Pain Conditions Overcome

Medically Based Personal Training ExperienceFarmer overcomes back pain through physical therapyPhysical therapy helps overcome back pain.Woman overcomes back pain with PT, returns to hiking

Read these success stories, from clients who overcame pain conditions to achieve positive outcomes through their Cioffredi & Associates treatment experience.


Elizabeth Higgins: Getting Back into the Swing

Woman overcomes arthritis, hip pain with PT.When Elizabeth Higgins first came to physical therapy for her right hip she thought it was related to some low back pain that she had had intermittently over the past few years. Just a few sessions with Bill Cioffredi, PT was enough to indicate to Bill that something else was going on. Bill suggested that the source of her pain could be caused by osteoarthritis in her hip…



Charles Hanscom: A Farmer’s Journey

Farmer overcomes back pain with physical therapy.

Having spent much of his adult life working in construction and the last decade sheep farming, hard labor is nothing that Charles Hanscom shies away from. Five years ago, while splitting wood he sustained a back injury that put his active lifestyle in jeopardy.



Chris Preston: Through Rehab and Beyond

Overcoming back and hip pain with PT.

When Chris Preston came to Cioffredi & Associates he was having pain in his low back and hip area. “I was in so much pain and discomfort that it was causing severe sleep deprivation and serious motion issues,” said Chris. “I was hurt and was scared that something permanent had happened. My first visit brought me into an atmosphere full of positive good will and ‘can do’ attitudes.”


Betsy Maislen: Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Woman overcomes pain to maintain an active lifestyle

Betsy first came to Cioffredi & Associates in 2008. “I had terrible pain in my right back and with it, decreased mobility of my neck. Simple things like reaching out and opening a door with my right hand triggered pain.” Her pain had developed over a summer of hiking, and persisted for a year before she sought treatment. At the time, Betsy was preparing to thru-hike Vermont’s Long Trail…



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