited because I could not fully straighten nor bend my knee without causing awful pain. The session went well and prior to leaving, Kyle mentions the “homework” he wants me to do. He explains Pain Neuroscience Education and Graded Motor Imagery. It is used when the pain center in the brain responsible for controlling pain in an area loses control of the boundaries of the location of the pain to the affected joint. In my case, my right knee and the pain radiated up and down my leg. He wants me to take a stack of magazines at home and circle all images of right knees found and do this daily. I of course think this is crazy! I however do as I am told. Five days later at my next appointment I was able to say only my joint was sore and minimally at this point. I have to admit I was also doing the other exercises he prescribed for me also but this rapid turnaround has me convinced this Imagery works. After all, what is rehab if it isn’t retraining a muscle group to work better or more efficiently by repetition. I am training my brain to see my right knee and to limit pain to that affected area. I am a believer now. Thank You, Kyle.” -Candace Miller with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came into physical therapy because I had hurt my left hamstring and had very limited mobility. I had a wonderful experience working with Jodi to get my leg as strong as it was before my injury in a shorter amount of time than was expected. My home exercises were easy to follow and I believe actually doing them helped increase my recovery rate. -Carmen Zani with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Zac was outstanding… I have recovered mobility and feel so much better. Thank you!” -J.B. with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Megan Osanitsch was a delight to work with. I came with two issues – lower back and right knee – which she assessed and addressed and assigned gradually more challenging PT exercises over the course of 6 weeks. I came away stronger, with increased function in both areas. Megan gave me the tools to use in case I over-exerted performing any activity that would typically exacerbate pain.  The real test came during a wedding, at which I danced all night – my knee and back were both intact and pain-free! Megan was positive, knowledgeable, professional, and fun.  I highly recommend her. ” -Sue Folger with Megan Osanitsch, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Megan is very well qualified, has a warm and friendly personality and I would have no hesitation to recommend her specifically and the whole Cioffredi Team for therapy sessions. In addition, the office personnel were very friendly and made the process go as smoothly as possible – Thank you team.” -Chuck Stone with Megan Osanitsch, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “For the last 8 months, I have struggled with anal fissures. After trying numerous treatment options, the next step would be surgery. I was then offered to try pelvic floor physical therapy as a last resort. After one visit with Stephanie, I finally felt more optimistic about the process and that it could work. She is very professional and knowledgeable and I am so happy I tried it. After just a few months, my fissures have significantly improved and even gone. I have been provided with the appropriate tools and exercises to move forward and prevent anal fissures from occurring again. Even if they do occur, I have my treatment plan and know how to work through them. I have significantly benefited from pelvic floor PT and am extremely happy that I did try it out. I would highly recommend it as a first resort!” -Anonymous with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “One month in I’ve seen noticeable improvement in my core strength and stability. I was skeptical at best after a poor experience [at another PT practice]. My physical therapist Jodi has been amazing. She has given and explained each exercise to and with me. Jodi also works with me on my form and constant improvement at every appointment. I’m very confident in my current plan and have recommended Cioffredi’s to numerous friends already. I look forward to my next appointment and continuous improvement.” – Phillip Robinson with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH



  • “Great! improvement in my range of motion and pain reduction. Good exercise program at home.” -A.C. with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Before starting physical therapy my plantar fasciitis was so painful that I couldn’t step on my foot for nearly 30 minutes after waking, standing at work was difficult, and I stopped hiking and jogging.  After the 4 weeks of therapy I’m able to be physically active again and my work has been much more enjoyable because I’m able to stand. I would absolutely recommend PT to friends and family suffering for any reason!” -Christin Strong with Megan Osanitsch, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Pelvic Floor PT has been so empowering! I learned so much from Stephanie and I am so appreciative of her guidance and support. Stephanie scaffolded my program so that it was both challenging and attainable. I feel like I am gaining more skills every day and that feeling is incredible. I wish I had started Pelvic Floor PT sooner!” -K.M. with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Stephanie Daniels, and all of the folks at Cioffredi, are phenomenal. I cannot recommend them enough. I have suffered from extremely painful periods for as long as I have had them. It had reached the point where I was in daily pain while exercising, sitting, and going to the bathroom. Menstrual cramps were severe enough to cause vomiting even with pain medication, and incontinence and constipation were becoming increasingly problematic. This culminated in a diagnosis of endometriosis and fibroids, both of which needed surgical removal. After my surgery, I was referred to pelvic floor physical therapy to aid my recovery. The nature of pelvic floor physical therapy is very personal, and so I was admittedly a bit nervous about the process. That said, Stephanie’s warm nature, lightheartedness, and clear expertise would put anyone at ease, and created an ideal environment for healing and recovery. Even with a history of trauma, I felt completely comfortable with Stephanie. She explained everything she was doing, how it would help, continually checked in with me, and patiently taught me how to use the techniques myself. After a few months of consistent effort, I am very pleased with the results. Incontinence is no longer an issue, I am no longer in daily pain when exercising or going to the bathroom, and for the first time in my life, I am no longer facing debilitating pain every month from my periods. I feel like I have regained control over my body, and I have the knowledge, tools, and resources that I need to keep my endometriosis in check moving forward. Thank you, Stephanie!!” -Kelly Cantwell with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came in with complaints of pain and numbness in my arms and shoulders. I was losing strength in my hands. My initial meeting with Taylor she thoroughly reviewed all my responses to the initial questionnaires as well as test results.  After my first treatment I noticed a difference with the numbness and loss of strength had improved.  The treatments I had with both Taylor and Kyle were challenging but well worth the effort.  I could lift my arms without the stiffness and pain and I no longer had the numbness.  I was able to fully return to my regular activities such as driving for long periods of time, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.  I continue to complete the exercises they recommended and have not had any issues since I was discharged.  I appreciate all the time and attention Taylor and Kyle provided to me.” -Nikki Small with Taylor Daley, PT and Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Becca is a caring practitioner with a terrific personality! I enjoy working with her and know that I am in good hands—and laughing all the while!” -Karen Blum with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH


  • “Stephanie helped me regain my strength so that I can run again. She was wonderful at helping me evaluate and notice my progress.” -E.S. with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “My treatment for was professional, comfortable and friendly. I was also concurrently being treated by a Chiropractor who was informed of my PT work. Both agreed that their treatments were complimentary.” M.S. with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I had leg pain on and off, which sometimes got to the point where I wasn’t able to get out of bed and had to stay home from school. After coming to PT I didn’t have pain as constant, then after a longer time I had no pain at all, and later this week I’ll be hiking Mt. Washington for the second time.” -Ashley Cybroch with Marsha Wykes, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “I was given goals and was pushed to meet them. Communication between us was great. I am in a better place today because of being encouraged and meeting those goals set.” Larry D Ackerman with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Great experience with highly knowledgeable therapists and very friendly staff. Kate made recovering from my ankle fracture possible. She is highly skilled and was paramount in my full recovery within 6 months. I have resumed all my activities and can multi-task with the best of them again. From hands on, to recommendations on footwear, she was very familiar with all aspects of my recovery and readily had recommendations to keep me moving forward.” -Erin Damren with Kate Leiser, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I worked with both Howard and Kyle to treat a knee injury from ice skating. They were both very understanding and knew what types of exercises would help me to recover. I completed the exercises on site and I also worked on the exercises at home using their easy to use video app. The exercise video app allowed me to follow along and it kept track that I completed the workout! After a month or so I felt great improvements in my knee. I could bend it completely and I could kneel on my knee once again. I’m very grateful to Cioffredi and Associates. Thank you!” with Howard Badillo, PT and Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Being seen for pelvic floor issues is very embarrassing but Stephanie made me feel comfortable and explained everything as she went along. She was great. I would highly recommend her.” -K.I. with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “9 months after my second spinal fusion surgery I hurt my back doing nothing in particular.  X-rays showed nothing wrong, but I was on the couch for almost two months straight.  Basic activities like standing up and getting dressed were a struggle due to lower back pain.  Howard Badillo at Cioffredi & Associates PT, with an assist from Marissa Reilly, got me back to an active lifestyle.  Howard worked with me to assess what was wrong and to find exercises to build me back to a functioning person.  After a month, I was back to my regular activities with no more pain.  Thank you Howard and Marissa.” with Howard Badillo, PT and Marissa Reilly in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came to Cioffredi due to right knee pain and weakness, mostly related to arthritis. Working with Howard was great. Through exercises and therapy I was able to strengthen the muscles around the knee, the quads, and glutes. Howard made the whole experience fun with his positivity, concern, and guidance. In addition, he has a wonderful sense of humor and has been very concerned about my progress. I am extremely happy about my experience at Cioffredi & Associates.” -Katherine Hart with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Jodi was caring and knowledgeable as she helped me to regain muscle and movement in my left leg. I learned how and why to do the exercises and saw steady improvement. She was also immediately responsive to my concerns and questions, so therapy felt like a comfortable collaboration between us. I’m now moving much more freely on the pickleball court thanks to her!” -Kris Flather with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “It was great. Neil took great care of me, willing to help outside of the designated times and also very flexible with scheduling.” Tomas Mazura with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “After falling off my bike and injuring both knees to the point it was painful to walk much of a distance, I came to Cioffredi’s for Physical Therapy. How fortunate I was to be assigned therapists Kyle Gadapee and Howard Badillo who, after six weeks, had me pain-free and doing all my usual activities again. I especially found Kyle’s soft tissue manipulation and massage extremely beneficial. I will continue with maintenance exercises at home that includes strength and balance exercises that we practiced during our sessions. They were both so knowledgeable, pleasant, and ‘fun,’ which made me look forward to our PT sessions. They were great and great results achieved! Thank you!” -Marilyn Denk with Howard Badillo, PT and Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I should have done this years ago! I would have saved a lot of money. Chiropractors are great but PT taught me how to move my body for a long term pain free better life.” -Melinda Stewart
  • “Billy and several of his associates have helped me get over a number of injuries and physical maladies in the past 15 years, including severe sciatica, plantar fasciitis, a terrible hamstring stretch from doing a near-split on an icy hill, a back strain and a stressed shoulder from yet another outdoor slip and fall, and PT after back surgery. Each time, these knowledgeable, encouraging and skillful physical therapy professionals have analyzed my needs, done amazing hands-on manipulating, demonstrated exercises and stretches, and assigned me work do do at home between appointments. Nothing stumps them! I am so grateful that their ministrations always help me get back to my usual exercise activities that bring me daily pleasure, and keep me active at 80.” -Michael Whitman


  • “I’ve been constipated most of my life. Working with Stephanie was life-changing. From the very first session, my ability to eliminate improved, and after having completed the training I have very few problems any more. Stephanie is professional, compassionate and a joy to work with.” J.F. with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “When you get pregnant, every mom you know shares their “story”, and after hearing “the good”, “the bad”, and “the ugly” (leaky boobs, industrial sized pads, sleep deprivation) – you feel like you know it all – however, I wasn’t prepared to find out at my 6-week postpartum appointment that my bladder had decided to go rogue and fall out of my body.  Perhaps I am being a bit overdramatic here, but that’s how it felt sitting in the weighting area for urogynecology shortly after my OB appointment.  I had a mild pelvic organ prolapse with my first baby, but in the flurry of being a first time mom, I didn’t do much to correct it and it sort of “went away on its own”.  Flash forward 20 months to just after giving birth to my second baby, and it had come back with a vengeance.  Throw in the added complication of a two-year old who, while adoring his new baby sister, just wanted mommy to carry him all the time – and you have a recipe for a very difficult postpartum period.  I do not want to downplay the hormonal affect here, because the emotional side the postpartum period is very real – but, to say I was devastated would be an understatement – I felt like my body had “failed me” or I did “something wrong to deserve this.” But then I did what I do best when facing something upsetting, I made a list – and the first item on that list was pelvic floor physical therapy.  I had never been to physical therapy before – I have a few friends who had for sports injuries or recovering from a surgery, but no one who had been to pelvic floor physical therapy.  Just shy of 8 weeks postpartum, I met Stephanie Daniels.  I was nervous, but also resolved – I’m going to make this work! What I didn’t know was that physical therapy is a process, not a quick fix – and as it turns out, I’ve been doing kegels wrong my entire life – so there was some learning and mental shifts that needed to happen first.  Through a combination of hands-on therapy and a prescribed series of daily exercises, I slowly began to improve.  When it came time to go back to work after maternity leave, I was afraid that I would not have time to keep up the daily routine – however, where there’s a will, there’s a way – and my way became my now sacred 5am – 6am hour.  Just me, the morning local news, a cup of coffee, and pelvic floor contractions (among other exercises).  There were definitely ups and downs, just when I felt I was making good progress, a particularly active weekend of carrying my babies around and added pressure on my pelvic floor would have me on my back with my feet in the air by the end of the day (legs up the wall with a pillow under your hips does wonder for relieving symptoms!).  This weekend my daughter turned 6 months, today is my last appointment with Stephanie, and I wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little sad.  However, I feel like this chapter has come to a close (and Stephanie is due with her own little one in a few months!) I’m not 100% symptom free, 100% of the time, but I have a great routine that I plan to continue, coping mechanisms for when I do feel symptomatic, and a new perspective – I know it sounds cliché, but “it’s hard to see the forest through the trees”, and that’s exactly where I was four months ago – but now, I feel grateful to my body for giving me two beautiful babies, and recovery after childbirth, especially your second, is no joke! I think physical therapy should be required for all new moms – period.  And if my story can help others who likewise have felt like their body has “failed them”, then it’s worth sharing.  Just like recovering after a marathon, women need time and tools to recover after childbirth – all the while keeping a tiny beautiful human alive.” -Kaitlin M Dumont with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I feel my that my excellent recovery has been due to the experience and knowledge Neil has shown me.” B.B. with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came to PT for a knee injury, expecting that somehow through exercises targeting my knee I could heal faster. What I experienced was much more than knee pain relief – Howard listened to my concerns and treated me with such care and expertise of the whole body that I’m now walking away stronger in more ways than one. I have tools to improve balance, my core strength, and my whole legs – and an understanding of how it all works together. I am so grateful to Howard and Cioffredi for helping me through my injury and giving me the tools to better take care of my strength and stability to life.” -Renée Sullivan with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “All the people I saw were professional, clear, and effective.” -Anonymous with Joe Soojian, PT and Taylor Daley, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Marsha was friendly and very professional.” -S.A. with Marsha Wykes, PT in Grantham, NH
  • Becca is a very knowledgeable therapist that addressed my problem and helped me get back to regular activity.” -Anonymous with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH
  • “My therapist worked with me for over a year to help me develop the ability to keep my balance and prevent falls. I no longer need to use a walker or cane. I am so glad I can now walk around with confidence again! Thank you, Becca!” -Tracy Guest with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH
  • Neil MacKenzie is phenomenal!! He genuinely cared about me, my well-being and my progress. I feel I am where I am today because of his efforts to help me regain my strength and balance.” -Debi Wade with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “In May of 2020, I was walking when pain in my lower back knocked me to the ground. In the following weeks, my right hip seemed permanently locked and I had constant sciatica in my right leg. As a sixty-six year old guy who had competed for many years as a runner and surf ski kayak racer, I was not a happy camper! When I first met Taylor and Neil I thought my racing days might be behind me. I just wanted to be able to walk comfortably, swim without pain, play with my twin 8 year old nieces and stop having to take NSAIDS. But these two great young professionals told me they could do better than that. They told me that in time I’d be able to return to old activities including racing. Not sure I believed it then, but that is exactly what happened. Taylor put me on a stretching and strengthening exercise regimen the first day I met her. One thing that really helped is that she not only showed me how to do the exercises, she emailed me videos of them so I’d remember to do them correctly at home. Some of the exercises were really challenging at first but as I got stronger I could see they were working. Neil and Taylor also introduced me to the Neubie machine which gave me tremendous benefit. I’ll let them explain it, but almost every time they hooked me up to it the body parts they stimulated began to work the way they used to work before I got injured. During the months Taylor and Neil treated me I would occasionally get discouraged because I still hadn’t achieved my old baseline. When this happened they would always impress upon me how far I’d come and what I needed to do to get all the way back. They were confidant I could do it and they made me believe it. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I ran my first race (5 miles) in well over a year. My time was competitive, but, much more important, I ran completely pain free. This coming Sunday, I’m competing in a 9 mile kayak race. I’m confident that the way Taylor and Neal strengthened my back and hips, I’ll be pain free in this event also. I could keep talking about this, but you get the point. Taylor and Neil were literally able to teach this old dog new tricks. I will continue to use the exercises they taught me, including some I do virtually everyday. Finally, they were more than just terrific practitioners and I’m proud to count them as friends.” -Robin Curtiss with Neil MacKenzie, PT and Taylor Daley, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came to physical therapy because I was experiencing back, neck, and shoulder pain that was interfering with my everyday life. My experience at Cioffredi & Associates was always positive; Joe and Howard both provided professional and effective care, as well as a positive and supportive environment. My pain has reduced a lot as a result of PT, and I would highly recommend PT to anyone experiencing back/neck/shoulder pain.” -Macy Lawson with Joe Soojian, PT and Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “When I first started I could barely straighten out and stand straight on my right leg. My hamstring was super tight and sore. Now as I have been working to stretch and strengthen my hamstring I can now stand straight on both legs. I can do sports normally now without pain.” -Harper Rancourt with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came in 15 weeks pregnant with debilitating SI joint pain. After just a week of treatment (and doing my exercise homework!) I was already walking better and with less pain. Now, at 25 weeks, I’ve been discharged with full mobility, after fearing that I’d be in pain for my entire pregnancy. Go to Cioffredi, do your exercise program as prescribed, and you’ll find success!” -B.Z. with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I saw both Neil and Taylor and bounced between them, providing maximum scheduling flexibility for me. They collaborated and the transitions between them were seamless. Whether it was my left ankle, my left tennis elbow, my right forearm, or even my left calf or trap muscles, the both of them were very helpful to me in my recovery process.” with Neil MacKenzie, PT and Taylor Daley, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “It always is the bright spot of my week to come in and work with Neil. I trust him completely, as I know he is an expert in this field and tailors treatment to the person/athlete and their specific needs for their sport. Any injury, big or small, I feel lucky to have Neil as my Physical Therapist.” -Mollie Gribbin with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “My time with my therapist and all of the front desk staff was always effective, helpful, welcoming, and friendly.” -E.M. with with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • For 8 months I had experienced increasing loss of function in my left shoulder; When I came to Cioffredi in December, I couldn’t reach high shelves, tie back my hair, or sleep. The pain was constant. In the time I have been working with Howard, I have regained almost full function and range of motion, with very little pain – I am ready for a summer of hiking, paddling, and golf! (And plenty of good sleep)” -Jenny Lynn with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I  did physical therapy with Jodi Ramirez for 6 visits during May and June, 2021 primarily to strengthen my knees, which were still hurting 7 years after a double knee replacement.  I have had lots of PT over the years, but there was still plenty for me to learn from Jodi.  She showed me a large number of exercises to strengthen the muscles that impact my knees and hips and also worked on my balance.  Jodi was particularly good at explaining what each exercise works on and how to do it properly for maximum effect.  At the end, I showed improvement in my strength and balance and some reduction in pain.  I have been to Cioffredi’s many times with double knee replacement, hip replacement, plantar fasciitis, and other complaints.  I do not hesitate in recommending them to my friends when they need physical therapy.” -Bob Civiak


