A Source of Joy

-Jim Barry

This past summer, I passed ten years of work at Cioffredi’s. Unlike most people that come for a specific limited issue like shoulder pain or treatment after a knee surgery, I have received extended care after a skull fracture and subsequent cerebral hemorrhage that I suffered in an accident. Using a wheelchair due to weakness on my left as well as lack of balance, I primarily work on standing balance and assisted walking, things I can’t do well at home.

Over the years, I have worked with many of the therapists. Each has their own style–which I have learned from–but the common thread uniting all of them is the expertise and level of concern they bring to each session. Though my progress may be slow to an outside observer and required lots of effort, my therapist and I have seen slow steady improvement over time.

In addition to making the challenges of everyday life easier, I have been able to return to certain outdoor sports. I have ridden my recumbent trike in events as long as 50 miles, boosting my pace and ability on hills over the years. I have also taken up adaptive downhill skiing, where my control of the sit-ski in turns has improved. Though life isn’t the same as it was, pursuit of these activities gives me a focus and source of joy.

Read more about Jim’s journey in his book: “Cracked: My Life After a Skull Fracture”

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