Enjoy this selection of client treatment success stories, from people who have achieved positive outcomes through the Cioffredi & Associates commitment to providing people in the Upper Valley with the expertise, support, and inspiration to live happier and healthier lives.


Client PT success gets her back to playing music again, pain free.Learning Better Positioning

“Coming to PT/OT allowed me to understand what was happening with my symptoms, and how to prevent them by exercises and positioning. I had to unlearn poor positioning and will now be able to continue playing music without symptoms.” – Erin M.

Felix Estes, Cioffredi Client, Skiing in EuropeBack to Doing What He Loves

Freestyle Skier Felix Estes of Hanover Gets Back to the Slopes

“At the beginning of my therapy, I could barely bend over and was suffering from quite a bit of back pain. After working with my Cioffredi & Associates physical therapist, I’m now able to return to the sports and activities I love, pain-free.” – Felix Estes

LMT Sadie Broadley and Sara MunozThe Healing Power of Massage

Sara Munoz appreciates her experience with Sadie.

“My experience with massage therapy at Cioffredi & Associates has been the best. Sadie is a great professional and her massage therapy skills and expertise are superb. She genuinely cares about her patients and works really hard in helping them. She listens and addresses your injuries, pain, and weaknesses with care. I started seeing her due to stiffness and pain in my neck and lower back and she usually relieves most of the ache and knots during every session. Sadie really makes you believe in the healing power of massage!” – Sara Munoz

Angie Hinton, PT Client

Back to Running, For Better Health

Angie Hinton Makes it From the Couch to 5K (and Beyond!)

” I have been a member of the (Lebanon, NH, Recreation & Parks) Couch to 5k running group for three years now, and I had been feeling pretty confident about trying my first 10k this summer. That was put on hold in February when I fell on the ice while working. I ignored the pain for a little while, but it did not go away so I began PT. Come to find out, it was not my leg that was the issue but my back. The impact from my fall hurt my lower back causing several problems with my leg and foot. I wanted PT to help clear up the monster amounts of pain I was having and I wanted to get strong enough to run again. .” CONTINUE READING

George Merrill Total Approach Success Story

Total Approach to Movement

George Merrill and his story of success.

“After two years of limping around after my hip replacement and unable to ski on uneven terrain I decided enough was enough! I called Bill Cioffredi and scheduled a rehab program to address these problems… CONTINUE READING

Katie Greenham's Cioffredi Success Story

 Confidence to Compete

Triathlete Katie Greenham Shares Her Success

In Katie’s Words… I began training for Olympic distance triathlons in 2011 on a dare. The thought of competing in a three-event race seemed appealing because it captured an athlete’s full potential – swim, bike, and run. The training was hard; waking early to run in the dark before work, filling weekends with endless rides… CONTINUE READING

Vermont Farmer Shares Cioffredi Success Story

An Unconventional Life

Vermont Farmer Liz Guenther Gets Back to Living, Pain Free

In Liz’s Words… When I walked into Cioffredi’s, simply getting out of my car, standing upright, and walking was painful. Each day I was in pain, and my usual farm chores (carrying water pails and milk cans, tossing hay bales, and handling cows) were becoming increasingly uncomfortable, and wearing me down. Running, a life-long passion, had become too painful to continue…CONTINUE READING

web-cropGetting Back in the Swing 

Elizabeth Higgins Shares Her Story

When Elizabeth Higgins first came to physical therapy for her right hip she thought it was related to some low back pain that she had had intermittently over the past few years. Just a few sessions with Bill Cioffredi, PT was enough to indicate to Bill that something else was going on. Bill suggested that the source of her pain could be caused by osteoarthritis in her hip, and that she should consult her physician about getting x-rays….CONTINUE READING


Back On His Bike

Jim Healy Recovers from Tendon Rupture

Jim Healy suffered a complete rupture of his left Achilles tendon while playing tennis. “The nature of the tear was somewhat rare in that the belly of the muscle, about halfway up the calf, had been torn,” said Anna Hecker, PT, DPT. Instead of surgery, his orthopedist immobilized his foot using a boot to allow the injury to heal…


A Triathlete’s Journey to Heal

Getting Back to the Sport She Loves

As a collegiate level athlete it is not unusual to experience an injury at some point in your career. With Valentina Sedlacek, who participates with Dartmouth’s Triathlon club, her injury wasn’t even fully appreciable until years later. She recalls having sprained her knee playing Field Hockey during her senior year of high school. It wasn’t until her knee gave out on her while studying abroad during her sophomore year with Dartmouth College, and remained swollen and bruised for a week following, that she went to see a doctor….CONTINUE READING


