A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Back Pain

Finding Your Perfect Formula

Are you living with back pain? Learn how Cioffredi & Associates can help!


Arlene Bettigole had always considered herself physically active. When she developed excruciating low back pain with sciatica, a condition that causes pain to radiate from the low back down your leg, she felt distraught. Requiring steroid injections every 6 months to provide temporary relief, Arlene eventually resolved that she would just have to live with the pain.

Arlene attributed her condition to the 2,000 miles per month she drove working for the Red Cross. After attending a lecture at our clinic on low back pain, she decided that there had to be another way to deal with the pain, and sought out treatment at Cioffredi & Associates. Arlene was paired with Marsha Wykes, PT, OCS, Cert MDT. Marsha utilized the McKenzie Method of treatment for Arlene. McKenzie is a movement based approach to back pain that centralizes and eventually eliminates pain through a series of exercises.

On her treatment, Arlene noted that “Marsha convinced me that the specialized exercises and regular stretching would assist in controlling the back pain and eliminating the sciatica – if I religiously followed the regimen after our session concluded. The results were pretty amazing. I became virtually pain free after 8 sessions of physical therapy with no need for steroid injections or narcotics to alleviate pain.

Furthermore, I signed up for regular therapeutic massage to simultaneously work on muscular and skeletal anomalies while staying active with hiking and water aerobics. Not only is full body massage relaxing, deep therapeutic massage targeting the muscle groups, complementing a specific physical therapy regimen, has provided for a truly effective program for me.”

“Thanks to Cioffredi & Associates, I am enjoying an active life after 65 both personally and professionally. This is truly integrative medicine at its best!”


While Arlene has now retired from the Red Cross, she has returned to teaching Medical Terminology which often requires long hours either lecturing at the podium, or hovered over the microscope. Arlene is now able to perform these tasks pain free.


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