Back and Better Than Before: A Biker’s Journey to Recovery

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Dave works on his balance

On September 11th of this past year, David Callaway and his wife were on the last mile of a twenty-mile bike ride. They were nearly finished when Dave took a spill and needed to be taken to the emergency room.
“I had a concussion, but I also strained the muscles on the insides of my legs; it was a major groin pull. We spent the whole evening in the ER.” As a result, Dave found himself in a very painful situation. “Walking was painful, getting in and out of the car was tough, and even pulling on my pants was a struggle.”
Dave came to Cioffredi & Associates to seek some help with this injury. “I had heard some great things about Cioffredi’s throughout the years and I wanted to give them a try.”
“At my first visit I recall that the people at the front desk were very helpful and welcoming. They had all of my paperwork ready, explained my insurance clearly, and were able to set up future appointment dates before I left that day.”

Dave was paired with Anna Hecker, PT, DPT, and he said, “Anna from the start was patient and professional. The pain was difficult but Anna designed a program that didn’t increase the pain, but helped me to get stronger as I healed. Right off she suggested that I could benefit from shoe inserts, which I have used ever since!”

Along the way Dave noted that “there were a few setbacks when I over did it by walking a couple of miles and ‘pushing’ it on a day when I didn’t come to the clinic. Anna told me to throttle back a notch, and let me know that her goal was to help me not only recover from this injury, but to help me be better than I was prior to it.”

Anna noted, “Dave was really self-motivated to recover from this injury. Even on days he didn’t come to the clinic he always did his homework. While the groin pull was a major aspect of our work together, the injury highlighted some greater underlying weaknesses that required a holistic, total-body focus.”

A Biker's Journey to Recovery
Dave and his PT Anna celebrate his recovery

After his sessions with Anna, Dave said that Aoi and Bryn, two of our Rehab Aids that assist Anna, would help out, ensuring he completed his exercises. “They were also tremendous and very supportive as I struggled to regain strength and improve my balance. As the weeks passed, the pain lessened and I got stronger. I don’t feel back to normal now, I feel BETTER than before the bike accident.”

Since concluding his work at Cioffredi & Associates Dave has continued to build on his success using gym routines. “I now have a greater variety of exercises for my gym workouts and more ways to improve my overall conditioning. I’m incorporating many of the exercises and stretches that I learned from Anna and I am working to develop leg strength, improve my overall balance and control, along with improving my cardiovascular performance and upper body strength.”

“I would like to thank Anna, as well as Aoi and Bryn! You are the best!”