Building Towards Life Long Fitness

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

In December Joan Hiltz was leaving her house when she slipped on black ice and fell, hitting the edge of her stoop right on her back. She remembers having severe pain instantaneously, followed with muscle spasms that ended up keeping her in bed for several days. “When I was able to get myself to the doctor’s for x-rays it showed I didn’t have any fractures, but I did sustain a bad bruise or muscle contusion,” recalled Joan…CONTINUE READING


Surgery Avoided with a Little Teamwork

Linda Preston Shares Her Story

As Athletic Director at Lebanon Middle School, Linda Preston finds her days both rewarding and busy with a multitude of tasks to be completed. One day in February, just as the basketball season was winding down, Linda was handling an injury that occurred to one of the yong athletes. “Having take care of the injured player, I had gone back into the training room to replenish some supllies,” recalled Linda. “As I was leaving the room to return to the gymnasium, my sneaker got caught in the strap of an equipment bag, and I became airborne.”…CONTINUE READING

WEBSITE THUMBA Farmer’s Journey to Get Off Pain Killers and Get His Life Back

Charles Hanscom Shares His Story

Having spent much of his adult life working in construction and the last decade sheep farming, hard labor is nothing that Charles Hanscom shies away from. Five years ago, while splitting wood he sustained a back injury that put his active lifestyle in jeopardy.

He was diagnosed with a ruptured disc and was told that two others were bulging. “I slowly healed from that but I kept having incidents of severe pain 2-3 times a year…CONTINUE READING


Through Rehab and Beyond

Chris Preston Shares His Cioffredi Story

When Chris Preston came to Cioffredi & Associates he was having pain in his low back and hip area. “I was in so much pain and discomfort that it was causing severe sleep deprivation and serious motion issues,” said Chris. “I was hurt and was scared that something permanent had happened. My first visit brought me into an atmosphere full of positive good will…CONTINUE READING

WEBSITE THUMBGetting Back to Their Passions

A Mother and Daughter Journey to be Pain Free

Anna and Ella Dulac are an active, mother-daughter duo. Anna, in addition to her daytime teaching job, is a long standing fitness instructor, skier, and half-marathon runner. Ella is a competitive gymnast and all around dynamic teenager. This winter, both Anna and Ella found themselves at Cioffredi & Associates. Moreover, they both ended up working with the same Physical Therapist; owner and founder Bill Cioffredi, PT….CONTINUE READING


Flying High

Local Athlete Makes World Cup Team

The Upper Valley has a rich history in winter sports and skiing athletes who have made it on to the world stage. Fairlee, Vermont native Tara Geraghty-Moats, age 22, has joined the ranks as a member of the 2015-2016 US World Cup Ski Team for Ski Jumping. Tara has been skiing since age two. She grew up skiing at Mad River Glenn, and participated in the Cross-Country Ski Program at Oak Hill in Hanover (near Storrs Pond), where she first became enamored with idea of ski jumping…CONTINUE READING


Back and Better Than Before

A Biker’s Journey to Recovery

On September 11th of this past year, David Callaway and his wife were on the last mile of a twenty-mile bike ride. They were nearly finished when Dave took a spill and needed to be taken to the emergency room.

“I had a concussion, but I also strained the muscles on the insides of my legs; it was a major groin pull. We spent the whole evening in the ER.” As a result, Dave found himself in a very painful situation. “Walking was painful, getting in and out of the car was tough, and even pulling on my pants was a struggle.” CONTINUE READING


Finding Your Inspiration

Seeking Well-Being Through Life’s Transitions

Sharon Z has a complex medical history, and has undergone multiple surgeries that started at age 12. As a result, she has chronic pain from scar tissue build-up that has caused limitation. “I also struggle with intermittent anemia, low energy, and the side effects of prescription medications.” Needless to say, sports and general physical fitness had taken a back seat for her. “While I am very fortunate to have wonderful specialists to help manage my various conditions, it became time to focus on what I could do to gain strength, stamina, and increase my general well-being.” CONTINUE READING


Returning to Activity Post Back Surgery

Judy Mckeown Shares Her Story

Judith McKeown is a very active individual. A self-proclaimed “gym rat” Judy enjoys numerous fitness activities both in and out of the gym. When pain and numbness in her back and legs arose, Judy ended up needing multiple surgeries.

