Ana’s Dream

“It is my dream… One day I want to go to Paris!” -Ana Utell

“Originally, I’m from Colombia. I went to a French school and I learned everything in French: math and science and everything. It was like being in France in school! So the culture is for me. Like everything, the food and everything. So I say, ‘I know French, I’ve been involved with that culture, I have to go to France someday!’”

2023 was finally the year. Ana booked her dream trip across Europe for her vacation, but just a few weeks before she was set to embark, she had an accident that threatened to call it all off. While out gardening in her yard, her playing dog caught her off guard, crashing unexpectedly into her leg. When the dust settled, Ana found herself in pain and unable to walk without assistance.

“It was really frustrating. It’s the first time in my life with something broken. I never ever had any issues with anything. The crutches, the wheelchair – I was like what do I do, how do I do this?”

Ana was determined to not let it impact her trip though. She consulted her doctor, received an MRI, and found that she had fractured her tibia and torn her MCL. Hoping to accelerate her recovery, she found herself at Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy in Grantham and began working with Joe Soojian, PT.

Joe Soojian, PT, DPT, OCS works to mobiize Ana Utell’s knee in the Cioffredi & Associates Grantham, NH Clinic

Ana’s care was multi-faceted to help her achieve the most rapid results, with treatments ranging from manual therapy to improve mobility and decrease pain, to targeted stretching and exercises to increase flexibility, tolerance, and strength, to NEUBIE stimulation to help engage the necessary muscles and “distract” her dialed up nervous system.

Coming into her second appointment, Ana was already starting to see improvement with her pain and range of motion, exclaiming excitedly, “I was able to sleep in my bed and roll over without my brace last night!” And just a week later, she found herself on a plane across the Atlantic for her trip of a lifetime…

This article first appeared in the November 2023 Cioffredi & Associates Newsletter:


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