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August 2023 Testimonials

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“Tyler Gendron Was Extremely Helpful... Extremely knowledgeable and makes the exercises easy to understand. He was sensitive to what I could do and very encouraging." -Maureen Brentrup

"She immediately knew what was going on with my shoulder and initiated a regimen to make structural changes in my posture to correct it. The progress has been steady and undeniable." -Tom Jacobs

Neil MacKenzie, PT Was Superb... Feedback on progress was crisp and clear, and the acid test is that the treatment worked, on just about exactly the timeline he'd predicted." -Anonymous

"Much less pain...With a few adjustments to my run and added strength exercises I am not only experiencing less knee pain but also running faster." -Caroline Borger

"As a long time coach, Howard is the bomb (outstanding)... thoughtfully and carefully tailoring advice and coaching to the unique needs of each client." -Dave Bonner

"It was perfect. [She] helped me to control and be free of the pain and discomfort In my neck... I am forever thankful to Julianna for helping me." -Anonymous

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