Judy has undergone a total of 3 spinal surgeries, resulting in fusions from her L2-S1 vertebrae. The most recent fusion was just this past year in an attempt to decrease the amount of numbness and pain she was experiencing from the spinal stenosis that had developed…CONTINUE READING

Betsy WEB SS Thumb

Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

Betsy Maislen Shares Her Cioffredi Story

Betsy first came to Cioffredi & Associates in 2008. “I had terrible pain in my right back and with it, decreased mobility of my neck. Simple things like reaching out and opening a door with my right hand triggered pain.”

Her pain had developed during a summer of hiking, and persisted for a year before she sought treatment. At the time, Betsy was preparing to thru-hike Vermont’s Long Trail, a 272-mile trail from Canada to Massachusetts, and the pain was holding her back…CONTINUE READING

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Staying Fit and Living Well

Client of 30 Years Shares His Story

Murray Washburn has been a client of Cioffredi & Associates since Bill first started back in 1985. His back would periodically “throw out,” laying him up for days. Murray recalls, “I went to see Bill and within a couple months I didn’t have any back problems. I haven’t had back problems now in 30 years. He’s treated me for a number of things since then that have popped up over the years: knees, feet, neuropathy, among other things.”…CONTINUE READING

Dede WEB THUMB for SS page

Providing the Tools for Success

Client of 30 Years Shares Her Story

Dede Dana has been a longtime patient of Cioffredi & Associates. She first started seeing Bill in 1985. “My first visit to his office was 30 years ago this fall. I believe I gave him his very first copay; it was $5 then.”

At that time Dede was receiving treatment for a frozen shoulder, which had really limited her mobility, making simple daily tasks difficult…CONTINUE READING

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A Mom’s Ultimate Goal

Becky Zaha Shares her Story

As an ultimate Frisbee player, being athletic is a huge part of Becky Zaha’s lifestyle. Ever since her days as a collegiate athlete, she’s had low back pain. “After a day-long tournament, I’d wake up the next morning and my lower back would be completely stiff and immobile.I’d take an Advil, get to the fields for day two, and warm up until the stiffness went away”recalled Becky. She always thought it was just a consequence of playing cutting sports with quick jumps, turns, and…CONTINUE READING

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Journey Back to the Extreme

An Athlete’s Drive to Get Back in Action

Kalla Robb is an extreme sports enthusiast. Dirt biking and Tough Mudder races are just two of the sports she enjoys. When a dirt biking accident left her with a broken wrist, arm, and a few cracked ribs, she was left on the sidelines. “It was by far the most significant injury I have ever suffered. After surgery, when it came time to rehab, I wanted a place where I felt comfortable and knew I would be pushed. So I came to Cioffredi & Associates”…CONTINUE READING

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From Constant Pain To Race Training

A Client’s Journey Through Rehab and Beyond

Zooey Zullo came to see us with a long-standing shoulder pain condition. The pain had gotten so bad that day to day activities like getting dressed, washing her hair, driving, and sleeping caused intense pain. “I was taking naproxen daily, plus muscle relaxants at night while suffering 2-3 debilitating migraine headaches a week. I was in lots of pain and truly thought I would need surgery to fix what I thought was a rotator cuff injury plus old age” recalled Zooey… CONTINUE READING

Emmaline Website Thumb

Back and Better Than Ever

Athlete Recovers from Injury

Emmaline Berg has been competing in track & field since she was a freshman in high school. She initially became interested in the sport at a track & field camp the summer before, where the high school coach invited her to join the team. She lettered in track all four years and went on to be recruited to throw for Dartmouth College. In college she threw Hammer, the Discus, and the Shot Put, and now specializes solely in the Shot Put. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2014, and has now set her sights on her next goal, the Olympics… CONTINUE READING

Mina Website Thumb

Dancer Back to Movement

Performing Artist Mina Lawton Shares Her Story

As a professional performing artist specializing in classical and contemporary dance, Mina Lawton relies on her body to move in a myriad of ways. When she suffered a setback from a knee injury, she came to Cioffredi & Associates for rehab.

