Alpine skier, Kiki Cutter, is the first American to win a World Cup Event (1968), amassing five victories in total and competing in the Grenoble Winter Games. At 74, many knee surgeries later, she remains just as committed to getting outside and exploring the Upper Valley, where she has resided since 2010. We recently had a chance to sit down and chat with her about how she does it, her tips to a successful rehab, and the keys to staying active. Here’s what she had to say:

“I HAD A DINNER a couple weeks ago and everyone’s talking about their injuries, as older people do. No one could find a decent therapist. And I said, well, let me tell you about this!”

“I’ve being going to Cioffredi’s… I don’t know, it’s been probably 10 years now. I had been to other places – some of them would know my name and they would kind of pay attention for the first few visits and then eventually just became very perfunctory. They would give me some exercises to do and that was about it. Somebody must have told me about Billy and how great he was, so I started going there. It was all the difference in the world.”

Kiki and her husband, Jason Densmore

“The therapists care about what they’re doing and they care about you. They are hands on which is so important. That’s really what Cioffredi strives for and they maintain it. I mean, the results speak for themselves… Right now, my favorite thing is cross country skiing. That and E-biking. My husband and I broke down and got ebikes about a year ago and really enjoyed biking this summer because we could go places where otherwise we couldn’t.”

“After, I don’t know, probably 10 knee surgeries, three replacements, and four revisions, all very serious surgeries, I always return to Cioffredi. They work on me and they get me back out there. Outside of Vale, Cioffredi is, hands down, the absolute best. If you feel that you’re not getting the care or attention you need, go elsewhere… You have options.”

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