Through Rehab and Beyond

Chris Preston Shares His Cioffredi Story

Group shot
Chris with his care team, Joe Soojian and Becca Swope

When Chris Preston came to Cioffredi & Associates he was having pain in his low back and hip area. “I was in so much pain and discomfort that it was causing severe sleep deprivation and serious motion issues,” said Chris. “I was hurt and was scared that something permanent had happened. My first visit brought me into an atmosphere full of positive good will and ‘can do’ attitudes.”

“Aoi, a Rehab Aide, got me settled in before the owner Bill Cioffredi, PT began his examination. It was then that I knew I was in good hands! Bill and I worked together weekly and slowly loosed up both my back and mind!”

“Unfortunately, after finishing with Bill, while being a ‘weekend warrior’ something went wrong in my lower back again,” recalled Chris. “There was no question in my mind what needed to happen. Bill and his wife Ruth were traveling in the southwest so Rebecca Swope, PT took over. She proved to be just as outstanding! She not only offered up more exercises but made sure that I understood how to do them independently. We met twice a week until we were satisfied that I was able to ‘graduate.’”

After physical therapy, Chris made the decision to continue his progress and signed up for personal training. “I worked with Joe Soojian, NSCA-CPT, a personal trainer under a program Cioffredi & Associates offers (at an excellent cost) to their post-physical therapy clients,” said Chris. “With Joe’s guidance, my exercise regime has only expanded, and I feel comfortable continuing on my own at home. My thanks to all of the smiling faces ‘behind the desk’ and to Bill, Rebecca, Joe, Aoi, and Bryn for all their help and encouragement along the way.”