Cioffredi & Associates Receives National Recognition: Practice of the Year Honorable Mention

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ADVANCE Magazine for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine has awarded Cioffredi & Associates Honorable Mention as one of the top four practices in the United States. This annual contest recognizes rehab practices that stand out from their peers in customer satisfaction, clinical expertise, staff development, and promotion of the rehab profession.

“We are competing with substantial organizations, some of which have large numbers of multi-site clinics and resources. It’s an honor to be considered at this level, and in this category of practice excellence” says Bill Cioffredi, PT and founder of Cioffredi & Associates.

As one of the top recognized practices, Cioffredi & Associates has received Honorable Mention in the December 2015 issue of ADVANCE Magazine, and a full length article on their website. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Selecting a winner of ADVANCE’s Practice of the Year Contest is a difficult exercise in objectively evaluating an expansive list of innovative, forward-thinking physical therapy practices that are defining PT private practice in the new millennium. These exceptional physical therapy centers are expanding their offering of services, staying true to the guiding principles of the profession, using new media
to promote themselves and the physical therapy profession, and above all, offering superior consumer service through evidence-based care.”


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