Mina was unable to bear the necessary weight and force through her knee that was needed for her to perform…CONTINUE READING

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Refusing to Quit

A Runner’s Drive to Persist Through Adversity

Hillary Davis is an avid runner, hiker, and overall outdoor sports enthusiast. She had been dealing with pain in her left hip for over a year. “It started out as gradual and intermittent, and over the course of several months it became increasingly difficult to ignore the pain. Not only was I in pain after my runs, I couldn’t sit for more than an hour or so, making it problematic to do my job” recalled Hillary…CONTINUE READING

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Hitting The Slopes

Fun and Functional Treatment

Sofia Tomek, age 8, was born with cerebral palsy, specifically spastic dyplegia which causes stiffness in her legs, and difficulty with balancing and walking. Sofia has participated in physical therapy at Cioffredi & Associates since she was four years old. The whole staff has greatly enjoyed watching her grow and accomplish her goals. She brings a special joy to our clinic with her love for life and infectious giggle… CONTINUE READING

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Back On My Feet Again

A Man’s Journey to Get Back to Work

Pat Laundry has always worked on his feet, so after a long day it was no surprise to him that they hurt. Repeated injury and strain to his Achilles tendon ultimately required surgery. “My surgeon had to go in and shave down parts of my bone and literally re-shape the back of my foot. After multiple casts and being on crutches for weeks, it came time to start the rehab process” recalled Pat. “At the beginning I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt in my life… CONTINUE READING

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Achieving Work-Life Balance

Cathy Pelton Shares Her Journey with Health Coaching

“When I initially connected with Denise about health coaching, I thought it was just to improve my eating habits and get some guidance on exercise. It actually grew into much more than just losing weight, but feeling better about myself, creating and achieving goals, and making better choices in my life. Denise gave me the tools, motivation, and support to make lifestyle changes that because of our hard work together have now become a part of my daily life… CONTINUE READING

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“My Doctor Could Not Believe It!”

A Client’s Personal Training Journey

“Early Summer 2014 during a conversation with my doctor he told me I was losing some of my core strength and suggested that I begin some kind of workout to reverse the lose. I had heard about the TRX classes at Cioffredi & Associates, so I attended an introductory class where I met Denise Bloom. We talked about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish and we agreed to work together three days a week.

Denise is a true professional, she always has a well-developed plan, is motivating, positive, and mindful of your personal goals… CONTINUE READING


“I Can Run Like the Wind, Mama!”

Pediatric Physical Therapy

“Our daughter, Adalene, is five years old. She was born with a club foot and has received treatment since she was two weeks old. It’s been heart breaking to watch her struggle and wonder what kind of life she would have. When we started physical therapy with Cioffredi & Associates, she used a walker to get around.

Four amazing professionals, Brittany, Anna, Alyssa and Liz, guided and encouraged Adalene through recovery…. CONTINUE READING

Geri Mooney

Doing What I Love Again!

Geri Mooney In Her Words

“Ever since I began horseback riding at age 10, riding has been my passion. A few years back, however, problems with my right hip and knee began limiting how much I could ride. Swinging my right leg over to mount the horse became difficult. Once on the horse, being able to sit comfortably in the saddle became an issue. This progressed to the point that I could only ride my smaller horse without pain and my right knee would ache if I rode more than 45 minutes. My hip was losing flexibility. Thinking this was normal when one reaches the middle 50’s, I just endured it…. CONTINUE READING


A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Back Pain

Finding Your Perfect Formula

Arlene Bettigole had always considered herself physically active. When she developed excruciating low back pain with sciatica, a condition that causes pain to radiate from the low back down your leg, she felt distraught. Requiring steroid injections every 6 months to provide temporary relief, Arlene eventually resolved that she would just have to live with the pain…. CONTINUE READING

Success Story Short-Takes


“I started PT in a lot of pain and didn’t realize how severe my shoulder was getting. I am excited at the progress that’s been made. I am so much better. I feel like I have my shoulder back. After many PT experiences in my life, this has been the most successful! Thank you!” ~K.L.

“After open heart surgery I was impatient to get back in shape and recover muscle, but right shoulder impingement was limiting my workouts. I have a history of shoulder injuries, and my therapist worked both on this specific injury and also on the root causes of my susceptibility to shoulder problems. By working on stabilizing muscles, stretches and postural corrections, we made rapid progress. After only three therapy sessions over a period of a few weeks, I’m working out at full capacity and beginning to correct bad posture that goes back five decades.” ~ D.P.

“I am so pleased with the results of my therapy. I came in with very bad shoulder pain and now I feel like a new woman. Thanks to you I’m back on the tennis court!” ~ P.R.


“I came to Cioffredi & Associates with fairly severe SI dysfunction. It caused me to not be able to drive without extreme pressure and pain in the right leg. There was moderate pain whenever I was sitting, but driving soon became impossible. With the incredible talents of my therapist, I am now pain free, have full range of motion and full strength in the affected areas. Best of all I can drive pain free! My therapist made me work hard, here and at home, and it paid off. Thank you.” ~ J.M.


