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December 2022 Testimonials

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"Julianna took me from not being able to tie my shoes back to jumping around with my young kids. Her positivity kept me hopeful... we could see improvement session to session."

"Katie was remarkable in her approach to working with me. She helped me move from chronic hip pain to enjoying my time hiking the White Mountains pain-free."

"[Howard Badillo, PT] developed a plan that fixed my shoulder pain completely. He was caring, attentive to my needs concerning my shoulder and then my knee. I feel 100% better."

"I remember feeling and thinking like I was never going to make a full recovery. Working with Taylor and Julianna turned my recovery into a possibility."

"I started with a very painful jaw and couldn't open my mouth. I am able now to open my mouth wide and move my jaw with no pain after a few appointments."

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