  • “What a process! I had a Bankart Repair and it has been a spiritual experience participating in recovery. The most significant lesson has come from the practices, stretches, and conversations with Jodi. She has been so positive and confident along the way. But, from the start she has dramatically altered my relationship with pain. I went from believing every twinge, pull, or painful sensation was damaging my shoulder, all the way to celebrating the ride on ‘The wave of healing.’ Jodi says ‘Ride the wave of healing.’ Let the exercise be like paddling out to the wave of healing. I’m not fully recovered yet but I’m actually enjoying the process. I’m seeing how it provides a rich example to so many aspects of life. And I owe the growth beyond the physical to Jodi’s wonderful attitude.” -Chance Lindsley with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH



  • “My experience at Cioffredi’s was outstanding. I was receiving PT for a bad ankle break and from day one my physical therapist Becca designed an effective massage and exercise regimen then guided and encouraged me toward the goal of resuming my active lifestyle. As a result I’ve now gotten back to hiking and playing pickleball! Michael at reception also deserves kudos for always being so pleasant and helpful with scheduling.” -M.S. with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH


  • “Everyone was professional and welcoming. Becca really helped me with my recovery and went above and beyond to help me address issues that were not specific to my knee replacement recovery plan.” -J.B. with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH
  • Jodi helped me understand the purpose of warming up and stretching. The program that she put together for me allowed me to return to playing tennis 2hr x 3 times a week. The strengthening on off days helped prevent injury. Thanks!” – Peter Rigby with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “My experience was exceptional. Taylor is amazing. She finds the root of the problem, explains it well, and gets you on a program for success. I can’t speak highly enough about my experience with Cioffredi & Associates and the care they gave me.” -David Hopkins with Taylor Daley, PT  in Lebanon, NH


  • “Not only has my shoulder pain gotten much better, I also feel well-equipped to ensure it doesn’t come back thanks to the home exercises regiment that was put together for me. My only regret is that I waited two months before getting treatment here.” -Felix Windt with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Excellent systematic approach to helping me figure out out to get pain relief that is lasting.” -Gene Kadish with Joe Soojian, PT  in Lebanon, NH
  • Taylor was great for my son. She helped him get back full range of motion. She was patient, kind, and attentive.” -Emily Owens with Taylor Daley, PT  in Lebanon, NH


  • “My back and hip pain was almost debilitating until a began physical therapy at Cioffredi and Associates. I am grateful for Marsha and all the staff for relieving my pain and restoring my mobility. Thank you so much!” P.L. with Marsha Wykes, PT in Grantham, NH


  • “After 18 months of denial and putting up with a sore shoulder and limited mobility, Zac’s work helped to restore my shoulder and arm movement to being nearly pain-free. It continues to improve post PT.” -D.G. with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH



  • “It is such a pleasure to work with Kate. We have developed a comfortable rapport over many years, and she has been an incredible partner and coach as I have worked my way through recovery from several injuries/surgeries. She understands my body mechanics, my strengths AND my limitations, and my personal habits and lifestyle. That longitudinal knowledge and awareness has enabled her/us to move quickly into appropriate therapy plans. She has a good sense of when to push me and when to back off, and she has been quick to adjust my treatment plan when something is not working as well as we would like. We have worked really well together, and I totally trust her guidance and recommendations. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a long-term relationship with a talented and engaged physical-therapy partner–someone I can turn to at any time! The other staff have been pleasant, friendly and helpful at all times. While my experiences with the Cioffredi team have been positive all around, I hope I don’t have occasion to see you all anytime soon – professionally, that is….” -Kevin Peterson with Kate Leiser, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Questions were always answered, care was always taken on how I was feeling the day of my visits, my experience was great.” -Anonymous with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Coming in to my first eval I could barely walk from pain in my heels. It was the beginning of the lacrosse season and I was missing out on important time. After a few weeks of physical therapy I am pain free and back to 100% on the lacrosse field.” -Angus Frew with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • Joe was wonderful – very patient, always professional. He really listened.” -M.H. with Joe Soojian, PT  in Lebanon, NH
  • “I had a great experience in pelvic floor therapy with Stephanie. We traced the pain back to other places like the hips, back, and things instead of just focusing on the pelvic floor. I was given many great exercises and tips that help keep me more pain free.” -Hope Perkins with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “My experience at Cioffredi after my hip replacement was all positive. Zac’s knowledge of physiology and suggestions for healing and building strength were incredibly helpful. I had complete confidence that the prescribed exercises and therapy would get me back up to speed. And it did indeed. I will definitely return should the need arise (the second hip?)!” -S.D. with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I went to Cioffredi for physical therapy following my total knee replacement. I had Justin as a therapist and he was the best. He challenged me but was so positive and encouraging that I made fantastic progress and met my goals towards full recovery. I would recommend Cioffredi to anyone needing therapy. I know this summer I will be enjoying my life again! Thank you Cioffredi and Associates.” -Anne-Marie Nicolai with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “As a patient with a distinct concern of losing bodily function control in all aspects, Physical Therapy has tremendously helped. Stephanie was great in showing me how my specific conditions could be improved by acknowledgment and exercises with helpful daily techniques as well. Today I leave my last appointment with knowledge and tools to keep up with and improve but also knowing that while physically here seeing improvements. I am much more confident with my control and knowledge with my current health condition/situation. Thank you!!” -Samantha Blair with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came to PT to help deal with my lower back pain. Joe and Howard worked with me to create a solid maintenance routine to manage my problem. As the sessions continued, I saw my strength and mobility increase, which led to an even better level of athleticism and confidence. I look forward to seeing my continued growth and I’m grateful for all the assistance I received here at Cioffredi.” -James Forte with Joe Soojian, PT and Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Physical therapy was required following surgery for a tear in a tendon. Appointments were always on time and cleanliness due to Covid guidelines was excellent. Kate was very cognizant of pain level, especially in the very early stages of my rehab! I also felt very comfortable about asking questions regarding my progress in my recovery. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming! I would definitely recommend Cioffredi & Associates to anyone needing their expertise!” -Barbara Wendt with Kate Leiser, PT in Lebanon, NH




  • “Coming to Cioffredi and working with Howard helped me get my strength and balance back after a difficult pregnancy and the birth of my son. I enjoyed my sessions and exercises that helped my pain and now allow me to keep up with my increasingly active little boy. Thanks so much!” -Lauren Culler with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I have been doing Physical Therapy for my shoulder and also for a sore lower foot. My therapist was Jodi Ramirez. I feel that she takes her profession very serious, always very prepared and willing to share her knowledge. She explains things very well, has a great sense of humor. She works extremely hard in order to get the best results possible. My experience here was very positive and helpful. I want to thank everyone there that makes this possible.” -Anonymous with with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I appreciate the care and knowledgeable approach to helping me recover from rotator cuff repair surgery. The staff were consistently welcoming and supportive. I would recommend this team to anyone who needs to recover from similar surgery.” -Duane Compton, PhD with Kyle Gadapee, PT and Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came in to see Stephanie after having constipation regularly for three years. Despite receiving a variety of well-meaning advice from other health professionals in other fields regarding adequate fiber and water intake, things still weren’t improving. Stephanie helped reveal a fundamental issue contributing to my condition and also taught me many skills that I use daily for my bowel health. I am happy to report I am much less constipated and, when I do become constipated, I know just what to do to feel better quickly.” -Alexandra Hilliard with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • Running has always been an important part of my life. However, recently I noticed increased pressure and discomfort in my pelvic floor while running, and I was no longer enjoying the experience. I decided to seek out support from physical therapy sessions. I began working with Stephanie who has a calming presence. Her gentle approach and the incredible amount of knowledge she shared with me provided me with the information and support I needed to become more aware of my body and allowed me to get back to exercising.” -H.M. with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I chose Cioffredi & Associates for my post hip replacement therapy because I had visited them in the past for a frozen shoulder. I can’t say enough about the care I received! Zac worked with me and I have gained strength and endurance throughout the month we have worked together. The encouragement and support was as important to me as the exercises prescribed. Thank you so much.” -Darlene Cook with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • Jodi was extremely patient and thoughtful with her assessment and guidance. She had excellent advice regarding my knee as well as being supportive with explaining exercises and the reason for exercises. She continually assessed progress and adjusted accordingly. I’ve made significant improvements and going to assess how my knee feels after a backpacking trip. My knee definitely wouldn’t have been ready without her help.” -J.C. with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came in with chronic back pain that I have dealt with for decades. Kyle came up with a plan that got me loosened up and back to a place without pain. My job requires me to do a lot of lifting, coupled with being a volunteer firefighter, it is nice to be able to move without the constant pain. Thank you!!” -Shawn Young with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I walked into Cioffredi & Associate on Tuesday, March 5,2021 with pain in my neck and right shoulder (office syndrome) which started to happen to me more than 3 years ago. I keep postponing the trip to Physical Therapy because I hope it will disappear on its own. I am wrong. After discussion  and some physical tests with Howard. He created a care plan that I would have to see him twice a week for 4 weeks then we can reduce to once a week for 6 more weeks. But after 2 weeks (4 visits) Howard’s plan helped me improve my neck and right shoulder from pain to discomfort(level 1-2). It’s really improved so we can reschedule to see each other once a week. Today is Wednesday, April 14,2021 I say goodbye and walk out from Cioffredi & Associate with pain free. Now I know if any pain comes back to visit me. I know who/where can help me. Sad to say goodbye to the front office team and Howard. You made me feel welcome every day of my visit. ” -Panitta Brannen with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I enjoyed my time at Cioffredi’s. I had a hard time believing that I could improve significantly without a great deal of pain. I had a few friends that had told me how painful their PT experiences had been (not at Cioffredi’s). But I was challenged to do as much as I could without overdoing it. With small increments of exercise, I was able to do a little better at each step of the way. The staff, especially Kyle, was encouraging and helpful. They also encouraged me to continue exercising and hopefully, improving.” -Caren Jacques with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I was treated with kind, compassionate, expertise.” -Thomas Metzler with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH
  • This Neubie device is a miracle, this is the best therapy I’ve had so far. It’s letting me do exercises and it’s rerouting my nervous system.  This is so amazing , that it took my pain away today!” -Rhonda Stark with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Neil was great!” -Anonymous with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Having never been to physical therapy before I didn’t know what to expect and even had some doubts. Six weeks later I have full mobility of both my shoulders and almost all the pain is gone. Joe and Kaeli were great to work with. Kaeli who is a student was very knowledgeable and essentially became my primary therapist. I have her to thank for the near full rehabilitation of my shoulders. And thank you Joe for your experience and the expert tutelage. Not getting out of the house to exercise more because of the pandemic got me into this mess. What little pain I have left is serving as a good reminder to make sure I don’t make that mistake again.” -K.H with Joe Soojian, PT in Lebanon, NH



  • “I was referred for pelvic floor physical therapy and Stephanie was amazing! She was kind, understanding, and made what could have been an awkward situation very comfortable. She actually listened to me when I was explaining to her where I was having pain and what activities were difficult for me. Stephanie recommended several additional things I could try to help improve my condition and they were so helpful! She also included several stretches and exercises to my treatment plan that I think helped my progress that much more.” -Emma Pickett with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I spent about two months at another PT facility without a clear hypothesis or next steps for my shoulder injury, so it was a relief to come to Cioffredi and have Jodi thoroughly examine me and provide clear evidence for her assessment and a referral to an ortho department after just one session. Thank you Jodi!” Zoe Yu with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • Justin was so helpful! He is knowledgeable, passionate, skilled and communicates well. I felt reassured knowing that he was guiding my recovery. He always listened to my concerns and encouraged me along the way. The rest of the staff was always friendly and relatable. You have a fantastic team in Grantham!” -C.L. with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH


  • Kate has been a thorough explorer of my muscular problems and good diagnostician, with appropriate helpful exercises I can continue at home. She is so compatible to work with!” -Joanne Scobie with Kate Leiser, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • Jodi went above and beyond to help me with my hip pain. She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. If I need to have PT again I would schedule with her right away. Also everyone at the front was very helpful with scheduling. ” Anonymous with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Staff always accommodating and thorough. Justin terrific and caring. So glad I decided again to seek therapy at Cioffredi.” -T.C. with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “Cioffredi’s is my first stop when a new ache, pain or limited movement event crops up in this aging body. They carefully listen, assess and then plan a graduate plan to overcome the issue at hand. I don’t have to have trauma or surgery for them to help, an annoying discomfort is worthwhile for them to fix. They seem to understand, and HELP ME understand what is happening and how to best mitigate. We plan going forward together. I need exercises that easily fit into my daily life, counter pushups each morning as the coffee brews for example, and they always seem to design a plan that works for the new issue taking into account the old issues as well. A whole me, long term plan, so each issue remains at its best without all day exercising. My goal is to maintain as much strength, flexibility and discomfort free aging as possible. With a smile and kindness, Cioffredi’s gives me the tools and knowledge to be my best.” -Anonymous with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I was diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) big fancy words that mean my heart rate can exceed 200 beats per minute just with getting up from a chair or standing for a period of time. With this increase in heart rate you become dizzy, light headed, and can pass out. I had been experiencing these symptoms every day. This syndrome can also cause specific types of back pain. My pain was impeding the simple tasks of life. Making a meal, showering, getting out of bed. PT is an under used treatment for POTS, but in Marissa, I have an amazingly open minded physical therapist that researched therapies to help retrain my nervous system to respond more appropriately and ways to manage the pain. With the use of the Neubie and traditional PT movements, Marissa was able to give me techniques so I could get out of bed with out fainting, manage my daily episodes of fainting with timed movements, and reduction in my pain level. Upon her suggestion I also have utilized Sadie for massage therapy to help improve the blood flow to the affected areas of my back. After 8 weeks I have gone from pain and fainting to being able to perform 60 minutes of Bootcamp style work outs 6 days a week. Exercise is a big component of managing POTS but getting over the hurdle to make working out safe is a big challenge. There are not strong enough words to describe how grateful I am to Marissa’s research and implementation of treatment that has gotten me back on my feet and back to a level of fitness I had prior to diagnosis.” -Karen Barbour with Marissa Reilly, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • Justin Walker is extremely helpful, encouraging, and just plain fun to be around. By far the best physical therapy experience I have ever had.” -M.M. with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “The facility is very pleasant (I especially like the amount of natural light). My therapist was always welcoming, encouraging, and knowledgeable, and gave complete, comprehensible answers to all my questions. I also liked being able to find my personalized program online between sessions.” -B.A. with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came to Cioffredi & Associates for a nagging right shoulder soreness. I could not sleep on the shoulder and had pain in certain positions, often just while sitting. I thought I was heading towards surgery. I worked with Howard B, who was excellent. From early in the eight week program, it was clear that I was not a surgery candidate. My range of motion was good and pain was mostly manageable. Through 14 visits, I worked on exercises designed to strengthen around the area, primarily the upper back. Pain has decreased and i feel ready to begin a normal workout schedule, including weights, cardio, and tennis. Howard and the staff were great and I strongly recommend PT at Cioffredi before considering any invasive surgery.” -Mark Roden with Howard Badillo, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Therapy was an amazing experience that has helped on my journey of recovery. Marsha made it such an enjoyable, supportive experience. I wouldn’t change a thing” -Johnny Quezada with Marsha Wykes, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “After several injuries over the years culminating in a ‘bad landing’ during an encounter with our draft mule, I was living with a chronic discomfort. For over a year, I lived this way, doing all the chores and routines of day to day life, but the joy was gone. Couple that with the pandemic and things were seeming quite bleak. In mid-December 2020 I made an appointment at Cioffredi & Associates and met with Becca. I explained that I was feeling old and very fragile. Becca assessed my limitation and felt if I was willing to put in the time and effort and commit to the exercise program she put together, that I would indeed improve. My last appointment with her was March 24. I cannot believe how Becca helped me get to the place I am now. I feel 10 years younger. I have energy, am moving faster and feel upbeat and optimistic. I am so grateful to Becca and the staff at Cioffredi for making this such a positive experience for me. Should I ever need Physical Therapy again I feel confident they would be there to help.” -Lynn Grzyszek with Becca Swope in Grantham, NH


