Work-Life Balance

A Vermonter's Success Story: Liz GuentherOccupational Therapy client Linda PrestonDancer gets back to performing with PTWork-life balance regained through PT

Read these success stories, from clients who achieved positive outcomes in their personal and work lives through their Cioffredi & Associates treatment experience.


Liz Guenther: A Vermonter’s PT Success

A Vermonter's Success Story: :Liz Guenther

In Liz’s Words… When I walked into Cioffredi’s, simply getting out of my care, standing upright, and walking was painful. Each day I was in pain, and my usual farm chores (carrying water pails and milk cans, tossing hay bales, and handling cows) were becoming increasingly uncomfortable, and wearing me down. Running, a life-long passion and treasured time-out for me, had become too painful to continue…READ MORE


Mina Lawton: Dancer Back to Movement

Performing artist recovers from knee injury with PT

As a professional performing artist specializing in classical and contemporary dance, Mina Lawton relies on her body to move in a myriad of ways. When she suffered a setback from a knee injury, she came to Cioffredi & Associates for rehab. Mina was unable to bear the necessary weight and force through her knee that was needed for her to perform…READ MORE


Linda Preston: Surgery Avoided with a Little Teamwork

Athletic director avoids surgery with OT rehab.

As Athletic Director at Lebanon Middle School, Linda Preston finds her days both rewarding and busy with a multitude of tasks to be completed. One day in February, just as the basketball season was winding down, Linda was handling an injury that occurred to one of the yong athletes. “Having take care of the injured player, I had gone back into the training room to replenish some supplies,” recalled Linda. “As I was leaving the room to return to the gymnasium, my sneaker got caught…READ MORE


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