Finding Your Inspiration: Seeking Well-Being

Through Life’s Transitions

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Joe watches Sharon’s form during exercise

Sharon Z has a complex medical history, and has undergone multiple surgeries that started at age 12. As a result, she has chronic pain from scar tissue build-up that has caused limitation. “I also struggle with intermittent anemia, low energy, and the side effects of prescription medications.” Needless to say, sports and general physical fitness had taken a back seat for her. “While I am very fortunate to have wonderful specialists to help manage my various conditions, it became time to focus on what I could do to gain strength, stamina, and increase my general well-being.”

Early last spring, one of our newsletters included a piece about our Medically-Based Personal Training program that really intrigued Sharon. “It was very serendipitous. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to begin something that would increase my strength and overall health, but I didn’t know where to begin” said Sharon. “This program just seemed to resonate as the right thing at the right time.”

Even though Sharon knew from the start that she wanted to transition to our Medically-Based Personal Training program, she needed an initial assessment and guidance from one of our Physical Therapists to know whether it was appropriate for her.

She started working with Kate Leiser, PT, DPT, OCS, who knew from the start of Sharon’s desire to find a fitness program that would be beneficial while still working within her limitations. “Kate was fabulous! She’s extremely knowledgeable, capable, caring, and fun to work with. She has a rare ability to give focused attention, yet still be aware of what’s happening around her. Even after I transitioned to personal training, I could tell she was watching and noting my progress.”

Since Kate knew of Sharon’s desire to transition to personal training, Joe Soojian, Personal Trainer, became involved fairly early in the process. “He would help me through many of Kate’s exercises, and kept informed about my progress in physical therapy. This really made the transition from working with Kate to Joe as seamless as I could imagine.”

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Sharon works with Joe on the TRX

“Working with Joe was wonderful. He’s a great listener, knows a ton of exercises and variations, and has a great sense of humor. He motivated me to do my best, while noting and adjusting to my physical and emotional limitations; he’s very intuitive. On my ‘weaker’ days, he would modify my activities and still manage to get a great workout from me. He was always changing things up so the sessions never got stale. Both Kate and Joe were so much fun to work with!”

“Now, I am definitely stronger, more toned, and have much more energy. I look forward to working out, and have developed more self-discipline to continue the work at home. Going forward, my plan is to join a fitness club to continue to build on my successes.”

Sharon notes that “over the course of care that I received, everyone at Cioffredi & Associates was professional and friendly. I had many questions about insurance and how the transition to personal training would work. The office staff was very helpful and they were always welcoming and efficient. Not to mention the clinic space is wonderful too!”

“If you’re out there, reading this newsletter as I was this past spring, don’t hesitate!” says Sharon. “I truly feel this is a great program for everyone. Many of us have some sort of condition or limitation that can affect whether and how we approach a productive exercise regimen. Taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of the highly trained and talented physical therapists and personal trainers at Cioffredi & Associates is a great way to start!”