  • “After spraining my ankle in November and then being basically immobile for two months while recuperating I went to Cioffredi for physical therapy. Zac did a great job of helping to heal my ankle. He talked through everything and gave me lots of helpful exercises to do at home. Now I can finally do all of the physical activities I used to do before I hurt myself!” -A.M. with Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I came in with ankle pain that was preventing me from exercising regularly and making some day to day functioning difficult. Kyle helped tease out what was going on with my ankle and was able to get me functioning (and exercising) again! He was terrific to work with. Kyle is a great listener and adjusted the plan as needed. it was a pleasure to work with him. Much appreciated!” -Amy Lappin with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I worked with Kyle. He made my experience here very pleasant. He was very social and happy with each visit. I enjoyed working with him. We focused on my ankle recovery, but worked other areas that helped with my recovery time. I will definitively be considering working with him in the future in other ways to continue to build and improve physically.” S.B. with with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “In my time doing PT, for a little less than 3 weeks as a result of a patella (kneecap) subluxation that I sustained a handful of days (~14) before, I met with three Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapists. There was a time challenge, as I was not only trying to get better in the three weeks but I also was preparing for a Spring crew season, so I knew before starting that a plan was necessary. Luckily, each PT expert, though they liked to teach differently and each had their own unique style to get stronger, were not only very skilled at making great (and fun) challenges and knowledgeable about intricacies of what they taught, but I thought they were great at communicating with each other! It was not really an experience like a substitute teacher who might not know what you’re working on – each person knew my exercises and were happy to help too with the overall, future goal of getting back to running and row practice. Thanks so much for the appreciation for detail, planning for helping me be prepared for the season, and the outreach to doctors and coaches physical therapists!” -Daniel Schaner with Kyle Gadapee, PT, Neil MacKenzie, PT, and Zac Gardner, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Excellent Experience. Non-medication pain relief and knowledge about aches and pains from athletics. Has improved my performance, abilities and most of all enjoyment of my over 60 athletics!” -John Guidotti with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • Justin evaluated my situation associated with sciatic nerve pain upon my first visit. Based on that assessment he developed a plan with exercises and tissue message to treat and reduce the pain. Throughout the month of physical therapy and treatment he monitored my progress and adjusted his plan based on my progress. Justin was careful to explain all the exercises and make sure I was doing them properly. I found Justin to be caring and sensitive to my pain and knowledgeable of procedures and exercises to aid in my progression and recovery.” -C.H. with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “Referral in February 2021 for PT to rehab an injury in my right shoulder. Kyle G. started with an assessment of strength, flexibility, and muscles (tone/tension/knots). Physical manipulation identified and addressed imbalance/adhesions. Stretches and exercises to increase flexibility helped provide improvement from day 1. Weekly/biweekly PT sessions allowed for rapid progression of healing and mobility improvement. Immense gratitude for professional care, and treatment!” -Gaylynn Hayghebaert with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Having been treated for shoulder issues in the past, I was very confident that I would receive the best care at Cioffredi’s. My arm pain escalated to the point of not having enough range of motion to easily and painlessly do the simplest of daily physical activities such as dressing, etc. Many nights it kept me for getting a good night’s sleep. It was obvious to me at the first appointment that Marsha Wykes was very professional, knowledgeable, gentle and comforting. I trusted her plan to get me back on track to betterment. There were ups and downs along the way, but Marsha addressed every concern and question I had. Her suggestions were on target and helped me greatly to lessen my pain while going on with my daily activities. I’m so thankful for the exercise plan she set up for me. I learned from her the importance of doing my daily exercises. Marsha always gave me positive feedback and encouragement throughout all my scheduled appointments. It was a pleasure to know her…she was/is a great physical therapist and would ask for her treatment again if necessary. Hopefully with the tools she has given me, I can move forward and get on with my art and crafts. Thanks for my arm back.” -Lorette ‘Lori’ Hampton with Marsha Wykes, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “Physical therapy has never been something that has worked for me. Either the therapists and I didn’t mesh well or I wasn’t informed properly about the procedures, goals, and/or expectations. This facility and the therapists I worked with went above and beyond to make sure I understood all of the activities, what was happening during the activities, and where I was at progress-wise. I came into therapy due to a work injury. I’m leaving in a better state than BEFORE my injury! I was never pushed past my comfort zone without a detailed explanation as to why the activity was so important. I will ALWAYS return to Cioffredi & Associates for my PT/OT needs!!” -Max Messier with Taylor Daley, PT and Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I cannot put into words sufficient enough to express my gratitude and love for all of the Cioffredi team. Of course Taylor is the sweetest of sweet and has encouraged me step by step to feeling great. Sadie is the best of the best with her massages and just a great sweet gal and all of you are TOPS!! Kyle is so great. He is such a great addition to your great family/ I especially was impressed with his willingness to take the time to explain the science of the therapy. He’s got the personality of a saint. LOVE you all. Thank you!!!” – Jean Handel with Taylor Daley, PT, Sadie Broadley, MT and Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I have been working with Stephanie Daniels over the past month and a half and have learned so much about my body and how listening to my body earlier, postpartum, would have been beneficial and is beneficial now. Pain that I had grown accustomed to, is now easing away. Abdominal discomfort that I thought would be normal after having a baby, is now easy as we strengthen and support my body so that I am more comfortable sitting and standing all day for work and play with my toddler. I am incredibly thankful to be finding relief, exercises and practices that are contributing to my well-being as a mother and woman.” -Aimee Marshall with Stephanie Daniels, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I have been in a few times for different issues over the years and have always felt very successful at discharge. Jodi was caring, upbeat and knowledgeable and the office staff was always accommodating and made me feel heard. Always a go to for me for Physical Therapy.” -Margaret Cyphers with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Easy to get an appointment, PT was personal & knowledgeable, and solved my problem.” -Philip Webber with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “11 Stars! Where do I even start? I just love PT because Neil has worked and helped me through so much pain and I can’t stop thanking him, he made me so happy.” -Anonymous with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “My PT, Neil, was friendly, professional, calm and I quickly became confident that he really knows his business. The combination of his skilled manual work on my shoulder and his exercise prescriptions along with the miraculous Neubie machine, made a huge difference for me. In 7 sessions my pain subsided so much that I was able to sleep comfortably, improve my flexibility to be able to reach my top shelves and to do everyday activities from carrying bags of dog food to bathing & dressing; it’s hard to appreciate the ease of pulling up pants with 2 hands until you can’t! He finished my course of PT by making sure I understood the importance of continuing with the gentle strengthening exercises in order to prevent future problems with the shoulder and encouraged me to reach out to him if I should ever have any questions. Many thanks to Neil.” -L.L. with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • Jodi is a great PT! Knowledgeable, friendly, supportive and focused on problems. The exercises she set up really did the trick. Thanks Jodi!” -John Payson with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I was referred to PT at Cioffredi after a fibula fracture with multiple torn ankle ligaments took me out of commission for weeks. When I started PT with Marsha, I could barely walk on pavement, let alone go out on the trails. Regular visits (2-3x a week for two months) helped me get back on my feet, and back out there on the pavement and trails. I’m also back to doing yoga and Pilates several times a week. Marsha and Neil were beyond helpful – with lots of advice and practical how-to’s to help me get my strength back and decrease pain. A huge thank you!” -R.A. with Marsha Wykes, PT and Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I would like to thank Joe and Cali so much for my lifechanging experience. I took a bad fall in December, not realizing how old my body had become. I can say that after a few weeks that my experience has changed the way I think about this 58 year old body. After a few sessions with Joe and Cali they were able to focus and fine-tune on my issues. I started with hips and knees with pain and weakness. Now I feel 100% better because of all of the work we all have accomplished. I realize that a few simple stretches a couple times a day can make a world of difference. Unfortunately we all kind of let parts of ourselves go without thinking of the consequences for our bodies. But a simple fall reminds us how much we need to continue to fine-tune ourselves to ‘stay in shape’ for life. Thank you both for instilling the confidence in me that I can feel about 10-15 years younger if I keep fine-tuning myself!” -Bonnie Jones with Joe Soojian, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came in this place debilitated and now I can move. The place is clean and up to date. Howard has a good sense of humor and is easy to talk to. I’m not finished with the treatment but now I’ve learned to do it on my own.” -J.W. with Howard Badillo in Lebanon, NH
  • “I started seeing Joe last October for jaw pain. Not only did he treat it quickly and effectively, but when I mentioned other pain I was having he was incredibly helpful in offering treatment options as an alternative to surgery. I have had significant improvements while seeing him, and I know I will always receive exceptional care as his patient. His enthusiasm for what he does and his genuinely caring attitude make him one of the top health care providers I have ever had.” -Becca Eleftherakis with Joe Soojian, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • Justin was great! I had never had PT before, but from start to finish it was a positive experience. I walked in with great pain in my back and unable to do the things I love. Justin spent time to assess what was going on with my back and we started with a few simple stretches and exercises. Over the course of a month, he added more and I felt my pain start to recede. He showed me how to quickly stretch if I felt the pain coming back, and was thus able to start resuming my normal activity. He essentially dialed down my fear of making it worse! The next month he added more strengthening, and along with that my core strength grew and I was able to do even more, including my beloved cross-country skiing. The pain is gone, and he has set me up with exercises and stretching that will help me keep my back happy in the years to come. Thank you!” -Sally Evans Findley with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH


  • Marissa is absolutely phenomenal as a trainer. My daughter had the most wonderful experience with her as she was starting out a new sport. Marissa knew exactly what areas she needed to focus to help her improve her skills and strength in the game. She was always eager to help with any additional exercises/ resources so that she could perform her best! She always would have exercises that challenged her as well as helped her improve her skill set.” -L.U. with Marissa Reilly, PT in Lebanon, NH



  • “I was hesitant to contact a physical therapist for my sore jaw, as I was hoping it would heal over time. I was also concerned about going into an office during covid. I was made comfortable for my initial office visit that I would be safe, and future visits were via telehealth. These worked very well, and the therapist (Justin) gave me exercises which brought my jaw back to normal.” -Philip Webber with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH
  • “By the end of my PT session I was brought to tears!!! Not because of pain or discomfort or frustration, but because of success!!! Kyle patiently listened to my story, let me ‘beat myself up’ for a few minutes, reassured me that my physical issues could be solved, did a lot of teaching (neuroscience stuff) explaining that my pain and limited range of motion of my lower back and hip could be solved/maintained, and gave me hope. I exercised/stretched/got some new ‘homework’ exercises and we ended with mid and low back massage. After 45 or so minutes with Kyle, I was able to jump off the table, twist and turn my hip with no pain and felt a huge sense of relief. By the end of my second session, thank to Kyle and Howard, I was brought to very, very happy tears. Thank you!” -Anonymous with Kyle Gadapee, PT and Howard Badillo in Lebanon, NH


  • Neil listened to my experience and worked carefully to design a plan specific to my unique situation. He provided great guidance regarding exercises at home. I am very happy with the outcome. ” -S.W. with with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “From the time I entered the building I felt at home, the staff was polite and understanding of any issues that I had.” -T.G. with Justin Walker, PT in Grantham, NH


  • “I came in unable to walk without cringing and I left being able to walk 95% pain free. The 5% pain is only at night after I’ve walked all day! And even that is getting better as I follow the simple and easy to remember routines to strengthen and correct the root causes of the pain.” -Kirthi Govindarajan with Neil MacKenzie, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came to Cioffredi & Associates with upper back pain just hoping for some relief. I was blown away by the fact that just after one visit, I already was noticing increased mobility in my back and right shoulder. After two weeks my pain levels had decreased immensely and the tingling/numbness in my fingertips and hands had almost completely vanished. I had three sessions with Kyle and was super happy with the number of stretches and activities he packed into each session. Everyone here seems almost over-qualified to be doing what they do and is also super cordial while doing it. I’d certainly recommend coming here to anyone suffering from nerve/back pain. I’ll be letting my friend and family know that this is the place to go!” -Tahquiy Smith with Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I came to Cioffredi’s four years after a total hip replacement. After having worked with them directly after my surgery with great success, I knew they could help me again. I am no longer experiencing acute hip and back pain, and I am slowly and safely returning to the activities I love – hiking & skiing. The staff at Cioffredi’s is welcoming and knowledgeable. I leave here each time feeling better physically and more confident in my body. Thank you especially to Zac and Kyle.” -Leah Wolk-Derkson with Zac Gardner, PT and Kyle Gadapee, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “I was amazed at how well the exercise worked. I was very skeptical about it at first.” -C.H with Marsha Wykes, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • “I was skeptical about what could be done for my knee. I had been running on a painful knee for over 6 months and was compensating my movements to a point where there was a considerable difference in the size of my legs, my painful one left with limited muscle. I was thrilled to see results upon my first visit and was truly appreciative about the comprehensive care I received from Marissa. Not only am I working my running mileage back up with limited pain and partaking in the other recreational activities I had been avoiding due to pain, I also feel empowered with a plan to continue to strengthen both legs.” -T.C. with Marissa Reilly, PT in Lebanon, NH
  • Jodi is amazing. She is very knowledgeable – there wasn’t a question I asked that she didn’t have an answer for. My knee is better that when I first came. My experience at Cioffredi with Jodi was always pleasurable fun!” -L.G. with Jodi Ramirez, PT in Lebanon, NH


  • “Thank you Justin and Becca for the excellent physical therapy experience. I am feeling much better and able to control my pain with exercise. I give you a 10 out of 10!” -Anonymous


  • “I enjoyed working with Marissa. She started me off with easier exercises and as time went on some more difficult ones were added. I now know what exercises it will be “safe” for me to do going forward. The telehealth option was also convenient during snowstorms or when I had a cold, etc.” -Margo Howland-Mastro


  • “I had a great experience at Cioffredi. Justin at the Grantham office did a fantastic job working with me after my ankle injury. I was happy with the treatment and exercise plan that he put together. I’m also very happy with the progress I have made in recovery. I highly recommend Justin and the team at Cioffredi.” -B.L.


  • “Everyone at Cioffredi was very friendly and highly professional, and I felt like I was in good hands from the beginning to the end. When my treatment began I had been struggling with neural problems in my wrists and hands for over a year. After just six weeks of physical therapy I am now symptom free, a feeling which I had almost forgotten. I can now type again for extended periods of time, which is super important for my daily work. I can carry heavy things without creating neuronal issues and I can sit with good posture instead of slouching over like a sack of potatoes. None of these things were possible at the beginning of this year. My physical therapist, Jodi Ramirez, is an absolute powerhouse. Working with her was fantastic. Not only did Jodi show me how to do the exercises that I needed to do, she also explained the workings of my anatomy in detail, giving me the understanding and knowledge of why I needed to do these exercises. Thank you so much for fixing my hands!” -Anonymous


  • “I began physical therapy for my pelvic floor at the beginning of this year. In this short time, I have felt an immense change in the my body and the pain I was experiencing has become minimal. Stephanie has helped me become more empowered and knowledgeable about my body. I have been provided with substantial and gentle exercises that have made all the difference in my PT journey. I feel extremely grateful for the work I’ve done with Stephanie and recommend it to everyone.” -Anonymous
  • “I’ve tried a few times to tell Howard how unbelievably grateful I am for his help and guidance, but I’m not sure he understands how sincere I am. I came here after 6-7 years of total pain, finally fed up that I couldn’t play with my kids how I wanted or take a walk like I wanted; and now I’m leaving here basically pain free, armed with exercises to progress and feeling like I can live the life I want. I’m so grateful. Howard treated me with 100% respect. I never felt judged because of my ability or size, which can be hard to find in the medical community. I’m also very grateful for that safe environment. Appointments were available early morning, which is amazing and the facility felt very clean and safe during COVID. I would highly recommend Cioffredi & Associates and particularly Howard to friend and family. Thank you!” -Kate Everett


  • /”The team at Cioffredi always helps me get back to a normal routine!” -J Rendahl
  • “Justin was amazing! He quickly learned my personality, when to push me and when to make me rest. He always took the time to explain things to me and answer my questions (there where a lot of questions). I never thought I would have full range of motion in my shoulder after a surgery, but with Justin’s help, I’ve been able to resume my normal activities!” -L.M.
  • “I came to Cioffredi for shoulder pain that extended down my upper arm. Making it impossible to lay on that side at all and keeping up at night with the pain. Justin worked with me, giving me strengthening exercises and working my shoulder with massage. I am not 100% but I now have the tools I need to continue to get comfortable with my arthritis. Justin is understanding in the fact that he knows I still have tasks to preform regardless of the pain.” -C.D.


  • “The Cioffredi crew especially Becca are amazing, you guys rock!” -Rod Garcia


  • “Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean environment. My husband and I would not go anywhere else.” -G.D.


  • “I came to Cioffredi with persistent knee pain that was getting in the way of every day tasks. It was painful to go up and down the stairs, and I wasn’t getting the most out of the walking I was doing for exercise, I was moving so slowly. What I hoped for was to get back to normal– get rid of the pain, be able to walk. What I got was so much more. Howard greeted me every appointment cheerfully and really listened to me. He worked with me to do simple strengthening exercises using proper form, gave me interventions I could do myself at home to alleviate the pain, and helped me to develop a better understanding of how to respond to that pain along with the confidence in my ability to work through it without hurting myself. All of this happened within a shorter timeframe than anticipated, and I ended up in a much better place than I could have hoped for. I had wanted to get “back to normal”; Howard helped me achieve a new normal, where my relationship to exercise is much more positive than ever, and where I have confidence in my own strength and ability that I’ve never had before. I’m so grateful– thank you!” -J.W.


  • “Justin at Cioffredi helped me with a knee issue, now resolved. I found him very knowledgeable and professional and I will be back at Cioffredi for any future physical therapy. Thanks Justin!” -J.M.


