Building Towards Life Long Fitness

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

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In December Joan Hiltz was leaving her house when she slipped on black ice and fell, hitting the edge of her stoop right on her back. She remembers having severe pain instantaneously, followed with muscle spasms that ended up keeping her in bed for several days. “When I was able to get myself to the Doctor’s for x-rays it showed I didn’t have any fractures, but I did sustain a bad bruise or muscle contusion,” recalled Joan.


“Slowly I got better, but I would have pain with spasms on occasion that would last for a long time.” Then in May, after several long car rides, the pain and spasms that Joan had experienced on the day of the fall returned. “I went to see my Doctor again to be sure that there wasn’t any previously unseen issue. Again thankfully, there wasn’t, but I remember thinking, ‘What about seeing a Physical Therapist to get their evaluation, maybe they can help?’ I didn’t realize just how much they would.”

Joan came to see us and started working with Sarah Nordstrom, PT, MS. “Sarah gave me an extremely thorough exam and explained very clearly what she was looking for and what she had found,” said Joan. “Then she made a treatment plan for five more visits and got me started on exercises.” Joan’s treatment plan included exercise to stabilize and strengthen her back, as well as manual therapy and education on proper body mechanics. She progressed quickly, making improvements at every session.”

“Sarah is fantastic; super Joan 2personable, professional, patient with my questions, and always very attentive to making even slight adjustments to my form and position so that I was doing the exercises properly. I really appreciated all of that,” said Joan. “She even made detailed notes on my printed instructions so I would remember exactly how to perform the exercises when I was home and likely to forget! Once there was no more pain or spasms I knew I needed to be fully committed to staying the course to assure I healed my back and made it stronger to prevent future injury.”

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One of the aspects that attracted Joan to Cioffredi & Associates was the adjunct services offered to complement rehab, especially Massage Therapy and Medically-Based Personal Training.

“Prior to coming here I had never had a massage, but I took advantage of the massage program to help benefit my healing process,” recalled Joan. “What a treat! Sadie is a delight and it was not only relaxing, but I could right away feel my back muscles less tense and sore. I decided to purchase 6 more 30 min sessions because I knew this would help my muscles return to painless function after the fall.”

For Joan this injury was a wakeup call that she wanted to pay more attention to her health. “I had gotten out of my old exercise routine for several years and was out of shape. I could feel my body stiffening up and I know as we age it is even more important to commit to a fitness program for balance, flexibility, strength, and overall physical and mental health. After all, this is what keeps a person young! That is why I chose to transition to the Medically-Based Personal Training program after my physical therapy sessions had concluded. Working with the trainer I am able to continue to build on the start that Sarah gave me. I am grateful that Cioffredi & Associates offers an affordable program to its physical therapy clients so that I can be able to continue working with a professional trainer on my goal of lifelong fitness. To have so many services under one roof is fantastic.”

“Everyone from the administrative staff, to the rehab aides, therapists, and the students being mentored, greet you upon arrival with a welcoming smile and their full attention to maximizing the benefits of each one of your visits, and they make it fun! I owe so many thanks for helping my return to prioritizing a strong, fit, healthier, and pain free me!”


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ABOVE: Joan works out with Personal Trainer Richie Hackett, CSCS, ACSM EPC, NSCA CPT