Adalene works with Brittany Teune, PT, DPT our Pediatric Program Director

I Can Run Like the Wind Mama!



“Our daughter, Adalene, is five years old. She was born with a club foot and has received treatment since she was two weeks old. It’s been heart breaking to watch her struggle and wonder what kind of life she would have. When we started physical therapy with Cioffredi & Associates, she used a walker to get around.

Four amazing professionals, Brittany, Anna, Alyssa and Liz, guided and encouraged Adalene through recovery. I was touched by their dedication to her. I appreciate that they kept me informed and addressed all my questions. They helped me do exercises with my Adalene at home. They were so patient with my daughter and me. The therapy wasn’t just cathartic for her. Going through something like this is never easy, but the Cioffredi staff made things more bearable.

Last Saturday, Adalene was chasing a bicyclist with her older brother at top speed. The bike was moving fast up the road and their mom was worried. In mid stride, Adalene yelled back, ”Don’t worry Mama. I can run like the wind.” I don’t know how to thank people who give you a gift like this, but I am very grateful.” ~Joseph Nolin, Father