  • “After my first post-shutdown session with Meghan Yandow, I told her “I feel like I’m in control again!” At 72, I started Physical Training for balance, flexibility, muscle tone, and weight loss. I was making great progress when the COVID shutdown hit. Everything stopped. even doing exercises at home! Things began to fall apart fitness-wise. When Cioffredi’s reopened and my first session ended, I was ecstatic – after a year of chaos I felt like I was in control of my life again! This experience reminds me that there are many intangible benefits to working with a trainer. Technical expertise aside, the Trainers bring encouragement, a listening ear, accountability, and most of all HOPE…for a better future through better fitness!” -Harrison Trumbull


  • “Marissa helped me progress rapidly from a wheelchair to full mobility with PT & do at home exercises over a period of approximately 3 months. Even when my back bothered me, she added home exercises to relieve pain. I do all the exercises she prescribed daily & ride my recumbent cross trainer 1 mile daily, which has improved knee function & general better physical health especially during the pandemic. Grateful for her encouragement to push me to increase my strength through additional exercises. Looking forward to walks outside when weather improves. Thank you so much Marissa & Cioffredi for getting my injured knee( torn meniscus) back to normal functioning without surgery!!” -Clare Strochlic


  • “I highly recommend Marissa to accurately diagnose your injury and craft an exercise program that will successfully resolve your problem. You will have a clear understanding what you have to do to resume full function. The work will be up to you!” -Lynne Stahler
  • “I would like to sincerely thank Cioffredi & Associates for all the work they have done on my behalf which started on September 2, 2020 to get me walking upright and to become pain free. Since my first phone call to set up appointments to my last visit, Jamie O’Keefe has been nothing but professional and courteous. She has always helped me with my scheduling so it not interfere with my other doctors appointments and always greeted me with a smile and took the time to say goodbye. My direct one on one Physical Therapist Joe Soojian has been a God send to me. He has been patient, professional and tried everything in his arsenal of expertise to get me where I am today. Joe never gave up on me and I never gave up on him. Joe pushed me every session and had the confidence in the treatments he provided and the exercises we did. He was not only my Physical Therapist during the course of five months. Joe saw me break down emotionally a few times not knowing my future of employment after this back injury and the uncertainty if I still would require surgery to get rid of the extreme pain I was experiencing 24/7. He was uplifting, caring, and reassured me that I would get better. This always kept me pushing myself at the sessions and at home with the exercises he instructed me to do. After five months I can honestly say I am 97% pain free and my pain never goes past the scale of a 4-5 and it is no longer constant. It only occurs occasionally, if I feel pain at all. My Primary Doctor who last saw me on 2/5/2021, was so impressed with my recovery, and said I have come a long way since my June 23, 2019 injury date. When I first saw her, I was in a wheelchair and in excruciating pain 24 hours per day. She has recommended one more month of PT as closure for the remaining pain and to get stronger so I could return to my daily life routines, with caution of course. I would recommend Cioffredi & Associates to anyone needing help with any part of their body which is experiencing pain and/or the freedom of mobility.” -Robert Burdette


  • “Cioffredi & Associates was highly recommended by my doctor after knee surgery at Dartmouth Hitchcock. The facility is fantastic and the staff friendly and welcoming, they are also accommodating, and caring. There is a wealth of knowledge and they knew exactly how to address my flexion and extension difficulties which was a a big challenge after my knee replacement. Thanks to their scheduling flexibility, exercise routines, massages, and customized care, I was able to progress consistently. I am walking 5 miles a day again, hiking, skating, working out and continue to make the progress I have desperately wanted. Becca and the rest of the team at the Grantham location are outstanding, love what they do, they are patient, and have incredible knowledge. Her techniques are unique and helpful in relieving pain. I have had 3 past knee surgeries in the past and can attest that my physical therapy has never been this productive. Hands down, THE best and most accommodating physical therapy sessions I have ever had. Thank you for taking care of me!!” -Annette St. Peter


  • “Marissa was amazing from day one. She listened to my needs and made adjustments when needed. I also saw Kyle a few times and I was very impressed with him he is a great addition to your team. ” -Heather R Lancor
  • “Been coming to work with Howard for two months, for core and balance. It’s been a pleasure to work with Howard, both my wife and I can see improvement s. Emailed exercise videos are very helpful. My hope is that I can continue to do the exercises to improve my situation. The facility is clean, not overcrowded, and very professional.” -Henry (Hank) Clark


  • “My daughter introduced me to Cioffredi’s and to Zac to work on my balance and strengthening my hips and legs for better coordination. I am 84 years young and after spending several weeks and learning different exercises, I feel more in control when walking on uneven ground or getting up from a sitting position.” -R.L.
  • “I selected Cioffredi & Associates for my Physical Therapy after having a total knee replacement. On my first appointment I was using a cane and had to use the elevator to get up the stairs. My physical therapist Howard Badillo recommended disposal of the cane, which I did and never needed it again. Howard set up a program for me that I saw gains after every visit. Along with assigned home exercises I have seen constant progress. Howard impresses me with his professionalism and talent as a therapist. He has set me on a course of complete recovery.” -James Kelleher


  • “It was very fun to do different exercises for different muscle groups and not just focusing on one thing. It was great to learn about other exercises that I could do at home that could help me. The equipment was great. Marissa was very engaging and helpful, making my appointments fun but also challenging. ” -Madeleine Thaxton


  • “When I hurt my back and was having trouble laying down and sleeping my first call was to Becca Swope. I was able to get on the schedule quickly and after the first session felt enormous relief. I followed up the next day and saw vast improvement immediately. I was finally able to get a good nights sleep. She really understands how the body works and the best methods for treating issues. I appreciate the variety of care and creative exercises given. I truly believe that the physical therapist are best with treating muscular skeletal issues. I would definitely recommend the therapist at Cioffredi to anyone.” -E.S.


  • “This is the second time I have sought the care from Cioffredi physical therapists for relief from pain and immobilization due to injury or osteoarthritis and it was nothing but POSITIVE! Zac encouraged me in the right direction and I left my last appointment free from pain and with my hand (almost) fully functional. Thanks Zac!” -S.T.
  • “I went to Stephanie for Pelvic Floor Physical therapy for pain that started after beginning to ride an e-bike. I had had some problems with pelvic pain about 15 years before this and was able to resolve it with PT. So, I looked for a PT who had this specialty. Stephanie is very knowledgeable and an expert in this form of therapy. She has a lovely and caring demeanor and is very pleasant to work with. Through therapy my pain immediately began to improve as a result of her work and exercises that she gave me to do at home. I felt she was always helpful, knew what she was doing and listened carefully to any feedback or questions I shared with her. I am very grateful to her for the help she gave me!” -A.M.


  • “I arrived here about six weeks ago. I had a moderate amount of sharp pain in my left shoulder. At first I came two or three times per week. After two weeks that changed to one times a week. Through good experiences and guidance from Jodi I felt a steady improvement. Receiving examples of the exercises on my computer at home was also very helpful. One tele-therapy session at home was also surprisingly helpful. Currently I feel 95% improvement in motion and nearly pain free. -J.E.


  • “I recently completed a course of physiotherapy at your establishment. The goal was to improve neck pain related to degenerative age related problems (age 82). I had several sessions with Zac Gardner. I was impressed with his professionalism and skills. With his help I now feel I am 80% better and able to enjoy skiing and other activities. Zac did a great job and I thank him, every morning while doing the exercises he prescribed.” -Eric Sailer, MD


  • “Neil was great! He knew what the issue was and how to treat it. He was able to schedule around my work and gave me obtainable goals to work on at home. Within the first 2 visits I was already feeling better.” -Anonymous


  • “Jodi is a great therapist–defined goals w/me on the first visit and revised them as appropriate. The sessions were always geared towards the goal and I ended up much further along when I finished my sessions than either one of us thought would happen.” -Dorothy Mullaney
  • “I could not be happier with the staff at the Grantham office. They communicate well and are accommodating completely. Justin treated and encouraged me every step of the way with my therapy. I feel lucky to have had him as my therapist. I will be back shortly for my other knee replacement.” -P.S.
  • “Neil was great. Up front about expectations and worked to meet the goals we set out to achieve. Trying times to complete in house visitation due to pandemic, but appropriate protocols were in place and adhered to and I felt comfortable at all times.” – Stephan Dolan
  • “Kyle was extremely good and he helped me to get back to normal.” – Anonymous
  • “I very much appreciated the PT I received from Marsha: the exercises have had a substantive benefit for my knees and the instructions provided are ones that I will be able to implement well after my visits have been completed. That long-term benefit was/is important to me. I also appreciated the mix of both personal and professional input during the visits– I was provided with information I asked with regard to muscle/joint physiology and input/feedback was presented in (to me) the right balance of personal (non-PT) conversation.” -Leslie Henderson


  • “Very satisfied.” – Roger Woodworth
  • “I was very happy with my physical therapy experience. I was provided with the tools I needed to better manage my neck pain at home. Neil was very thorough and thoughtful with his suggestions. I also appreciated the steps taken to ensure physical distancing and sanitizing in the space.” -Erika Moen
  • “My sessions with Justin were very fruitful in providing me relief of pain in my hip and additional flexibility and functionality. Very knowledgeable and professional and a disposition that is very pleasant.” -M.D.


  • “Jodi has been a great help with my pain that was in my shoulder. At this time I will be able to manage my pain.” -Anonymous
  • “I tore a tendon in my left rotator cuff back in March, just as COVID-19 hit. A few weeks of quarantine rest didn’t help much and my pain kept getting worse! When I began coming here, Kris worked with me to get huge improvement in day to day pain levels. When Kris left, Kyle began working with me. I have been very lucky to work with two very professional and compassionate people. It has been a slow journey, but finally I’m able to move around again without crippling pain!” – Gaylin Petty
  • “In a true 2020 pandemic injury, I partially ruptured my achilles tendon running on the treadmill (on my birthday no less!!). I first saw Jodi within two weeks of the injury and we quickly embarked on a plan to get me back close to baseline. Very important to me was that I be able to workout somehow – ski if not yet able to run. With the specific strengthening exercises I was quickly able to get out of the equine boot, get back to swimming, and spending time on the elliptical and stationary bike. Within six weeks of the original injury, I’m able to snowshoe and am ready to start a resume to running tracking programs. Which will hopefully keep me from coming back as a patient with an injured achilles tendon!” -Dorothy Mullaney


  • After seven surgeries for knee, wrist and shoulder injuries, I have begun to try to be more careful and take care to avoid getting hurt, now that I’m in my sixties. Despite that, last June I slipped on a tarp on the edge of our barn loft, and fell several feet down, landing on a pile of equipment.  After the various cuts and bruises had started to heal, and the pain in a sprained wrist began to fade, I realized that something was “not right” with my back. Sitting on a tractor was painful, and tossing bales of hay into the loft was a challenge. I hoped that the usual “working through it” would bring about eventual healing, but with each passing day my discomfort grew more intense….not better. Neither x-ray nor MRI imaging revealed anything worse than the arthritis in my back. A physical therapist at a nearby clinic told me “you have a sore back, go home and do these strengthening exercises.” Those I did…and the next morning I experienced a crippling, agonizing pain. My wife insisted that I call Cioffredi to try to get an appointment with Marsha Wykes, who had helped my wife recover from a herniated disc. It was my lucky day: Marsha had an opening in her schedule in just a few hours. She listened to my explanations and then observed me bending and moving in prone and standing positions. I could “see the wheels spinning” in Marsha’s mind, and then she asked me to shift my hips laterally while each shoulder was touching the wall (one at a time). That test confirmed her suspicion: my spine had been curving more and more to the side, as my body tried involuntarily to protect the injured muscles/tendons in my lower back. The consequence was that some of my discs were being deformed into wedges and likely pinching nerves. Marsha agreed that I needed to strengthen several core muscles and tendons, but emphasized that “first we need to straighten your back.” Through a series of targeted exercises, Marsha guided me through a recovery process that enabled me to quickly relieve the intense pain I was experiencing, and then to develop some more core strength via recruitment of auxiliary muscles that often are not utilized, even by very active people. Just prior to seeing Marsha, my mind had spiraled into a “very dark place,” thinking it would be a long time before I could make hay, cut wood or work the horses again. Through Marsha’s astute observation, specific expertise and thoughtful coaching, she helped me overcome a debilitating back pain quite quickly. That enabled me to resume normal activities, including making hay again in the fall and cutting wood this winter. I am very grateful for Marsha’s skills and care, and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone experiencing back-pain issues.” -Todd Mower


  • “I felt that Taylor was exceptionally well prepared to guide and teach me, not just with knowledge but also with patience. The home PT assignments were clear and progressed at my speed and motivated me to follow through. I finished my PT feeling stronger than I have felt in years and what amazed me is I feel stronger than I did even before I injured my shoulder. I also worked with Joe and Zac a few times and they were also knowledgeable. All the staff was efficient, helpful and made me feel safe with Covid safety protocols in place.” -Lara Acker


  • “My experience was nothing less than incredible! When I first started, my range of motion was extremely limited, to the point where I could barely put my socks on in the morning and I was experiencing much pain and discomfort. Even after my initial visit, I felt improvements. After following a rigorous schedule with the therapists and doing the daily stretches and exercises that were assigned to me, I consider my improvements to be 100% and the tools and training that has been provided to me should help keep me in top notch shape in the future.” -Todd Cartier
  • “Having an extensive physical therapy background I came into Cioffredi & Associates with an expectation of being put on machines and doing a couple exercises each time. I really couldn’t afford this approach with my shoulder because of the issues it was causing me in daily life. To my surprise, I underwent a thorough evaluation done by Howard and we immediately started in on pain relief stretches and range of motion techniques. From there, we progressed at a steady pace that concentrated on me getting back to my life… After coming twice a week for a short 8 weeks, I can do at least 90% of everything without pain including walking into a gym with confidence that I don’t have to worry about pain. Thank you Howard!” -Mike Hemingway
  • “Effective and focused. Good results.” -Anonymous


  • “I have had hip pain for years as a practicing martial artist and have always used heat, massage, and ibuprofen to ‘treat’ it, but it never really went away. After my second child was born, and the pain kept getting worse I knew I needed some outside help to figure out what was going on. By the end of my treatment plan, and doing the exercise program Marissa gave me I feel like my hip is stronger and I can finally go through daily life pain free, as well as practice martial arts with much more ability and confidence.” -Michaelee Westhaven


  • “My therapist was very skilled at explaining things to me as we progressed through each PT session. He also listened well and asked me questions about my pain. I also liked that each sessions were short and when I left each time, I felt so much better. I arrived on time and did not have to wait. I liked that the place was never crowded with patients. Receptionists were also friendly and professional.” -B.B.
  • “After years of low back pain, I finally tried physical therapy. Going into the program I was in daily, nearly constant pain and discomfort. Sitting, sleeping, and most exercising exacerbated my symptoms. The diagnosis was an arthritic back. The PT program and Cioffredi & Associates has done wonders for me mentally and physically. I have more mobility and strength in my back, core, and lower body, that compiled with better mechanics has nearly eliminated my symptoms. The therapist constantly works with me to develop a home program hat I will continue after my course of treatment. I’m looking forward to regaining my previous active life.” – David Fogg


  • “I came to Cioffredi because of pain and limited range of movement in my neck as well as jaw pain. I’ve been working with Neil since early December and have seen significant improvements with pain and movement. Neil has definitely helped me. During this pandemic I have felt very safe coming into Cioffredi’s knowing they are taking extreme measures to keep their clients safe.” -Debbie Wilson


  • “I came to Cioffredi because of sever pain in my leg. I am a regular barre participant and seemed to have hurt my leg twisting it some way. Kyle almost immediately realized my back was much more involved than just my leg. Through a course of very well designed actions and exercises, my pain was gone within a month. We are now working on strengthening key muscles so it does not happen again. I am so pleased! Kyle’s great.” -Anonymous


  • “At Cioffredi’s I came in with pretty acute back pain. Jodi was able to locate the issue and give me some great stretches and exercises to practice to strengthen my body. With the shift to online where most of the time I sit at a desk this will be so helpful. Thank you!” – Alicia Goodwin


  • “2 years ago I was diagnosed with pudendal neuroglia. Soon after I had bi-lateral transglutal decompression surgery. The post surgery was very painful and my quality of life plummeted. I was told the recovery could take up to five years. I was deeply distressed that I would feel this way for five years or even worse permanently. I was recommended by a co-worker that I should make an appointment with a pelvic specialist at Cioffredi. Last spring I started my physical therapy with Stephanie Daniels. Due to the sensitive nature of this condition I was very apprehensive and skeptical about moving forward with physical therapy. I didn’t really think it would help. Stephanie did an amazing job explaining my condition to me, building trust, and making me feel more positive about my potential recovery. Just recently, thanks to all the physical therapy and exercises, my pain has subsided substantially and my quality of life has risen. I can’t thank Stephanie enough for my progress and I highly recommend Cioffredi for anyone suffering from pelvic pain. My thanks to an amazing staff!” -Fred Kelley
  • “Stephanie was not only diligent in diagnosing the issue but also in explaining how the body works and how each exercise would improve my injuries. After several weeks of treatment my pain has subsided drastically and she gave me the tools to manage any continued discomfort throughout my daily activities. I feel confidant that if I continue my routine at home that I will see a complete recovery. I am grateful for the treatment I have received and for Stephanie’s care and wealth of knowledge!” K.W.
  • “I received excellent care. Justin treated my pain in the office and taught me several highly exercises and stretches to use in order to manage my pain at home, and strengthen the muscles that needed strengthening. He is kind and compassionate and a great listener.” -Elizabeth Darlington


  • “My experience at the Grantham location, working with Justin was outstanding! I appreciated his professionalism, attention to the problem I was seen for and his honesty in terms of my progress. He offered follow-up help if needed and I can’t say enough good about my visits with him. He really helped make a difference in my life! Thank you!” -Anonymous
  • “What I thought was just arm pain caused by a tight tendon turned out to be a larger problem in my upper core that had been happening for years. I worked with Zac over the course of a month and a half to retrain and strengthen long forgotten muscles; now my arm pain is gone, and so is a lot of back pain that I didn’t realize I was living with. It was also very convenient to switch over to telehealth visits when I needed to quarantine, therefore my progress didn’t suffer from interruption. I’m very happy with my experience, and have already been encouraging others to go!” -S.M.
  • “Stephanie Daniels is a valuable asset to your practice. I didn’t have incontinence issues, but I still felt like I had to go to the bathroom after I had voided. I didn’t want to have to rely on incontinence products to feel secure. Unfortunately television makes you feel that way. I also didn’t think I needed a prescription for bladder control issues. During our appointments, she asked many questions and listed intently to my answers. She didn’t just asked about my voiding issues, but asked about my bowel habits. I have always had a hard time moving my bowels and feeling constipated. Who would have thought the two were connected? After many appointments to learn easy exercises to change my urine and bowel habits, adding more fiber and water to my meals and learning self massage, I am feeling more confident. I know if I continue these small life style changes I shouldn’t have these issues in the future.” -Anonymous
  • “Justin is excellent. He is professional , skilled and very caring.” -M.B.


