Baby Steps

-Amanda Kievet 

“Before getting pregnant with my daughter three years ago, running was a big part of my life; it was how I dealt with stress and got outside with fellow runner friends. After she was born, it took me a long time to get back to running comfortably due to pelvic floor issues and some nasty nerve pain. I never fully recovered before getting pregnant again with my son. This time, I decided to sign up for PT.”

“I began sessions with Michaela at Cioffredi & Associates when I was four weeks postpartum. From the first one, I knew I was in good hands as she was able to assess my situation and provide targeted exercises that helped me gain strength. Within two weeks, I started a walk/jog progression, which was far earlier than expected. Though I was only jogging a few minutes a couple of times a week, it improved my mental health tremendously to know that I was starting back with something I loved. Compared with my previous postpartum experience, I was able to jog pain-free from the start, thanks to Michaela’s guidance.”

“Though running was what brought me to Cioffredi’s, I also appreciated help with navigating the physically demanding role of mother of a heavy baby and toddler. All the weighted squats with the baby, the awkward middle-of-the-night nursing positions, and hoisting my two-year-old in and out of her car seat take a toll on my body. Michaela has helped me figure out the optimal way to perform these tasks, plus the exercises to gain strength, and my favorite, provided massage to give those areas a little love.”

Amanda with baby Lewis hike Mount Cardigan 8 weeks postpartum

“I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon (I’ll wait until I’m getting some good sleep for that level of training…), but I’m so glad to be able to get out and jog well ahead of schedule and enjoy feeling more like myself. And mostly, I appreciate living life with two under two without pain.”

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