Providing the Tools for Success

Dede & Ruth

Client of 30 Years Share Her Story

Dede Dana has been a longtime patient of Cioffredi & Associates. She first started seeing Bill in 1985. “My first visit to his office was 30 years ago this fall. I believe I gave him his very first copay; it was $5 then.”

At that time Dede was receiving treatment for a frozen shoulder, which had really limited her mobility, making simple daily tasks difficult. “Treatment was a complete success. There were exercises and hard work to strengthen my shoulder to work properly again.”

With her shoulder back in working order she was able to go on to learn to ski, and volunteered for many years with the Vermont Adaptive Ski & Sports Association. Her passion for working with children with special needs carried her through her career in the school system until she retired. “Without the success of my treatment with Bill I would never have been able to do the work I so loved. I’m happy to say my shoulder is still just like new.”

Ruth treating Dede's hand
Ruth treating Dede’s hand

Over the years Dede has returned for treatment of various things, including her other shoulder, neck, and her hand, both pre- and postop. “I was so satisfied with the success of my shoulder, I never thought about going to anyone else.” This fall she has been working with Ruth Cioffredi, our hand specialist, on her trigger finger and thumb.

Dede has shown rapid improvement, which Ruth credits to Dede for seeking help early on, and to her ability to really listen to her symptoms. “Dede has been able to modify her activity level during the healing process to allow her to still function without increasing her symptoms. She recognizes where the line is between pushing herself to improve vs. causing too much stress on the tissue. While working with me, Dede has acquired many ‘tools’ and is currently managing her symptoms independently.”

“I love the new clinic, and am so happy for them. It’s so cheery and bright, like all the people who work there.” ~Dede