  • “I checked in with a very painful right shoulder. I couldn’t use my right arm to turn the car steering wheel. Couldn’t even hold a cup of coffee without my arm shaking. I had to cancel my yoga classes altogether. Justin took very detailed notes on my complaints and worked out a daily exercise plan which I followed diligently. In twice a week visits he slowly and calmly massaged my frozen shoulder muscles, carefully checked every shoulder movement with specific exercises while reminding me often to stop before pain started. In just a few weeks I was back to normal. I should have come in much sooner and not let this pain build for a year.” -Mary Wormwood
  • “After 3 weeks of lower back pain so intense I couldn’t walk or sit, I was able to walk and function all day after my first visit! Yes, it was scary to think the pain wouldn’t end and some of the manipulations were painful; but the ability to walk out normally was worth everything!” – Cristal Hiatt


  • “I had a total hip replacement in October. I chose Cioffredi & Associates in Grantham for its location. I am so happy I did. The staff is friendly and accommodating. Justin my PT guy was professional and extremely knowledgeable. My hip is better than ever, I’m hoping to be on skis soon !!! Happy New Year to all !!!” -Donna Furtado
  • “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Neubie! I was diagnosed with MS five years ago. The great majority of my life was as an active, able person, so being limited was difficult. I miss hiking and long walks with my dog. I became even more limited after a fall left my knee swollen and the surrounding muscles unable to support normal ambulation. Marissa suggested I try the Neubie. The first time I stood up wearing the device, it was amazing-I actually teared up; sonething so simple, yet very profound. The Neubie let me perform the exercises to address my knee problem more fully and moved me closer to function and activities I value. I’m not all the way there, but I have confidence that continued work with my home program means Spring walks are in my future. Thank you, Marissa!” -Pamela Wescott Lee


  • “I came for knee treatment in December. In less than a month, the improvements were outstanding. Through thorough evaluation of my issues and a rigorous, progressive program for dealing with the source of my pain and strengthening various parts of my body, I now feel much better. Any weakness has been dealt with. I feel confident in my ability to sustain the kind of care I need to avoid a running injury. My understanding of the source of my pain has improved mainly thanks to Jodi and I have a good grasp of what to do to keep improving the health of my knee. I look forward to finishing off this treatment program to return to full physical activity.” – Alec Saelens


  • “I have been having the same issues with my neck and upper back for about 20 years following a car accident. I have had several new episodes that always start small in my neck and progress to intolerable encompassing my whole left side. After talking with Kyle, and him explaining/educating me, I understand more what I need to do to feel better. I came in today at a 7/10 and with a little hands on, I now am about a 4/10.” – Tabatha Molloy
  • “Whenever our family of four experiences an injury, Cioffredi’s has been our Physical Therapy practice of choice. We love the skill level the professionalism, competence, and positive attitude of each therapist. This go around, thank you Marissa Reilly for getting me back to mobile, out of pain, and stronger. She is my hero!” – Lynne Stahler


  • “When I was injured at work and the doctor advised that I will need a Two-Stage Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery, I was frustrated and wondered if I would ever return to my job and the physical fitness level I was before. This was my 3rd ACL surgery and knew it would be a long road to full recovery. After my initial visit with Taylor I knew that her and the team at Cioffredi & Associates will be able to assist me in getting back to work and doing the activities I love. Taylor provided me with innovative training that both challenged me mentally and physically. Taylor understood the level of fitness my current employment demands and motivated me to drive forward towards that goal. Taylor’s compassion for my injury allowed me to inform her in confidence how I felt on a day to day basis which would alter some sessions. Taylor’s knowledge shined throughout the year I spent with her. In addition, Taylor propelled me forward, and I can confidently say I am back, if not more, to my physical fitness level prior to my surgery. Due to Taylor’s efforts, I feel stronger hip mobility, single-leg control/strength, and ability/confidence within my previously injured knee. I also worked with Merissa on some occasions throughout my journey. Marissa is knowledgeable, motivating, and understanding. She too, offered innovative training and pushed me when I needed the extra push. She provided valuable input to further increase my ability to perform on the job. Her friendly attitude made it easy to enjoy coming to work with her and progress throughout my time at Cioffredi & Associates. Merissa understood where I wanted to be physically and allowed me the opportunity to obtain those goals. I can’t speak more highly of Cioffredi & Associates. I provided them with my goals and they brought me there and much more. As of today, I feel more confident and stronger in my previously injured knee than I did after my past surgeries. I now have the tools for progressing my physical fitness, injury prevention, and correcting my form during activities. Thank you!” -T.L.
  • “Kyle provided me with a program that helped me to go from a lot of pain, poor sleep, and driving hindrances to no pain and full function in my knee. It feels great now!” -Anonymous
  • “Marissa and Howard helped me with PT to go from wheelchair and pain to no aide in walking, climbing stairs, and biking with rare pain which reminds me to stretch and do exercises daily. Marissa was wonderful in challenging me to build strength and balance and confidence! This is my second experience with PT at Cioffredi’s for back and now knee. A totally positive experience. It sure beats surgery and I will continue all exercises and stretches.” -Clare Strochlic
  • “My success comes from 50% from me, but the other half goes to Jodi. She has understood everything I have told her and she does a very professional job. I have gone from barely able to walk to running while bearing weight. So you could call that a success story.” -Dominick Small


  • “Justin was very professional and accommodating and due to COVID concerns, I did request my physical therapy sessions to be virtual via zoom and he was more than willing to work with me on this. My sessions that I did have at the office in Grantham impressed me with the professionalism of Nora the receptionist and how clean the facility was. I was overjoyed to be able to do my physical therapy is so close to home and would highly recommend the Grantham space for anyone that required rehabilitation therapy.” -Cynthia Towle
  • “Flexible office hours & well thought out plan of care.” -Anonymous
  • “A friend recommended Cioffredi & Associates to me for my neck and shoulder pain. Howard’s enthusiasm and genuine interest in my concerns was encouraging that I found someone I trusted my case with. His clear and sequential exercise recommendations were simple to perform. I felt an improvement in my discomfort within a couple weeks. Over time, I added in massage with Sadie – another asset to my improvement. I am approaching the end of my program with significant decrease in my discomfort. I feel confident in Howard’s discharge plan for me. His energy and knowledge have made this such a positive experience. I will highly recommend Howard and Sadie to others. Thank you so much Howard! I feel so  much better.” -K.R.


  • “LOVED working with Stephanie! Had I known this work would make a difference, I wouldn’t have hesitated to come in earlier! Already improving my pelvic floor strength and eager for continued improvement over the coming months. She put me at ease and helped ease me into a series of exercises and treatment therapies that are setting me up for long term success. So grateful!” -A.N.
  • “I was referred to Ciofredi physical therapy for repair of a class II/III AC tear if my left shoulder and fortunate enough to be assigned to Justin at the Grantham office. Over the course of 12-13 visits during which Justin guided my recovery I was consistently impressed by the depth of his knowledge, but his patience, professionalism and friendliness. He is a consummate pro and I recommend him enthusiastically and unconditionally. Thanks, Justin!” -J.O.


  • “I came in with a lot of pain around my collarbone that came on suddenly. I couldn’t raise my hand let alone lift anything. Kyle was fantastic. He is very perceptive and reassuring. He adjusted my exercises as I improved and taught me a lot about the shoulder and how to prevent reinjury.” -S.S.R.


  • “Marissa is great; always professional and a good listener. I feel like I have a good plan to carry on with strengthening on my own.” -Joseph J. Deffner


  • “Everything was handled so well. Katie understood my condition and the exercises were expertly tailored to my needs. I was amazed at the progress that I made, even after just a few appointments.” -M.P.
  • “This is the third time I have worked with Marsha to correct a problem area on my aging body, and this time it was slower-going to make significant progress, but she (and Billy) stuck with me throughout, with encouragement and dedication to bringing me back to full function. Together we succeeded and I am thrilled with the results. Many thanks. I’m sure I will be back!” -Deming Holleran
  • “It has been a pleasure working with Stephanie. I have gained insight of how the pelvic floor works. Stephanie ha educated me on the importance of consistency to change things. I leave with a plan for success in my bowel function. I look forward to things improving and having better health.” -Wanda Belyea


  • “Marissa provided invaluable help for the recovery of my knee after total replacement surgery. The exercises she presented to me were appropriate for my abilities at each stage of my recovery, challenging me just enough, but not too much. I slowly, but thoroughly, redeveloped my strength and abilities as I healed.” -Barbara Tolman


  • “I have had a lot of physical therapy over the years for my knee, most of it painful and daunting at times. Justin was very responsive to my needs and my time at PT after my knee replacement was way too short!! He made every appointment fun and really listened if I hurt. He gave me excellent advice that I could actively apply to my daily life to make myself better. My last appointment was bittersweet, great that I did not need Justin anymore but sad because he brought me a long way in such a short period of time. I can’t recommend Cioffredi & Associates highly enough. You can bet if I need PT again, I will be looking to return to Justin and/or Becca for their expertise and care. Thank you so much Justin and Becca!!” -N.L.
  • “I was referred to Cioffredi by my PCP. I was in a great deal of arm and back pain. I called Cioffredi for an appointment and they got me in the same day. I went in and saw Kyle who gave me some relief the first day. After the second visit I was pain free, I’ve continued with Kyle who has helped my upper body get stronger. I would recommend Cioffredi. The sooner you get in, the quicker the pain disappears.” -N.P.
  • “After twenty plus years of chronic back pain, I had an acute pain for which I saw my physician. She referred me to physical therapy. I chose Cioffredi for the treatment because I had used them in the past for another injury. After an assessment of my pain and abilities, I was given exercises to do at home along with seeing my therapist twice a week. I faithfully did my exercises at home and with the help i was receiving realized that I could continue on with me life – not limiting what I was doing for fear that my back pain would worsen. Not only did I have relief from the acute pain but the chronic pain had lessened. Along with exercises for strengthening I was given a little understanding of my pain and validation of the pain. I have now returned to a place better than I was before the acute back pain and feel good and happy.” – Diane Kelly


  • “Justin, Becca, and Maddie were so helpful and kind through my PT journey. The exercises they taught me were helpful to manage my pain and help me recover. They were encouraging and non-judgemental as I was first learning and they gave me the tools I needed to get better and stay better. If you need physical therapy I recommend these folks!” -B.D.


  • “I came to work with Howard after a climbing accident where I tore some ligaments on top of an avulsion fracture. I was on the fence about reconstructive surgery, but through the PT process, learned how to train my body to make up for the injuries. After 4 weeks, I’ve regained the reflexes and stability to build my confidence about long-term healing. Thank you so much! Was such a positive experience – Howard really was in tune with my goals and my progress. ”  – Kang-Chun Cheng


  • “My experience with Taylor over the past few months (and years) for that matter has been nothing short of superb. I have thought that I would be hampered by this injury for life, and while I may never be 100%, I feel as though there is now no activity I cannot do!” -Benjamin Manning


  • “I am EXTREMELY thankful for both Kris and Marissa! This was not my first PT rodeo, but it was by far the best PT experience I’ve ever had, despite my running injury (femoral neck stress fracture) being quite serious. I spent the entire summer on crutches; when my fracture was healed, I was still experiencing some pain with walking and I was terrified of running. Kris, and then Marissa, brought me from a place of “I may never run again” to running 3+ miles with no problems and feeling stronger than I have in decades. Equally importantly, they gave me the confidence and tools to continue getting stronger and fitter after “graduating” from PT. I am completely pain-free, back to my normal activities, and building up my running capacity. I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed my experience at Cioffredi. Their therapists are wonderful and the whole practice is kind, supportive, and Covid-safe too. I highly recommend them! Thank you so much!” -Lori Carswell
  • “I came to Cioffredi in Grantham for therapy for a groin injury (after playing tennis)that was bothering me for months when I had my first session with Justin he explain to me it was actually my hip that was the problem so after eight session’s of therapy and work outs at home he gave me I improved to almost 100% to where I could get back to playing tennis and running freely with no pain” -M.F.


  • “I have had a second positive encounter with PT. After left knee replacement, PT helped immensely with recovery and building strength. Back to work part time at 6 weeks as an RN! When my right knee began to show signs of needing surgery, PT was mentioned as a resource. I was feeling stronger, less painful in one week (Amazing!). By week 4, I was taking stairs (a problem earlier) and sure the input and support of Taylor and the team were integral and so supportive to allowing me to maintain my normal lifestyle, work full-time and not talk about surgery! I will always be thankful for their constant communication, hands on care and support!” -Jacqueline Gesek


  • “Upon tearing my left ACL and meniscus, Taylor and Marissa were extremely helpful throughout my weekly rehab sessions. Without their help, I would not have been able to keep track with my goals aimed at full return to sports. Even though the quality of service was great, I hope this is the last time I visit Cioffredi’s for any attention on my knees. Thank you for the quality service and PT throughout the past months!” -Nathan Gradijan


  • “I had a hip replacement 2.5 years ago. After two years I was discouraged when I still was walking with a limp after hiking an easy mountain. Marissa Reilly PT gave me encouragement that even though I was more than 2 years post-op, I could strengthen my hip. I had been active, but obviously not the right activities to strengthen the weak muscles. Marissa came up with a plan and I have improved greatly. She had provided me with understanding of my condition and how to continue my improvement, so I will enjoy skiing and snowboarding this winter. Thank you. -Dana Gove
  • “Great expertise, great facility, friendly staff.” -L.D.
  • “Experience was great- still working on my issue but the team gave me all the steps I needed to work from home and was very flexible with my schedule!” -Anonymous


  • “I came in with a problem that was a bit hard to track down and Justin Walker did excellent work showing me how to strengthen areas that are weak and that contribute to the problem. This whole body approach is the reason I appreciate Cioffredi & Associates and Justin so much. This is my second round of physical therapy with Justin and I now feel I have the direction I need to stay well-rounded and balanced physically.” -Anonymous


  • “First and most important I guess – Kate is amazing and has helped me SO MUCH! I was seeing her when covid hit and had to stop coming. The entire time y’all were shut down she checked on me regularly and did so much for both my health and my spirits! Now I’m back with her (virtually) and I can’t say enough about how smart and magic and caring she is! She is truly a bright spot in my life and my healing.” -Jeannette Birge
  • “Stephanie was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. Not only did she focus on pelvic floor exercises but also picked up on stability work that I needed. Treating the whole body and the whole person is so important. Moving forward she gave me a work out routine that will continue to help me improve and most importantly help me enjoy a higher quality of life.” -Paul Stanley
  • “After my first visit, Jodi had me feeling little to no pain.” -Dominick Small


  • “I suffered with pain in my upper back and lower neck for over four weeks. The pain was frequently intense. After my first session with Jodi it was reduced to only discomfort. We have more work to do but there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.” – Douglas Smith


  • “After about 9 months of being in a walking boot due to a severe ankle injury just 6 months later I’m able to run, jump, and feel strong. All thanks to Zac! He helped me build back my strength as well as my confidence in my ability. I always looked forward to my appointments with Zac he made the hard work worthwhile. He and the rest of the staff are so welcoming and friendly and always put a smile on my face. I highly recommend this facility!” -Cade Salzano
  • “I have been working with Marissa since July 2020. I have made fantastic progress with controlling the swelling in my left knee and improving quad strength in that left. While I am not back to my pre-fall functional level yet, I see true progress toward that goal.” -Pamela W. Lee


  • “Becca at Justin at the Grantham location literally gave me my life back. When I started a little over a month ago, my lower leg and hip pain had severely limited my ability to walk. Through corrective exercises and the oversight and encouragement of these two wonderful therapists, I am practically pain free and can once again walk without a walker or cane.” -Thomas Metzler
  • “Marissa and Jose were wonderful with treatment for my hip. With their help, I was able to quickly get back to regular running and yoga, pain free!! I’ve been so happy with my treatment/therapy at Cioffredi! -Betsy Underhill


  • “Everyone including Justin was very helpful and professional. Would recommend to anyone.” -Paul Peter Nicolai


  • “I sought out pelvic floor physical therapy in the hope that I would find some relief from the pelvic and back pain and sexual dysfunction, and be able to increase functioning of my bowel and bladder management.  As a former athlete and dancer my world was about strength, coordination and movement, but due to dysfunction in the previously mentioned areas, my participation in athletics and dance was a distant memory, sadly.  But in with working with Stephanie, she has helped me regain autonomy over my bodily functions, intimacy with my husband, and reduce the pelvic pain.  In addition, I have returned to dancing and athletics with a new energy and excitement that I haven’t felt in nearly 2 decades.  It’s thrilling to be able to exercise and dance without the limits of pain and to actually be able to see my progress over just a few months.  My fascination with the body as a machine has been reignited and it so enjoyable to push my limits with a new confidence as I see my gains in strength and coordination.   As much as this has been a physical journey, it has also proven to be an emotional and spiritual journey, as well.  There have been lots of tears along the way, ones from frustration, but lots more tears from joy over the successes and accomplishments. The pelvic floor physical therapy with Stephanie has been life altering.  I am forever grateful to have had this opportunity available to me.  Stephanie really is a pelvic floor whisperer.” -Kathleen Martin-Bonhaus


  • “When your orthopedic surgeon looks at you and says ‘I want you to go get some PT,’ your first thought is – ‘Great, no surgery!’ The second thought is ‘Uggghhh, PT – Yuk!’ But if you are going to Cioffredi’s in Grantham, the story is very different! PT here with Rebecca Swope is something to look forward to, no fear! Oh, she will work you, work on you, push you forward to better health, but you will have fun along the way! The entire staff: Becca, Justin, and Nora are warm, friendly, and have a great sense of joy about their work and about their clients. When I arrive, I feel as though I am walking into the home of a friend who is wanting to help me, have a good time, and a few laughs. And you know what? I always want to return for my next appointment. Come here, get well, and have fun!” -Karen Blum
  • “I came to Cioffredi & Associates to get help with relieving pain and gaining strength in my right shoulder. I had had multiple falls on the ice. I’ve been seeing Kyle on a weekly basis since 10/23/2020. I have been receiving ‘Neubie’ treatments for the last three appointments and we were having success. Little to no pain after treatments and increased range of motion. ‘It’s amazing’ and lasts almost a week. I am so happy to be feeling better and I’m very grateful to Kyle and his expertise and sense of humor.” – Lisa Thibideau
  • “After a football injury, I had pain in my hip and back. My mom brought me to Cioffredi’s to try and recover, which I did. After seeing Kyle and Zac for weeks, I am able to play sports and be active like I used to.” -Anthony Cook
  • “Kyle was great and stretched my ankles.” – Dillon Vance
  • “Professional staff, convenient appointments, and encouragement from therapists was helpful in my recovery.” -S.P.


