Staying Fit & Living Well

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Murray works out with Denise

Client of 30 Years Shares His Story


Murray Washburn has been a client of Cioffredi & Associates since Bill first started back in 1985. His back would periodically “throw out,” laying him up for days. Murray recalls, “I went to see Bill and within a couple months I didn’t have any back problems. I haven’t had back problems now in 30 years. He’s treated me for a number of things since then that have popped up over the years: knees, feet, neuropathy, among other things.”

“Now, if I ever have an issue, or a family member or friend has one, I recommend they see Bill and the staff. The staff Bill has right now is probably right up there with the best staff he’s ever had. I like them all, they’re fun, which makes it more attractive to come in. The whole team is great, and Bill is my man.”


Bill performs Dry Needling on Murray
Bill performs Dry Needling on Murray

Since Murray was last featured, he has remained dedicated to his work with Personal Trainer Denise Bloom. Much of Murray’s motivation to workout comes from his desire to not only be pain free, but to stay healthy and be the best he can be for his family. Caring for his wife Karen, enjoying time with his children and three young grandchildren, and the improvements he’s seeing in his overall wellbeing keep him going.

“I work out to live and live well. I like training, and I’m pretty disciplined about it. Denise really understands me and my needs. She treats me right, doesn’t overdo it, but doesn’t let me off either. She really understands every movement and how they interact. Denise motivates me to my all.”