“I am a busy retiree. After I closed my business I have enjoyed the extra time being with family, centering on my grandkids, and a surprisingly expanding group of friends I have met through my volunteer work, my gym workout schedule, my love of quilting and my gardening. I spend most of my summer days on my knees in the 3000 sq. feet of garden dirt around our house, and people say that is where I get my biggest smiles.”

“I feared all of that was lost with my slow recovery from knee surgery. Then I met Marsha Wykes. Under her complete knowledge and sincere support, I made steady progress back to the life I loved. She was incredible in the way she explained the specific way she wanted me to move and the reasons she designed the program she did. I not only made steady progress in your office, but she tapped into my own drive to push myself in between visits to double my progress. She led my body’s recovery, but more importantly my own emotional recovery.”

“This past Spring, while I was helping my husband clear away some debris from our firewood project, I tripped and suffered a severely broken wrist- three fractures held together by a metal plate and nine screws. After six weeks in a sling I called to request a visit with Marsha. She started right in with some stretching work, but then realized my shoulder was giving more pain and discomfort than it should. A trip back to the surgeon revealed a torn rotator cuff, ligament damage, and other issues. I was heartbroken with the lack of movement and the prognosis from the doctor that I may never get full use back. Marsha, again came to the rescue. She teamed with me with an understanding of what I was able and willing to do in between visits and was incredible. She pushed me when I needed it and gave me the positive reinforcement when I was frustrated with my progress. While I am still working to achieve my goals, I wanted you to know what a tremendous asset you have in Marsha and how she has helped me, get my life back to a new ‘normal.’”

-Susan Barrett

Orthopedic Physical Therapy