Pelvic & Bowel Health Overview

Breathing Exercises and Abdominal Massage

The pelvic floor muscles are located on the base of your pelvis and help support and keep in place the organs in your pelvis – your bladder, uterus, and bowel. It’s no wonder proper pelvic maintenance can help improve your digestive health!

Ultimately, all your bladder, bowel and sexual functions need strong, properly functioning pelvic floor muscles.

Use this diagram to assist with your abdominal massage

If you are experiencing any sort of pelvic or bowel dysfunction, it might not be a muscle weakness issue. While they can be weak, they could also be overstretched, slow to react, hyperactive or too tight, or even torn. Sometimes you just need to learn to use your pelvic floor muscles in the right way and activate them at the right time.

Remember that these are still just muscles, and just like the muscles in the rest of your body, they need to be maintained to keep them functioning optimally. In the following video, Stephanie Daniels, DPT (Physical Therapist and leader of our Pelvic Floor PT Service) provides a breakdown on how to care for your belly and pelvic floor muscles as well as a number of exercises and massage techniques you can do to improve your bowel health!



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