Curt Jacques, West Lebanon Feed and Supply Owner


Curt Jacques

As a 63-year-old husband, father, grandfather, and Upper Valley Business Owner in reasonably good health and with a somewhat active lifestyle, having an injury “road bump” placed in my path created quite a setback that was both unexpected and very inconvenient. Three falls landing on my right shoulder resulted in a completely torn rotator cuff that required surgery.

Thankfully the surgery was a success and I began my physical therapy program with Cioffredi & Associates. With limited experience with physical therapy, my expectation was that experiencing some pain during recovery would be normal and simply a part of the healing process. However, the pain level was minimal, and Marsha always made sure to work with me to set reasonable limits. Working hand-in-hand (or in my case hand-in-shoulder) was paramount to the success of my injury recovery.

I often tell my employees that “attitude is altitude” and so with surgery/recovery, just like any challenge you will go through, be sure to put the work in, be very diligent with follow-up, and stay focused on the recovery goals. It certainly made a huge difference in my health and the successful outcome that I experienced. Here I am nineteen weeks post-surgery and my range of motion is nearly an astounding 100%! Thank you, Marsha and Cioffredi & Associates, for improving my life!

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