  • “Justin worked with me to strengthen my right leg, as the knee’s torn posterior cruc. ligament made use of that leg unreliable for weight bearing combined with quick movements in activities like tennis and skiing. The therapy improved the strength of the muscles around the knee so that I can do the above activities with greater confidence in the right leg’s ability to function as needed.” -Anonymous


  • “Justin did a great job determining the reason for my knee pain. He then provided a set of exercises that provided relief and helped strengthen the muscles around the joint. I feel I’ve had great results from the therapy. I like having the office in Grantham as it lets me get to the appointments without having to take time off from work. I think all the staff there did a great job especially Justin and Nora.” -Doug Caffrey


  • “I am very happy with the care I received at Cioffredi. I came in with lower back pain that I had tried to fix on my own without success. Justin and I worked together to figure out the cause, and he gave me some exercises. A couple months later this problem that had been following me around for a few years is all but gone, and I have a path forward to keep it that way. Justin was professional and amiable, and answered all my questions clearly. He always responded promptly to my emails. Importantly, I never felt pressure to book more appointments than what was necessary. The goal was clearly to fix my lower back pain, not book appointments. I really appreciated that.” A.L.
  • “First and foremost, Stephanie is an amazing provider, and there simply is no feedback I can give that would do justice to her care and attention, so I already set the bar for this writing beneath what she deserves. I came to Stephanie following a protracted course of treatment that ended up delaying a diagnosis of pelvic floor issues for over a years time through a series of provider scheduling issues and referrals; this put my recovery far behind the curve. When I initially met with Stephanie it was becoming difficult to sit for any length of time, and pain was at the level of distracting from both professional and personal pursuits. I have been a helicopter medevac paramedic for the last ten years and a local Lebanon pilot active in the aviation community, obviously a job that requires ‘seat time’ and one that does not reward distraction. I had all but mothballed my long enjoyed cycling, surrendering mountain biking and gravel events as a thing of the past. At its worst, there were days I chose not to fly. Just before meeting with Stephanie, I had a very poor follow-up with a local urologist who informed me that my pain was a fact of life, and I should probably move to the next phase of acceptance. I was referred to Stephanie by a local patient through Concord Urology, a long shot second opinion and frankly a bit of random chance or fate depending on your beliefs. 🙂 Stephanie promptly understood that I was frustrated to whits end that my otherwise healthy, relatively young body couldn’t make this problem go away with my traditional young man solutions of bulling through and pretending all was well. In the emails leading up to our first visit, I received more attention and clinical investigation than I had in over a years time of searching prior. From the start, she set realistic goals, and kept me accountable. It was a real challenge to commit to the time required outside the clinic as well as a couple of one hour sessions in person each week, COVID was no help either. Months into the process, I am not ‘cured’, but I am better, and my outlook is improved, if I have a bad day, I understand the tools and methods required to turn it around, and I know that I can slowly make the progress towards a return to the things I loved in a more normal way. Most importantly, I have the vision to see that this is not a permanent condition, and while I have a lot to unpack on the road to it being a memory, it is a path that I can now see, when I couldn’t before. We have dialed back the frequency of our visits, but Stephanie is still a resource and takes the time to check in on progress. In my years as a clinician, learning and watching from masters, she is the type of provider we should all strive to be, an advocate, a kind listener, and a skilled hand to support it all. I have returned to some cycling, with modest goals. I can sit without distraction long enough to pen a note like this, and I am able to continue my personal and professional pursuits on the ground and in the sky when a year ago, I was convinced many of those would be memories themselves. Stephanie has my highest regards, and my most sincere recommendations to anyone in need. I am certain that many patients, men especially, fail to seek care for pelvic floor concerns due to the personal nature of the symptoms and the treatment. Never once in my time with Stephanie was my dignity infringed upon, and her kindness mixed with a willingness to tolerate my own brand of comedy towards my situation made what is an uncomfortable situation, a positive experience. ” – Jeremiah Goyette


  • “Stephanie was incredibly helpful! I really think the biofeedback was key in showing me where some of my problem areas are. I appreciated that Stephanie was so willing to let me try the biofeedback in multiple positions (laying down, sitting, standing) to see what worked best for me. She did a wonderful job walking me through everything. I thought this would be an awkward experience, but Stephanie made sure it wasn’t!” – Katherine Bauer
  • “I appreciated working with Justin Walker at the Grantham office. He was both professional and engaging-his services definitely helped me improve both my strength and range of motion in my affected area. I would recommend his services to anyone.” -Phil Langsdorf
  • “My physical therapist, Stephanie Daniels, was fantastic. She was motivating, informative and helpful.” -Anonymous


  • “Becca and Maddie are amazing. Thanks to them I will be back to hiking 4000 footers in no time. Not sure what I would do without them.” -Amy Davis


  • “The ankle I broke July 30th is fully recovered after several weeks of PT. The staff at Cioffredi did a great job. I’m greatful to be walking normally and without discomfort.” -Anonymous


  • “My physical rehabilitation experience with Cioffredi was outstanding. My balance and walking have improved greatly. Justin Walker was my therapist and he was very professional and sensitive to my needs and limitations. As a result of his guidance and training I now have more confidence in my walking and balance. I recommend Cioffredi and Justin without reservation.” -M.S.


  • “Zac is very knowledgeable and was particularly helpful to me in reaching my PT goals.” -Anne Charron
  • “As my tennis game improved and I started to hit harder, my tennis elbow returned with a vengeance. I changed my string tension and ran to Cioffredi for relief. Kyle quickly diagnosed my issue, laid out a treatment program, and had me doing exercises from day one – totally a professional. He patiently answered all my questions and kept me moving through the program, and my arm began to respond quickly. There were various fun and interesting exercises along the way, and Kyle’s endless good humor kept me going. Things got better fast and I was discharged a couple of weeks earlier than planned. What more could I ask for? My four rules for success with a PT-treatable issue are: 1) Catch it early, 2) Go to Cioffredi, 3) Do everything they tell you to, and 4) No I mean really every exercise every set every day.” – Steven Maker
  • “I have been highly active my whole life, Skiing, Biking including racing mtn bikes, hiking running etc. About 3 months ago something started going quite wrong with my Knee. I was experiencing an odd pain I had never experienced the likes of. It felt loose and the pain increased as time went on. The pain would move around from back of knee to the side up my hamstring etc. It got to the point where the pain was really affecting my desire or ability to be active. I saw my regular PCP on the week before he left his practice for my annual checkup (Aug 12th) and I mentioned my knee pain at the end of the appt., he had me do some range of movement tests and stated it may be just worn out? I do not feel he was completely serious, but boy did that hit home. I am 59 and just retired and now I might need a knee replacement?? I was referred to Cioffredi’s by my new Dr. for an evaluation. I met with my physical therapist Marsha who did some thorough range of motion tests. Halfway through she said “We’re on to something now.” It ended up being my Sciatic nerve in my back. My first appt with her was around mid-September doing specific stretches with homework. 4 sessions later almost no pain and full range of motion. I never would have believed it due to the location of my pain being primarily behind my knee. I would highly recommend Cioffredi’s. I’m positive if I hadn’t been referred to them I would still be dealing with the pain and thought of a knee replacement.” -Jay Whipple


  • “I started seeing Marissa at Cioffredi’s mid way through the summer as I was having some issues with tendonitis in my wrist. I had a hard time lifting or gripping things without a lot of soreness afterwards. After a couple months at Cioffredi’s my wrist is just about 100% and I have seen massive improvements in its overall health. I am back to lifting normally with little to no pain in my wrist.” -Griff Lehman


  • “I first came to Cioffredi on Oct 21, 2020 with an arm injury from work. My arm was very painful and I couldn’t move it or use it much. The doctor I had seen put me in a sling and referred me here. This is the second time coming to Cioffredi and I am very pleased with the professionalism, friendly, truly caring staff here. With numerous visits under way with my therapist, Kyle, it didn’t seem like I was progressing. He tried everything, going in different directions, always caring. Finally he asked me some questions and brought me out to the big room. I don’t trust easily, but I trusted him enough to let him guide me to new levels of weights. Kyle is such a caring, driven therapist that truly cares for his clients. Since that day, my arm has improved tenfold because he cared enough for me to improve but not get hurt. He is amazing!” – Margena Isaacs
  • “When I came in to see Marissa, I was having a really hard time climbing my stairs to get up and down to do my laundry and I was unable to take my usual 2.5 mile walk. I now have learned exercises that have strengthened the areas that were causing my pain. Thank you Marissa and Jose!” -Karen Terry


  • “Cioffrediʻs Grantham office is a wonderful place to do physical therapy work – theyʻre staffed by a team that obviously like each other and the work they do, and theyʻre very good at it. The facility is nice and I look forward to my sessions there.” -P.T.


  • “I have been seeing Stephanie Daniels for pelvic floor PT and have been amazed at the progress I have made in only a month. While I still have occasional pain, I feel much better than I used to! My pain doesn’t last as long and doesn’t occur as frequently. I may never know what is causing my pain, but now I feel like I have some tools in my toolkit to use when I need to. I hope that I continue to improve as my treatment plan continues.” -B.V.
  • “I felt safe at the facility and very confident in my therapist.” -W.E.


  • “I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kate. She very ably zeroed in on problematic areas and provided treatment that greatly improved my knee function and pain. Knee pain rarely wakes me at night now. As an election worker I am at the polls on my feet and walking for more than 12 hours. The August primary was quite painful. By November I was able to last the entire time with little to no pain . What a relief! In addition to having a skilled therapist, working with such a friendly person makes the sessions enjoyable. I am sorry to come to the end.” -N.H.
  • “Justin was fantastic! It was great to have him explain more in depth what was happening in my shoulder and then explain how the exercises would benefit me. I made such progress working with Justin and it propelled me to want to do more. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and worked magic on my shoulder!” -L.M.


  • “As an avid soccer player and skier I place a strong emphasis on sports and athletics in my free time. After my work injury I was unable to perform a simple activity like jogging. With the help of Cioffredi and Associates and Joe Soojian I was able to get back to running without the need for surgery. I feel stronger and healthier than I did before my injury. The level of professionalism, empathy and knowledge I found at Cioffredi and Associates is unmatched in the Upper Valley!” -Allan Wheeler
  • “I am now able to do basic activities without feeling any knee pain. The PT sessions and workouts for my waist, bridges, glutes, and hamstrings helped a lot on easing my right knee pain. The sessions have taught me very well on how to take care of my body so I can keep doing what I love to do (which is running!) Thank you.” -Michelle Crisostomo
  • “Marissa has been an enormous help in my rehab to get back on the slopes. She is very patient and very knowledgeable. She has given me new hope in getting my balance back after having herniated a disc in my back and ending up with foot drop. That happened over 10 years ago but I thought it was worth a shot. Her understanding of anatomy and muscle coordination has given me a better understanding of my problem and my challenge. In a nutshell, I would say she is a huge asset to this clinic.” -Greg Boydanich


  • “PT with Stephanie Daniels at Cioffredi & Associates has helped me have less pain, regain function, recover from my surgery, start to feel good again, and feel like a successful pregnancy wouldn’t be a total mess! big wins all around and am starting to feel able to move well enough to feel fit and strong again (and yes lose a little weight as is appropriate).” – Shirley Hills


  • “Having injured and reinjured my right knee multiple times in 2020, and on top of my existing left knee injury, I was pessimistic that I would ever play hockey again. However, the professional care and training I received helped me quickly realize I was  not only capable of getting back on the ice, but would be able to do so in time for the coming season. I greatly appreciate the professional as well as personal nature of the training I received at Cioffredi. thank you Marissa!” -Brian J. Premore


  • “Amazing, awesome, encouraging, invigorating, excellent, wonderful, need I go on? I am completely satisfied with the care I received and have strongly recommended Cioffredi to numerous friends and family members if ever they needed a little PT.” -Mary Beth Wyatt


  • “Therapist was very knowledgeable and was clear in his explanations.” -John Largent
  • “I found the exercises and advice helpful. I felt like I learned how to protect my injury while getting stronger.” -K.W.
  • “I was very satisfied with treatment. I couldn’t walk on my knee before I came in. Now I have no pain in it.  My hip is much better.” Brian Rossiter
  • “After injuring my ankle back in February, I just accepted that getting it back to normal probably wasn’t in the cards for me. I had seen Marissa when I was home on winter break to rehab my hip and I should have remembered how much of a miracle worker she is. because of Marissa and her personalized care, I felt like I was her only patient and main focus. My ankle is feeling back to normal and it’s all thanks to the amazing support of Marissa and the staff at Cioffredi. Not to mention how clean and safe I felt coming her given the current global state.” -Alli Duany


  • “Taylor was a joy to work with! I feel confident in the skills, exercises, and stretches Taylor has introduced to me, and I feel that her interventions and muscle manipulations have resolved my most serious chief complaint (frozen hips & weakness). I feel prepared to continue a healthy maintenance program. Thanks Taylor!” -Meredyth Morley


  • “My second time coming back for some chronic hip pain and Marissa was just as helpful as before! Very grateful to have access to such great treatment here in the Upper Valley!” -Caroline Ramsey


  • “Kate and Meghan are awesome. The ability to utilize a variety of treatments, such as stretching, exercises, massage, dry-needling, Neubie, personal training, and related equipment, is a huge benefit. The integration of healthcare and transition back to office visits worked well, as did the later transition to personal training. I was very comfortable with the level of attention to COVID-related precautions.” -K.C.


  • “My experience was excellent. Kate is knowledgeable and designed a program that helped me feel less pain.” – E.N.
  • “I started with PT after many months of pain and limitations brought about by injury, misuse of appropriate muscles and lots of inactivity. My work with my therapist has been successful in restoring much function and reduction of pain. I have learned how to maintain and continue my recovery as well as how to increase my success. Altogether, I am very happy with my experience and especially grateful for my therapist’s attention and committment to my recovery. Thank you.” -Jean Burling


  • “After two total knee replacement operations this past summer, I arrived ready to rehabilitate my legs and Taylor Daley was just great to work with. She spent a lot of time patiently answering all my questions and made sure I was getting the needed exercises to efficiently regain my leg strength to help support my new knees. She readily recognized my areas of weakness to help focus my efforts when I was at home and doing the prescribed exercises.” -Michael M.Higgins


  • “I have had two courses of PT with Justin, the first being for my TMJ which had gotten bad enough that I could barely open my mouth. Being a retired PT, I knew I had procrastinated long enough and needed to get some help. I sought out someone with expertise treating TMJ problems which led me to Justin. With some hands on treatment and a comprehensive exercise program things quickly improved and soon I was able to continue on my own with my home exercises. Then last fall I injured my knee while mountain biking and ended up having surgery in July. I was referred back to PT and opted to see Justin again. Both times I found Justin to be extremely knowledgeable and skilled as well as being fun to work with. In addition to treating the affected areas he looked at the whole picture and gave me fun and challenging exercises to address areas of weakness and imbalance that contributed to my problems. After a couple months of PT for my knee I was back on my mountain bike doing what I love. Thanks, Justin for all your help!” – Jill Cutting


  • “Having injured and reinjured my right knee multiple times in 2020, and on top of my existing left knee injury, I was pessimistic that I would ever play hockey again. However, the professional care and training I received helped me quickly realize I was not only capable of getting back on the ice, but would be able to do so in time for the coming season. I greatly appreciate the professional as well as personal nature of the training I received at Cioffredi. Thank you Marissa!” -Brian J. Premore


  • “My second time coming back for some chronic hip pain and Marissa was just as helpful as before! Very grateful to have access to such great treatment here in the Upper Valley!” -Caroline Ramsey
  • “Marissa and her trainee John were a huge help after my bunion correction surgery. They helped me regain full mobility on my big toe and built my leg/foot muscles back up. Every appointment, I felt they listened to me and challenged me. I appreciate all they did to get me back to hiking!” – Alicia Hershberger


  • “I started going to Cioffredi and Associates when I realized that I could not just keep pushing through the pain anymore.  After a lifetime of contact sports like football and rugby, and a decade as infantryman in the US Army, I was struggling to maintain my physical fitness and questioning how much longer I could keep up with my current lifestyle. The constant pain was a source of frustration that took the joy out working out. The staff at Cioffredi and Associates is phenomenal. Taylor and Kate used a variety of treatment methods and personalized workout plans to get me through old injuries, helping me to be pain-free for the first time in years. They always listened to me and worked towards my needs as an athlete, instead of simply restricting my activities. Their methods made me more self-aware as an athlete and gave me the tools to maintain myself for many years to come. Choosing to invest in myself by seeking treatment at Cioffredi and Associates was one of the best decisions of my life. I recovered in ways that I didn’t think were possible and I realized that I can still do all the physical things that I love to do.” -Kenton Satterwhite
  • “When I first came in to Cioffredi’s I was in constant jaw and neck pain. I have suffered from TMJ since I was very young and this was the first time I had actually gone somewhere to get help. I remember the first time I saw Zac I was hurting pretty bad and by the time I left that day I could actually open my mouth without any jaw pain. I couldn’t wait to come back again for my next appointment because the relief was instantaneous. I met with Marissa and her student John multiple times as well throughout my therapy and they were wonderful! All three of them taught me some great exercises to do at home to help build muscle and reduce the pain I was feeling. I am so appreciative to them for helping me get to a more manageable place with my TMJ and for such a great experience every time I came in!!” -Megan Dean


  • “Justin was excellent to work with. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience at Cioffredi” -T.R.


  • “My primary care provider recently recommended that I receive physical therapy services. I chose Cioffredi & Associates out of all the options available in the Upper Valley because of my previous very positive experiences there. Everyone I have had contact with at Cioffredi’s has been very helpful and pleasant. Zachary and Taylor are very knowledgable and professional while at the same time caring and personable. It was also very reassuring to see that CDC guidelines were being carefully followed regarding safeguards during the Corona virus pandemic. Many thanks to everyone there for their part in helping me feel better!” -Anonymous


  • “I returned to see Zac Gardner, who had been helpful to me on a couple of past occasions. I was having steady pain in my lower back at a level that was disrupting sleep and interfering with a number of activities. Zac listened carefully, asked questions that further clarified the issues I was experiencing, and then began a plan of on- site electronic stimulation and manual treatments , and recommendations of exercises for me to do daily. Over a period of several weeks the pain was reduced and the focus on the symptoms were narrowed. I have a clear understanding of what is happening in my spine and in the musculature and helpful exercises to continue and maintain my improvement. I must also add that Cioffredi’s Covid policies were clearly stated and closely followed. I had confidence in my safety as I received treatment. Zac and everyone I interacted with was friendly, encouraging and a pleasure to work with. I’m a pretty active man rapidly approaching seventy. I’ve received help from Cioffredi’s with my shoulder, a torn meniscus, and my back. over recent years. Each time I’ve had excellent treatment and lasting benefits. As a result I am confident I can continue hiking, cross country skiing, swimming, and gardening…and I’m back to getting a good night’s sleep!” -C.L.


