Doing What I Love Again!


Geri Mooney

“Ever since I began horseback riding at age 10, riding has been my passion. A few years back, however, problems with my right hip and knee began limiting how much I could ride. Swinging my right leg over to mount the horse became difficult. Once on the horse, being able to sit comfortably in the saddle became an issue. This progressed to the point that I could only ride my smaller horse without pain and my right knee would ache if I rode more than 45 minutes. My hip was losing flexibility.

Thinking this was normal when one reaches the middle 50’s, I just endured it. A few more years passed and the situation continued to worsen. Even swinging my leg over the horse to dismount became problematic. Matters were made even worse when I sprained my right ankle cross country skiing. At that point, even walking was difficult and riding was almost impossible. The entire right side of my body seemed out of alignment. Having ignored these problems for so long, I suddenly worried just how much flexibility and suppleness could be restored.

I finally decided to seek help and chose Cioffredi & Associates. Right from the start, their competence and positive attitude made physical therapy with the Cioffredi staff a pleasant and rewarding experience. Staff answered my many questions with patience and informative answers. In addition to their work on my joints and muscles during my physical therapy sessions, they took extraordinary care to demonstrate and explain all of the exercises I was to do at home. The success I was experiencing from my physical therapy sessions at Cioffredi further encouraged me to do my home exercises. Working with Cioffredi was a great team effort!

Now, nearly 5 months later after having ended my physical therapy sessions, I ride nearly every day and still ride pain-free. I can sit in the saddle comfortably, mount and dismount with ease and no longer experience knee pain, even after long rides. If I feel tight, I know what exercises to do. Thank you Cioffredi & Associates!!”