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January 2023 Testimonials

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"We were hugely successful... I will have a successful rest of the ski season and other outdoor activities in the future. Megan is an excellent therapist and coach."

"I received personalized care and made big gains in terms of increased mobility and decreased pain and discomfort. The atmosphere of the whole office is upbeat, friendly, and positive."

"Howard was wonderful! He was friendly, professional, and responsive. He listened and took a comprehensive approach to the treatment plan. Highly recommend working with him!"

"This rehab program became one of continued education and motivation that has truly exceeded my expectations, I believe because Taylor has so actively encourage my desire to learn/understand and be involved in why we are doing these exercises."

"[My treatment] increased my range of motion an muscle strength significantly. I was impressed with the knowledge and background of the staff providing me care during my rehabilitation."

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Locations in Lebanon, NH and Grantham, NH

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