  • “I am not much of a letter writer, but in today’s vastly critical world I felt it was important to let you know how a member of your staff has been such a important factor in helping me regain some normalcy in my life. Three years ago I had knee replacement surgery while down at our Southern winter residence. The follow up PT was supportive and I was satisfactorily engaged with them until we were able to return North. It was only six weeks after surgery and I still needed Physical Therapy to regain my strength and normal life. You see, I am a busy retiree. After I closed my business I have enjoyed the extra time being with family, centering on my grandkids, and a surprisingly expanding group of friends I have met through my volunteer work, my gym workout schedule, my love of quilting and my gardening. I spend most of my summer days on my knees in the 3000 sq. feet of garden dirt around our house, and people say that is where I get my biggest smiles. Anyway, I feared all of that was lost with my slow recovery from knee surgery. Then I met Marsha Wykes. Under her complete knowledge and sincere support I made steady progress back to the life I loved. She was incredible in the way she explained the specific way she wanted me to move and the reasons she designed the program she did. I not only made steady progress in your office, but she tapped into my own drive to push myself in between visits to double my progress. She led my body’s recovery, but more importantly my own emotional recovery. This past Spring, while I was helping my husband clear away some debris from our firewood project, I tripped and suffered a severely broken wrist- three fractures held together by a metal plate and nine screws. After six weeks in a sling I called your office to request a visit with Marsha. She started right in with some stretching work, but then realized my shoulder was giving more pain and discomfort than it should. A trip back to the surgeon revealed a torn rotator cuff, ligament damage, and other issues. I was heartbroken with the lack of movement and the prognosis from the doctor that I may never get full use back. Marsha, again came to the rescue. She teamed with me with an understanding of what I was able and willing to do in between visits and was incredible. She pushed me when I needed it and gave me the positive reinforcement when I was frustrated with my progress. While I am still working to achieve my goals, I wanted you to know what a tremendous asset you have in Marsha and how she has helped me, get my life back to a new “normal”.” -Susan Barrett
  • “I was able to be seen right away. Staff very helpful. PT was Justin Walker . He was extremely helpful teaching me a variety of exercises for my shoulder and providing me with helpful on-line videos. Most impressed with his care and management. Highly recommend.” -Robert Cricco


  • “For 12 months I had back stiffness, shooting pains down my leg and general weakness in my calf. After 60 days with marissa, and a 30min/day set of exercises, I am pain free, nimble and getting strong again. It works.” -Davis James


  • “Being a firefighter for the past 15 years I am no stranger to the aches and pains that come with the job. Strained muscles and sore backs seem almost as routine as our shift schedules. The problem is when we go from just routine sore backs to a nagging injury that doesn’t seem to go away, in fact, one that gets worse. Being an active guy who enjoyed working out regularly, cross country skiing, running, and being in the grouse woods with my German Shorthair Pointer Cricket. I was frustrated that this back “thing” just wouldn’t go away. A few months of trying to cope and simply wishing the pain away finally led to a breaking point. I had utilized Ciofreddi’s in the past for rehab from job-related injuries like a traumatic knee injury to a labral tear in my hip. So naturally, I returned to friendly faces when I couldn’t shake a painful lower back. One call and I was linked up with Kate the following day. A quick diagnosis of a very stiff spine coupled with weak abdominals and glutes (likely caused by months of compensating for that nagging back “thing”) and we had a plan. We started with light stretching, message and nerve glides to get things starting to fire again. A few weeks of regular PT and some homework and I was ready to graduate to Meghan’s academy of body movement and strength training to get back into fighting form. I can not say enough about how professional and knowledgeable both Kate and Meghan have been throughout my treatment, I feel like I should mention they both seemed to giggle at or at least tolerate my terrible jokes which made for some fun training and positive healing. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Cioffredi and Associates, I can’t thank Kate and Meghan enough for fixing my bad habits and getting me back on the right track. Being an advocate for functional fitness and wanting to fix pain through movement rather than surgery will always have me singing the praises of physical therapy, more specifically my friends at Cioffredi’s.” -Will Rancourt


  • “I was reluctant to call but family encouraged me. Kate is a master at working with the individual, but most importantly, she understands how life can tax our bodies. I had hurt my back caring for a beloved family member and felt like I couldn’t afford to be compromised. Kate knew where I hurt and why. She worked in such a way that I too became more aware. The exercise plan and technology treatments, she provided, made such a difference. But knowing too, that she understood my circumstances, allowed my healing in a much more integrated way. Within days, I was feeling relief. And when I think about what really changed, it seemed at some point I stopped thinking and just began feeling my body … now, I am pain free and wholly functional. This therapist meets you where you’re at, ensuring the very best of outcomes.” -Ann Marchewka


  • “Degenerative changes in my 73-year old spine have led me to physical therapy in recent years, at other locations. Finding myself in pain and in New Hampshire this summer, I contacted Cioffredi Physical Therapy in Grantham. Justin Walker helped me to become pain-free, strengthen my core, and improve my flexibility. Most importantly, he gave me the tools to stay pain-free while doing the things I enjoy – gardening, walking, traveling in the car. Thank you Justin!” – Karen Zuppardi
  • “Stephanie was great to work with. She listened to my concerns and provided exercises and strategies based on what I shared with her. She communicated with me effectively via telehealth and email. She was friendly and a very knowledgeable therapist.” -Anonymous


  • “I always receive outstanding care with Kate! She is thorough, thoughtful and gently guides and supports whatever I need to do to heal. And, each and every interaction I have with her and ALL members of the staff are positive. Every. Single. Time!” -Becky Luce


  • “I had an outstanding course of PT at Cioffredi’s. Kate Leiser was my physical therapist, and she was the best. Her physical skills and ability to relate were topnotch. She worked closely with me to tailor my program, which was very helpful. She really cares, and I looked forward to our sessions. I definitely will recommend Cioffredi and Kate to anyone who needs PT. Thank you.” -D.N.
  • “I would not even consider or recommend anyone other than Cioffredi. Becca in your Grantham office took fantastic care of me after I had a knee replacement, under her guidance and care she did such a good job that I will be able to get back to skiing this year, I am 73 years young and look forward to a great year after missing two seasons with knee problems.” -Bill Sinatra
  • “Marsha was excellent, the right balance of kicking my butt and empathy” – S.S.


  • “I have found everyone to be very professional and caring.” – Kathleen Mallett
  • “This was my first experience with Cioffredi for PT. The staff was consistently warm and friendly and extremely competent. My PT was Kris Bosela. We connected immediately, he listened well, always, and adjusted treatment wach week based on my feedback. What I appreciated most about Kris was his ability to answer my questions to clarify issues. Each question, he would refer to the muscle chart to show me what was actually going on internally. His responses were always clear and enlightening. kris is a natural teacher and this skill made my recovery contiune on a most positive trajectory. he is a gift to the profession.” -Ridie Ghezzi
  • “Kris was very informational about the actions I need to take to keep my problem areas in check. Great hands on massage to needed areas. Gave me great exercises to continue to get relief from pain in neck.” -Debra Stickney


  • “I was experiencing terrible back spasms due to an old injury, and I was blessed to find Cioffredi & Associates in my own neighborhood in Grantham, NH. Right from the start, Kat helped me schedule an appointment as soon as possible, and Justin Walker helped design a PT program to alleviate my pain and strengthen my core. I enjoyed all of my visits and appreciated Justin’s close supervision when I practiced my on-site exercises. He also provided helpful printouts of my exercise routine so I could do them at home too. After only 5-6 weeks, I am pain-free and more flexible than I’ve been in a long time. Thank you so much–I will recommend your services at every opportunity!”  -Theresa Joyce
  • “I felt very comfortable with the staff and my PT Taylor. This was my first PT experience and once I knew what to expect after the first few appointments, I really looked forward to going every week. It was great to finally learn about my body and the anatomy I had developed. I believe I learned enough to strengthen my muscles and increase mobility.”  -Jaime Blais


  • “I have found my time with Marsha not only physically productive to my injury, but mentally as well. After being assaulted at work, I felt myself on edge and nervous about my recovery time. She was always willing to assure me that it would get better and that was always comforting. Thank you for your help, Marsha!” – Anonymous


  • “Working with Kate was a delight. She’s knowledgeable, caring and kind. She encourages without pushing too far. I enjoyed my time with her.” -M.B
  • “I have had low back pain since college, following an injury. Over the years, I developed pain in my hip as well. I received intensive, excellent physical therapy to strengthen surrounding muscles, but I continued to struggle with residual piriformis pain. I was referred to Sadie for therapeutic massage to see if that would help retrain the way my muscles acted together to stabilize my hip. It worked!! I am back to a level of functioning I thought was lost forever. And I plan to continue to have Sadie and the Cioffredi crew support me in healthy aging. What a difference a year makes!!” -Anonymous


  • “I have dealt with a lower back issue for years not really thinking I could ix it. Seeing so many people live and deal with their own back issues I thought it was just something I had to live with. After a particularly bad ‘flare up’ my doctor suggested Physical Therapy. We talked about the long term effects as well as what to expect. To me, Physical Therapy always holds an image of old people in a pool. I was surprised to learn there is much more to it. From finding what is wrong, where the issue comes from, and how to fix it. Along with learning small, but important motions that can effect your comfort every day.” -Christopher Eastman
  • “I was very satisfied with my treatment I receivied this time.  Steph was very good at explaining things to me and helping me do my home treatments. I would recommend your associates to anyone.” -Dorothy Hutchins


  • “The words “MEET STEPHANIE DANIELS PT, DPT Physical Therapist, Pelvic Health Specialist” appeared in my cluttered mailbox back in January and I was instantly on the phone. A few minutes into our first session I knew that Stephanie was the practitioner I had been waiting for. My passion for improvisational dance was rekindled by enrolling in Tai Chi classes at the age of 59. My destiny to be an actress and dancer had been hijacked in my twenties by motherhood, hence I became a psychotherapist instead. Over the last 6 years I have struggled with an ancient art that puts my ‘dance body’ in a straight jacket while instructing me to use an entirely different muscle group. Despite the sparring within my muscles driven by the formality of ballet and a martial art, I cannot quit. At 59 I had already come through an appendectomy, 3 C-sections and an oophorectomy. Then in 2016 when my inner dancer and fighter were getting into a hybrid flow, I had surgery for a pelvic prolapse. I still feel the effects of this surgery despite being reassured that it isn’t the cause of my pelvic discomfort. I soldered on because I just LOVE to dance and Tai Chi was enhancing my ability. A total hysterectomy due to a diagnosis of endometrial cancer in November of 2019 broke my stride and my confidence. When I told Stephanie that my presenting problem was pelvic discomfort that I had a hunch might be due to 7 abdominal surgeries never mind my age, and that I wanted to dance without hurting myself she smiled in a way that lifted my spirits; I had won the healthcare lottery. I am unabashed about exploring what is happening below my belly button in what I imagine to be scar tissue resembling a box of melted crayons. Stephanie is attuned, grounded, and applies her expansive knowledge and medical expertise in a way that is inspiring and comforting. Under her care I have made immense gains corroborated by two surgeons in late June. “Keep working with your PT” is my recommendation! What cannot be measured is the value of having my confidence restored. Any description of Stephanie as a person and professional would fall short of her vibrancy, brilliance and kindness.” -Ellie Anderson


  • “Stephanie is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge is very comforting. She is very respectful and easy to work with. I am grateful for my experience with her.” -Nancy Baker


  • “Justin Walker did a superb job on my left shoulder replacement. He is extremely knowledgable and professional and communicates effectively regarding the complexities of the muscles in the shoulder joint. I highly recommend his therapy and would not hesitate to use him again. Many thanks Justin!” -Jack Haskell


  • “After wishing and waiting too long for my injured knee to get better, I made an appointment to see Marsha. She is such a good listener and explainer. By the end of my first appointment she had a plan forward for me. She made sure I did the exercises with proper form. Each session she checked my form and added something new to my mix. After a week of the exercises my nerve pain was vastly improved and I had more confidence in moving about. By the end of my sessions I’ve learned a lot of practical tips to manage my aging knees!” -N.S.


  • “I was very skeptical that PT could help with bowel issues. But it did. my muscles had somehow gotten confused and were not functioning correctly. PT showed me how they should be working and I was able to re establish my connection to the appropriate muscles necessary and learn how to strengthen them and use them correctly. Stephanie was very knowledgeable. Her professional manner and kindness reduced the stress and embarrassment thought the course of my treatment.”  -Anonymous


  • “I have loved working with Kate, as she is so sensitive to details about pain and anatomy – and she is such a good listener.” -Joanne Scobie


  • “I am a repeat customer and have always been impressed by the knowledge and skill of your physical therapists, and with the friendliness of the staff as a whole. I have never had a bad or questionable experience.” -Anonymous


  • “Marsha helped me tremendously. My lower back, hip and upper leg were very sore when I first began treatment. After the first 2 visits, I already noticed improvement, less pain and more maneuverability. The work done in the office combined with the at-home exercises were so helpful. Marsha listened to my pain issues and was able to diagnose the right blend of exercises. By the end of the third week, I was on the mend and getting relief from my back issues. By the end of my series of appointments, I was nearly pain free and am able to continue my exercises and strengthening from home.” -Gail McPeek


  • “Stephanie took great care of me. She was clear as to how we would achieve my goals at the end of treatment and she was always following up with me to track my progress and my comfort level. She went out of her way to send me additional exercises and treatment that I could use to return my body back to its operational level prior to my injury.” -M.D.


  • “I really enjoyed working with Zach. He identified my problem and gave me focused exercises that I completed on my own in addition to therapy at our appointments. This helped me a lot.” – Zachary Hawthorne


  • “Marissa and John were able to bring my sciatica and related back pain and weakness back to a reasonable level which is wonderful! I can stand up straight again and go for walks. Thank you so much Marissa and John!” -Connie Filbin


  • “During a year-long period, I was challenged by ongoing discomfort, related to rotator cuff surgery, and repetitive -use challenges. Having the opportunity to do PT with Kate really changed my perspective for resuming those activities that were important to me. My passions, gardening, working in clay, baking, and swimming all presented hand and shoulder challenges over a long period of time. With Kate’s incredible expertise and communication skills, I progressed steadily. When unexpected discomfort, or set-backs occurred, she was always able to discover another solution or strategy to problem-solve. Her repertoire of PT tools is astonishing! She always remained positive, reassuring me that with the practicing of exercises and maintaining an active lifestyle, I would be able to fully participate in these activities. Her support and knowledge resulted in a very successful PT partnership!” -Joanna Waldman


  • “Instead of focusing on the skills and therapies I was provided to correct my injury I want to focus on the manner of which it was provided. Most physical therapists can help you achieve your goals, but the amazing ones help you mentally and emotionally work through all aspects to achieve those goals. This was not the first time I have had the pleasure of working with Marissa. What made this time more special to me was the difficult medical illness, unrelated to my injury, I developed while I was under going physical therapy. I experienced pain, weakness, and neurological effects. I was frustrated with myself, my intermittent lack of progress, and general feelings of despair. Marissa intuitively knew what to say, when to push, when to change approach, and when to remind me that I have had this injury for almost 30 years. I have been given the skills to continue my growth in physical fitness without causing further injury. I will truly miss my sessions with Marissa, I can’t recommend her enough to everyone. Honestly, it isn’t just Marissa that’s amazing, the entire staff has always been warm and friendly. I never hesitate to ask any of the staff a question.” -Karen Barbour



  • At first, I felt a little silly about getting Physical Therapy for my TMJ. I had never done any Physical Therapy before, especially not over Zoom! However, as the weeks went on, I was surprised by how much of a difference it made. My jaw hurts less, I can open it much wider, and it is easier for me to eat the foods I wanted to–even bagels, which used to make my jaw achy and sore after eating. I suffer from frequent headaches, and the work we did to loosen my jaw and improve my posture has meant fewer headaches and less neck pain. I didn’t even know that my TMJ was contributing to my headaches. Thanks for your help in making me feel better!” -Christine Scales
  • “Marsha worked wonders for my lower back and sciatica. I have had pain sitting and lying in bed for many years. That is behind me now and I can sit comfortably and sleep all night without tossing and turning.” Jeffrey Smith
  • “Cioffredi’s once again exceeded my expectations through out my treatment. I’ve been to them 3 times for various reasons and the kindness of the staff never fails to amaze me. My therapist, Marissa, adapted my treatment plan to my crazy lifestyle and I can keep up the good habits even tho I’m no longer seeing her.” -Anonymous


  • “I had a great experience working with Stephanie. I came in with a lot of shoulder and neck pain during pregnancy, and worked with her for about two months. She was great both with the hands-on part of physical therapy and also with giving me exercises to do and adjusting them as time went on. She was also creative — she proposed about halfway through that we try cupping and the Graston tool, and that proved to be very helpful. I am feeling much better now. Thanks so much!” -B.D.


  • “I have had lower back pains for at least thirty years. Because my PT with Marsha. I feel very little pain. Marsha was able to achieve this new back status when other PTs and many doctors failed. I am very, happy and appreciative with Marsha. She was extremely knowledgeable, well trained and follows all the rules. Thank you Marsha.” -Ed Graham, PhD
  • “Cioffredi & Associates exceeded my expectations. Beginning with my first phone call to set up an appointment until my last day of therapy, I had a thoroughly positive experience. The entire staff was professional, but they were friendly at the same time. The receptionists greeted me warmly each time and knew who I was, even though I had a mask on! I felt safe with their COVID related procedures (hand sanitizer for when you check in, everyone masked, and all the equipment cleaned after each use). My physical therapist, Taylor, provided excellent, personalized care. On the rare occasion that Taylor was unavailable, she had me work with Marissa–who was also an excellent physical therapist. That kept my program consistent. If I ever need PT again, Cioffredi & Associates will be my first choice.” -K.M.


  • “Kate Leiser is one of the best, if not the best, PT that I’ve worked with over the past 25+ years.” -A.K.


  • “Going to Cioffredi has always been a successful way for me to rehab from injuries and prevent future ones. All of the PTs I have worked with have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic in providing the best treatment possible for me.” -Owen Deffner


  • “Cioffredi’s is an excellent place for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. This is my second time needing PT and I would not go anyplace else. Kate is excellent and helped me to get my shoulder/arm back in shape after rotator cuff surgery. Zac is excellent as well as I am sure all the therapists are. Everyone is very friendly, from Jamie and the others as you first walk in to the therapists working with you and other patients. I would not go anyplace else if I ever need PT again. Love you guys.” -P.F.


