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with Doug Teschner

At 72, after two knee replacement, Doug Teschner spent the last winter and spring hiking, climbing, and skiing…

“In October 2019, I had my left knee replaced followed by the right in January 2020. It was a long road to recovery, set back by a patella stress fracture, but today my knees are both SO MUCH BETTER than they were three years ago!”

Doug climbs Whitehorse Rock

“At age 72, I am still moving and many, many thanks to Kate, Taylor, Marissa, Meghan, Zac, Sadie, and Michael for all the support and encouragement. WE DID IT TOGETHER!”

Doug hikes Mount Cube

Doug now returns to Cioffredi & Associates for intermittent tune-ups as needed to sustain his active lifestyle. Learn more about our flexible treatment options here.

Doug Teschner’s story appeared in the July 2022 Cioffredi Newsletter:

Summer Stories From The Upper Valley

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