Articles by: Joy Clancy

Backpack Safety Guide

According to doctors and physical therapists, backpacks that are overloaded or worn improperly can, over time, cause painful misalignment and harmful compression of the spine.

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Choose PT for Back Pain First

Biased Back Pain

One way PTs diagnose low back pain is to recognize its bias. Billy explains flexion vs. extension bias.

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Cioffredi Staff and Water Drinking

Drinking Enough Water

How much water do you need to drink every day for optimal health? Cioffredi staff members offer strategies for a healthy drinking habit.

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Foam rollers, fitness balls, and rock tape . Order online at

Cioffredi Online Store

Announcing the launch of the Cioffredi Online Store with a full catalog of fitness and rehab products to order conveniently online.

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Sit or stand at your desk? We recommend both.

Sit-to-Stand Desk

Our ergonomics specialists weigh in: changing positions while working at your office computer can prevent muscle and joint pain conditions.

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