“I was advised to see Cioffredi & Associates when calf pain started interfering with my first attempts at long-distance running. After just one visit the pain was greatly reduced, and after a few weeks of exercises and stretches it has disappeared altogether. Tomorrow I’m running in my first half marathon.” ~ J.C.

“Thank you so much for helping me with my hip/back issue. Thanks to your accurate diagnosis and great care, I am 100% pain-free nearly all the time now. And I can basically play as much hockey as I want! I really am amazed at how will it has worked – and it has made me an even more firm believer in the power of PT.” ~ S.K.


“Thanks to physical therapy, I am back to my old happy self again! When I first started treatment (only 4 weeks ago) I had major headaches due to TMJ issues including virtually no range of motion & major popping of my jaw joints. I now have 100% range of motion with minimal clicking, but NO pain. Best of all, my headaches have decreased by about 90% and I’m a better mom because I’m not in pain! Thank you!” ~M.C.

“When I started I had really bad headaches and felt like I couldn’t hold up my head due to neck pain. After working with Marsha my headaches and pain are greatly relieved. Thank you for everything all of you do.” ~ A.D.

FOOT – Plantar Fasciitis

“My experience with Cioffredi & Associates helped me to literally get back on my feet again! I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and to stand on my bare feet become unbearable. With the direction of the PT team, I was able to not only stand barefoot again, but the pain level went from an 8 out of 10 to a 1 in three weeks. I was able to incorporate the exercises into my daily routine to further assist the healing process. Thank you Cioffredi & Associates for your part in my recovery!” ~ J. G.


“When I started therapy I had almost constant knee pain, with and without extension. It was difficult to climb stairs, to walk, and even to sleep. All of these problems have been resolved and I now have the tools I need to stay pain free.” ~ C.M.

“I was coming off of an ACL reconstruction surgery and had a lot of pain and loss of mobility. My PT experience at Cioffredi & Associates was excellent. After working with my therapist my knee has made great improvements. I’m back to my normal activities and I have confidence in my knee again.” ~ A.K.


“My mobility has definitely improved and my pain has decreased. I was given the tools and exercises I needed to assist in healing and recovery. Thank you!” ~ E.W.


“My severe pain is gone. Before I could not sit down for any length of time. Now I can sit, kneel, walk and stretch without pain!” ~ M.B.

“I can now stand straighter and walk with less pain for a longer time. No more pain in my leg or buttocks! I’ve learned exercises that have made me stronger and more limber. Altogether a very rewarding series of visits.” ~ J.K.


“When I first came to Cioffredi & Associates I was about 4 months post-partum with my third child and third c-section. I had a ton of pain during my last two pregnancies and by the end of the third, I could barely walk. After delivery, I had some relief, but all of the lifting, bending and activity required to care for three young children left me in a lot of pain again, and I felt unstable on my feet. After two months of PT, I am totally functional and in zero pain. I am so glad I pursued physical therapy as it has made a huge difference for me and my family.” ~ R.G.

“Excellent staff, including therapists and support staff. I appreciate how they continued to change my treatment to enable me to continue an active lifestyle – that is so meaningful to me.” ~P.P.

“I have been to multiple establishments for physical therapy and Cioffredi & Associates is by far the best place I have ever received treatment. It has been a great experience all around, from the therapists, to everyone in the front office, they make you feel very welcome and as comfortable as possible.” ~R.L.

“I am walking around with renewed vigor thanks to your professional approach and efforts. I appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication that the whole staff demonstrated. I think you are a remarkable group of individuals and provide the community with a much needed service. Physical Therapy works. Movement For Life is a great philosophy.” ~C.L.

“I am now pain free, have great range of motion and am much stronger than I have been in years. Hooray! My therapist was terrific: encouraging, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The whole environment at Cioffredi & Associates is wonderful: upbeat, relaxing, encouraging, cordial. Thanks to all of you!” ~P.N.

“I returned to Cioffredi & Associates for some shoulder pain because my previous experience here was so positive. This time was no different! Everyone is friendly and helpful, and my therapist was fun to work with. I’ll be back if need be! Thanks!” ~B.P.

“Coming here is like ‘coming home.’ Thanks so much to everyone for your cheerful, efficient and expert care. And thanks to all the staff for your cheerful professionalism.” ~L.M.