My Doctor Could Not Believe It!

Cheryl Frisch Shares Her Personal Training Journey


Cheryl Works Out with Denise on the TRX

“Early Summer 2014 during a conversation with my doctor he told me I was losing some of my core strength and suggested that I begin some kind of workout to reverse the lose. I had heard about the TRX classes at Cioffredi & Associates, so I attended an introductory class where I met Denise Bloom. We talked about my goals and what I wanted to accomplish and we agreed to work together three days a week.

Denise is a true professional, she always has a well-developed plan, is motivating, positive, and mindful of your personal goals but most of all she is a warm and caring person. She has made a real difference in my life.


I am really enjoying my time working with her and she keeps me moving in the right direction. I had fabulous news last month when I saw my doctor for the first time since I started working with Denise. My doctor could not believe the results… I lost 5.3 pounds, gained 3.3 pounds of muscle and lost 10.8% body fat!! I could not have done this without Denise. She continues to help me reach the goals I set out to accomplish of increased core strength, better balance, and a stronger body. Cioffredi & Associates is a warm comfortable place to go for my workouts. The staff is friendly, caring and always greet me by name!” ~Cheryl Frisch