Adapting and Growing in a Pandemic

This year marks the 35th year since we opened our doors back in 1985. Over all these years, the organization has grown from just Billy Cioffredi operating as a sole proprietor to a small team of PT and wellness professionals with locations in Lebanon and Grantham. While this wasn’t the way we expected to be celebrating the milestone, it seems fitting that we mark 35 years with another year of adaption and change.

As is the case with many, we had to significantly modify the way our organization operates due to the pandemic. Among many other moves such as investing in state of the art sanitization and virus prevention treatment products and going completely paperless, we’ve reduced the number of patients we see at a time, increased the total treatment times, and staggered visits to provide safe distancing measures.

At the same time, we’ve been blessed by your continued support, which has allowed our small, family run business to continue to operate and serve you. Between telehealth and in-clinic options, you have trusted us to help overcome your pain and support a better you even in the midst of a pandemic. For that, we are so incredibly grateful. In fact, because of your overwhelming support, we are now at a point where, in order to continue to meet the demand with the high level of precautions and distancing measures we have in place, we need additional space.

As a result, we have expanded our Lebanon clinic, adding new space on the first floor in Lebanon which to increase capacity by 60%! This first floor is beautiful, lofty and provides us with an incredible opportunity to serve you better and in more ways. This gives us several more individual, spacious treatment rooms in which to provide completely private treatments and makes it even easier for mobility limited patients to access without having to navigate elevators or stairs. It also allows us to safely open up and reintroduce our suite of wellness services. This includes dedicated space for therapeutic, relaxation, and sports massage therapy as well as Medically-Based Personal Training. We have many more exciting plans in store for the new space with announcements to make, work to do, and clients to serve over the coming months so please stay tuned.

Thank you as always for your support! Much love, happiness, and health from our entire team!