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patty stickney
June 20, 2024

Neil listens and is fully present and incredibly positive. He seem to have a good understanding of my problems and helps me to feel hopeful that I will get better. He has many different ideas for exercises that he sends me home so I can continue my care.

John McGeachie
June 14, 2024
Sally Shoop
June 13, 2024
Don Noordsy
June 11, 2024

I have had therapy at Cioffredi for several different issues. And they have never failed at "curing" the issue. I entrust my heath to them and they make a plan for me and provide me with what I need. They also are able to adjust the plan if something occurs that requires a change. Wonderful professional staff !

Jill Hatch
June 8, 2024

I've worked with Kate at Cioffredi's Physical Therapy several times and have nothing but high regards for my treatments. It's relaxed, but professional atmosphere, where I've enjoyed my treatment. I went in for knee and hip issues and was able to recently take a trip to Alaska and walk 6 miles without problems on a couple days.

Eunie Guyre
June 3, 2024

Such a positive experience! The visits are just the right amount of time, exercises are not overwhelming, I am seen promptly and Marsha has been very encouraging.I feel stronger after only 4 visits!

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