  • “It was a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.” -Cherry Garcia
  • “I contacted Cioffredi Associates in Grantham concerning a chronic neck and shoulder problem that had flared up during the winter months. I met with Justin to review the problem, he assured me that in time the problem could be repaired. He developed a progressive strength and flexibility program that provided me with weekly improvement that has ultimately allowed me to once again participate in baseball, cycling and golfing as well as other activities. I am now pain free and thrilled with the outcome that I have experienced.” -Denis Ibey


  • My most recent experience at Cioffredi & Associates was similar to times in the past when I needed some expert treatment consisting of exercises and hands on therapy to keep me functioning. I consider this facility my first choice for treatment of injuries as well as for massage therapy. The staff is very friendly and enjoyable to work with and I have always been seen within a day or two of an injury. -Pat Stockwell


  • “I’ve been treated at Cioffredi for a number of injuries over the past 12 years. My Physical Therapists have always been friendly and professional. As long as things break and tear I will always come back to Cioffredi’s.” -Mark Peirce


  • “My whole life I have had headaches when I got overtired but in the last 16 years (I am 61 now, they started when I was about 45), I have had chronic headaches. Over the past few years I was having multiple headaches a week, being awakened by headaches in the night, waking up in the morning with headaches that nothing would help, and taking lots more ibuprofen than I wanted. On top of this, I was unable to identify a clear cause for my headaches. My PCP had mentioned a medicine I could take for the rest of my life that might have helped but I really did not want to go that route. So I prayed for healing and managed the headaches as best as I could. I happened to see a brochure from Cioffredi Physical Therapy, “What to do when HEADACHE PAIN . . . really isn’t in your head.” It talked about how poor posture, in particular, a pronated head, can, over time, produce headaches. This was me!!! I called Cioffredi’s. Even after the first couple of PT sessions, I was having less headaches and was beginning to be able to manage the pain of those I had! Now, after two months of PT I am “armed and ready”. I am down to only headaches I can attribute to 1) Eating sugar too late at night 2) High Humidity or 3) Car sickness — and all of these I am able to manage or dissipate with my exercises and stretches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do my exercises and stretches diligently because the results are phenomenal!! NO more waking up at night because of a severe headache, no more waking up in the morning with a headache that I cannot shake. No more afternoon headaches — and hardly ever do I take ibuprofen. If I do wake up in the night and feel one coming on, I do my exercises in the night and it goes away. I am so thankful to Marissa and John for their kindness, knowledge and skill to free me from chronic headaches. I am indeed healed!!” -Margaret V. Pillsbury


  • “Excellent patient outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic and very understanding about rescheduling appointments. Zac was amazing and never once made me feel like the pain was in my head. I will definitely come back if I need PT again.” -Chelsea King
  • “I was exceptionally pleased with the care and treatment I received at the Grantham Cioffredi office. All staff members were very helpful and professional, in aiding me through my course of treatment, and in caring for billing and associated questions. My thanks to Kat, Justin and in particular Becca, for getting me to pain free and productive place, once again.” -T.L.
  • “I have used Cioffredi & Associates three times now, for neck and shoulder concerns. Becca is patient, listens and is willing to find exercises and stretches that fit both my injuries and my limitations, plus she always has kind words of encouragement! This time around I also met Justin. His approach is slightly different than Becca’s but he really got my shoulder moving. Together the therapy I received from Becca and Justin was just what I needed to sleep and move pain free. I also experienced the tele-health services for the last few visits and they were just as amazing and helpful.” -Lisa Hanscom
  • “I really enjoyed everything about PT with the Cioffredi team In Grantham. The pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back was from years of poor posture and old school sit-ups! Becca worked the kinks out and taught me exercises to reduce pain and gain strength back. I love the professional and cheerful personalities of everyone and how I’m now able to teach my Grandchildren the backstroke! Thank you!!!” -Deborah Fagone


  • “While running, I felt a sudden “pop” in my hip. I came to a grinding halt and gingerly walked the ~1 mile back to my apartment. This was the second time I’d felt a pop in my hip and, after only resting last time, decided to call Cioffredi & Associates because of the wonderful PT services I’ve received through them in the past. I was able to book a virtual appointment with Justin and am so glad I did. Justin knew right away that it was caused by snapping hip syndrome and we immediately got to work with a combination of virtual appointments and “homework” exercises. Over the course of several weeks, the pain I felt when walking, sitting, standing up, and stepping up was gradually relieved, my balance improved, and I was able to start a walk/run routine. Justin was kind enough to develop a walk/run routine to help me get back up my regular running (about 3 miles) and walking (about 5 to 6 miles) routine. I’m so grateful to Cioffredi & Associates for all of the wonderful care I’ve received!” -Nicole Losavio
  • “Friendly, helpful staff greets you with a smile and Hello. Came here for PT after back surgery to resolve a herniated disc that was compressing a nerve. My back hasn’t felt this great in years and my weakened leg is getting stronger every week.” -Robert Kuhn


  • “I got a lot of moral support from my therapist. She helped me work through challenges and kept me motivated. My symptoms became less frequent and less severe. I felt stronger and more relaxed. I came to want to exercise everyday. The obstacles fell away. It was good to have the challenge. It was good to have success in one area of my life while the lockdown was going on and the rest of existence went on hold. I was impressed by how easy it was to switch to virtual visits. We never had any technical challenges. I had a good experience all the way around.” -C.D.


  • “It all went very well and am most appreciative of the progress I made with Marissa!” -Jean C. Brown


  • “I was very, very happy with the PT experience I had with Zac Gardner. He quickly got to know what I could tolerate, and challenged me in all the right ways to take advantage of this opportunity to gain flexibility, strength and function. He was thoroughly professional, but also personable and polite. I made a great deal of progress toward my recovery, and he has launched me into a phase where I can now be fully in charge of my own continued work.” -Rob Grabill


  • “Zac listened to my personal goals and designed an exercise program to increase my strength and ROM to help me progress to those goals. I am continuing to do the exercises at home which will help me progress further.” -Brenda Knight


  • “We were given a recommendation to try Cioffredi and are SO glad that we did! From my initial phone call with Jamie (she was SO patient, so professional and kind!) I just knew that this was going to be a great experience. My son, Brexton (14) had a snowboarding accident that resulted in a bad break of his arm & wrist. After several months of surgeries, casts, pins, stitches and more, PT was the next necessary step. Marsha did an AMAZING job with bringing Brexton’s recovery to the next step. In the last month she brought back an incredible amount of range of motion as he is now in the ‘normal’ range of all function! With every single appointment you could tell that she truly cares for her patients and their well-being. We really couldn’t be happier with everything!” -B.E. & A.E.
  • “I came into therapy with quite a lot of nerve pain, unable to sleep, and basically no mobility in my spine, having been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and a herniated disk. Marsha was fantastic. Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. After 10 visits, I am sleeping better, have greatly reduced pain and vastly improved flexibility in my spine. The sessions with her, and the results, far exceeded my expectations!” -A.M.


  • “I came to the Cioffredi Grantham, NH office for PT on my healing broken lower leg. I was very impressed with Justin Walker’s assessment of my injury’s needs and both the in-person therapies he performed and at-home exercises he gave me. I feel Doing the exercises made a difference with the weekly progress Justin measured and monitored as compared to my other leg. My healing progressed as expected, with the final few percent to come from extended at-home exercises after I was discharged.”-Ed Howes


  • “Amazing, helpful, spot on. Marsha was very realistic and honest straight to the point. She helped me so I can continue my recovery and helped me through p.t. of a car accident. I’ll never be 100% but I’m as close as I could get without major surgery. Most of all with all the exercises given to me I am almost 80%-90% pain free for the most part of my days.” -Danielle Lemay


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  • “I went to see Becca to help me with excruciating pain in my shoulder as a result of neck issues. After a few weeks of sessions I wasn’t experiencing any improvement so she recommended some different methods including dry needling. It was like she performed a miracle. I’ve had to return for “maintenance” several months after ending treatments but she’s able to help “reset” me to a good place. In addition to the hands on treatments, she gives instructions and exercises. By going to physical therapy, I have delayed surgery, hopefully indefinitely!” -Liz Borger


  • “My experience at Cioffredi was beneficial to me and I would highly recommend it to others seeking relief from their pain. I came in with a lot of pain and Stephanie took the time to review my condition with me and to clearly explain what my treatment would be moving forward. The treatment was personalized for my level of progress and my therapist listened to my concerns and made adjustments as necessary. I am now pain free and I would highly recommend Cioffredi to others.” -Anonymous
  • “I found Becca professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. The space was clean. Scheduling was easy and I liked the reminders.”  -A.M.


  • “I worked with Kate for eight months to rehab a chronic back and hip pain that prevented me from standing for more than fifteen minutes, caused trouble sleeping and interfered with daily activities. As an older adult, I didn’t want to lose any abilities to do the thinks I enjoy doing, like exercising, gardening and traveling . I am happy to say that we accomplished my goals. I would recommend Kate to anyone needing PT and enjoyed working with her.” -JH


  • “I broke my left upper arm the day after Thanksgiving, essentially shattering my elbow. It required surgical repair with a plate and nine screws and I was in a full cast until the end of December. When I started therapy, there wasn’t much that I could do with my left arm. I had no strength and very limited mobility. No control of steering wheel, so no driving. I couldn’t even touch my face so washing my hair, getting dressed, etc was difficult. Opening jars and cutting food was interesting. I was lucky in that I am right-handed, but I had to struggle with doing everything one handed. Six months after starting therapy (and still doing my exercises every day), I am back to hiking and biking and opening my own jars of peanut butter.” -Katy Driscoll


  • “I saw Justin during my recovery from meniscus tear surgery. He worked with me through my ups and downs adjusting my PT exercises to suit me when I had another problem emerge. I’m so grateful to him for being understanding and working with me. I’m excited to finally be back to myself and I’m looking forward to going hiking and walking this summer which is something I haven’t been able to do for over a year!” -Glynis van der Merwe
  • “Great experience with Justin. He helped cure my knee pain and got me back to hiking and mountain biking. Very knowledgeable and great to work with to regain my mobility. Highly recommend!” -Peggy Aldrich


  • “Experience overall was great! Justin, Becca and Kate went out of their way before, during and after the pandemic closures to ensure that I continued my treatment program. I accomplished the goals I started out with and have left with a good regimen to continue to improve both my shoulder and elbow.” -Bruce Altobelli


  • “How Pelvic Muscle PT helped me. It occurred to me when I watched yet another advertisement for “Adult Pull-ups” I thought to myself, it isn’t normal to be incontinent as active adults. The advertisers are normalizing it for their profit. I’m not yet old (I don’t think 60 is old, but some might disagree) and I started to have trouble with “that area down there” that no one likes to talk about. And yes, I did my kegels! I didn’t want to be entering my 70s already needing incontinence products. I turned to Stephanie Daniels at Cioffredis. Stephanie was professional and kind; she explained that the pelvic floor has lots of muscles that can get tight or weak like any other muscle. Pelvic floor muscles work together with abdominal and hip muscles to keep everything functioning correctly. There are exercises that go beyond Kegels to really help. She stepped me through retraining my muscles. Within a month, I am more confident when I sneeze, or laugh or cough! The exercises aren’t hard and you don’t need a gym! You can do many while standing in line! Face it, if I can do it, anyone can do it.” -Anonymous


  • June 2020 Knee Lifts Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy“On Christmas eve of 2019 I was injured at work. Not knowing what to expect going forward, I ended up reaching out to my primary care facility to figure out the next steps to return to work. Other than the typical aches and pains one might expect, I assured my coworkers I would be back to work in no time. I could not have been more misguided! The worst symptom I had was recurring headaches and occasional dizziness which was most prevalent when I lost my sense of space, for instance at night in complete darkness. Following a couple of weeks of testing, I was diagnosed with a concussion/TBI to which my treatment was REST. The first few weeks resulted in sleeping a lot, to include napping throughout the day. That’s when I realized my stamina for long days had shrunk to barely 8 hours or less before needing to sleep again. Weeks turned to months, and as time passed the headaches subsided and I would only notice the dizziness when looking at certain design patterns and moving objects. For example escalators and the moving walkways in airports were cause to pause. By March a coworker told me that Cioffredi had a PT program for post concussion injuries, so at my next appointment with the Dr. I inquired. I was referred and quickly scheduled an appointment to start PT where I was connected with Marissa! Finally, after two months I felt as though the wheels started turning toward recovery! We started with simple eye movements which for some reason triggered headaches, which I found odd, but I stuck with Marissa’s treatment plan of “pencil push-ups” and rapid eye movements. Twice a week we met and I looked forward to the progress I was making each and every time. At nearly the same time I had started at the gym, and the physical and mental exercises gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment, alas…..Covid! All at once, everything that made me feel better, stripped away, overnight. The feeling of being “deflated” hit and I felt as though I would be returning to square one all over again. After pushing through this down turn, like most people during this time, we took to the outdoors and started doing weekly and bi-weekly hikes locally. And while on the trail I reflected on the short time I was in PT and why I felt it was helping. Funny thing about brain injuries I discovered, you compensate for everything, the smallest of things, to more import physical aspects of living. And while being in PT, Marissa provided me with this understanding because of my treatment. I would have never discovered my loss of balance to be so dramatic had it not been for my treatment. And yes many “pencil push-ups” and finally, my eyes were strong again and the headaches went away. By the beginning of May nearly six weeks went by before I stepped foot into Cioffredi, and I was excited. The hustle and bustle of a packed gym was gone, replaced by individual one on one treatment sessions in small rooms. It was quiet and peaceful and I found concentrating at the task at hand, recovery, was easily accomplished. The difficult part was doing ladder work in a tiny space! We made it work. Again back to twice a week appointments throughout May, many temperature screenings, hand sanitizing, and performing physical activities while breathing through a face covering the end was in sight. June 1st, my recovery journey to return to work had ended. Thank you Marissa (your awesome!) and all the staff at Cioffredi for the countless hours you spend cleaning sanitizing, preparing and most importantly treating patient like me!” -Jeffrey Egner, Captain Lebanon Fire Department


  • “In September of 2019 I fell along a riverbank and injured my left shoulder. I was evaluated by Marissa Reilly at Cioffredi’s, and she said I had most probably torn my sub-scapularis, the large muscle in the front of the shoulder. In October I had an MRI at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center , which showed that Marissa was absolutely correct. I had surgery in late December, 2019. I started physical therapy rehab with Marissa in mid January of 2020, and had two sessions a week for approx three months. I think she did a great job; giving me valuable information about shoulder joint anatomy and function, and prescribing increasingly challenging range of motion exercises as I made gradual progress. I had two more sessions after Cioffredi’s re-opened their facility after the Covid-19 shut down, and I now have an exercise plan I’m comfortable continuing on my own. In January I couldn’t reach for a coffee cup with my left hand and arm. Now I’m able to do light to moderate carpentry, use a shovel and rake, and paddle a kayak. I found all the staff at Cioffredi’s courteous and helpful. I’ll go there again for any future physical motion issues I might have. Thank you very much.” -Edward John Tretter


  • “I’ve been going to Cioffredi & Assoc for about 20 years now and always use them as my first choice for PT because they uniformly do a fantastic job.” -Bruce Altobelli
  • “The Grantham office has been great. Professional, courteous and everything is covid clean. Justin has been great to work with. His initial evaluation outlined the process and outcomes. I had improvement day one and continue to improve. He assesses where I am at at each visit and makes sure he’s moving forward at the correct pace.” -Linda Cunningham


  • “I’ve been going to Cioffredi & Assoc for about 20 years now and always use them as my first choice for PT because they uniformly do a fantastic job.” -Bruce Altobelli
  • “I began working with Stephanie at Cioffredi & Associates after tearing my ACL while skiing. The doctor recommended that I start exercises to build and strengthen my legs before having surgery. After surgery I returned to PT for a couple weeks prior to the clinic closing due to Covid-19. I was disapponited about the clinic closing since I was in my prime post-op PT time, however, Stephanie made sure I had the appropriate exercises to work on while at home and checked in with me for follow up. A few weeks later Kate started working with me via Tele-health, which was a huge help, since I was ready to move on to more difficult exercises. It was great having someone guide me through the next steps (literally going up steps) as I progressed through my PT. When I heard the clinic was reopening I didn’t hesitate to go back in, because I knew they were taking every precaution necessary, and beyond, to make sure everyone was safe. If it were not for the continuous support I had through the combination of in-clinic and Tele-health, I don’t believe I would be as far along in my post-op rehab as I am now.” -Alisha Keel


  • “Stephanie Daniels is honestly one of the kindest and most understanding providers I have ever encountered. After delivering my first child I struggled both mentally and emotionally to cope with the changes that occurred in my body. After talking with Stephanie and other new mom’s its clear to me that many women have pelvic health problems after pregnancy and childbirth that aren’t often talked about. Stephanie helped me understand what was happening, and worked with me to come up with solutions that were both personalized and effective. I’m so thankful that Stephanie has been able to help me heal my body and I wish I had come to see her sooner!” -J.G.


  • “I have been treated for several sports related injuries with two different therapists at this office. I had conditions for years that I searched elsewhere for help and was only given pain meds and stretches. My joint and muscle pain has been completely treated by Cioffredi and Associates and I am 100% healed and back in function.” -Timothy Meyers
  • ”When I first came to Cioffredi, I had been dealing with a lingering knee injury for six months. I had gone to two different physical therapists for several months, but neither of them were successful at bringing me back to the sport I love – trail running. I was despondent about recovering and had resigned to just not running anymore. Then I met Kate Leiser at Cioffredi. She examined me and together we crafted a recovery plan with a clear goal to get me back to running. Having a plan with clear steps that shifted every few weeks with my progress was just the kind of tailored care that I needed to stay motivated and recover. And working with a PT who was an athlete herself really made a difference. I’m happy to report that after three months of working with Kate (even through the pandemic via telehealth sessions!), I am back running pain-free. I have a short strength training routine that is sustainable for me to keep up, and I’m feeling stronger by the day. Thank you, Kate & Cioffredi!” -E.M


  • June 2020 Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy Back Pain”Cioffredi’s has been great! Everyone employee there is kind, friendly and supportive. My PT, Zac Gardner, simply put, is incredible. My journey has been long hard one and Zac has stood by me every step of the way. His sense of humor, his compassion for my care, and his ability to try all modes of therapy to move me forward with my injury and pain is nothing short of amazing. Not once has he given up on me. I have been blessed to have Zac as my Therapist. Can I also add…..The new protocols you have put in place so I can continue my care are great. I feel perfectly safe in your care and appreciate all you have done in order for me to do so. Thank you.” -Lisa Meyer

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