At My Side

Sue and Sully explore Mt. Tom trails

-Susan Kenney

“HAVING had osteoarthritis for a number of years and now a diagnosis of osteoporosis, my first thought was my dog. I wanted us to be able to continue to discover the beauty, the scent, sound and feel of being out in nature… to be able to explore new trails together. With this as my motivation, I contacted Cioffredi & Associates.

“Over the past months of working with physical therapists Taylor and Stephanie I have developed the confidence to challenge myself. Their understanding nature put me at ease as they patiently listened to my concerns and goals. They welcomed my many questions. Each session they help me to work towards my goal of remaining an active, energized senior and have designed an individual exercise plan for me to follow at home to keep me on the fitness path.”

“With their instruction and support I have discovered what my body CAN do rather than what it cannot. The experience I have gained from my sessions with Taylor and Stephanie gives me hope that when confronted with future challenges I will stand right up to meet them.”

My balance has improved as well as my flexibility and strength when doing all that I love to do. I actually look forward to future challenges… and most importantly continuing my journey of exploration out and about with my dog at my side.

Sue and Sully at Osmond Pond

Susan Kenney’s story appeared in the July 2022 Cioffredi Newsletter:

Summer Stories From The Upper Valley

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