Best Efforts with Billy Cioffredi, PT

I believe that some of our greatest satisfaction comes from simply giving our best effort to a task, a project or a relationship. While we strive for success, the satisfaction is tied more to the effort than the outcome. Like in sports, when you’ve performed some self-sacrifice in preparation and applied an honest, full effort, that is where you find the most satisfaction, separate from the outcome.

Lauren Groves works on her swimming stroke with Marsha Wykes, PT in the Lebanon Pool… Learn more below!

I believe this is true not only for the individual, but also for the group. I see it as my responsibility to ensure we invest in our staff with regular training, enhancement, and support so they can be at their best. I also believe it is our responsibility to go beyond our organization to support our community. We are grateful to work with the many organizations and individuals who donate time, services, and dollars for the betterment of the Upper Valley; to make it the best that we can make it.

More than the outcome, it’s about giving your best effort on that day, both as an individual, and as the groups you belong to, and the willingness to show up the next day. I hope that you can not only give your best, but enjoy the rewards and satisfaction the effort brings to you and your communities.

Billy Cioffredi, PT
Cioffredi & Associates Founder

Cioffredi & Associates is a leader in Northern New England for provision, training, and clinical education of Physical Therapists.

Cioffredi & Associates PTs gather to discuss shoulder treatment approaches during monthly mentorship at the Lebanon, NH clinic

Our commitment to our staff, patients, and profession includes numerous professional development and education programs:

  • Monthly Mentorship Programs: Monthly Group Mentorship, Individual Mentorships, and Literature Reviews
  • Sponsored Continuing Education for Advanced Specializations and Techniques
  • Clinical Site for DPT students and Orthopedic Residency Site for Physical Therapist post-doctorates

Our Commitment to Education

Why We Do It:

Marsha Wykes, PT, former competitive swimmer,  meets up with Lauren Groves at the Lebanon pool (pictured above).

Lauren was experiencing shoulder pain while swimming so Marsha met up with her after her appointment to correct faulty stroke mechanics that were causing strain and impingement on her rotator cuff tendons.


PTs Julianna Schultheis and Shanna Duffy host the Blazepod Agility Challenge and answer questions at LebFest. 

We are privileged for the opportunity to help our patients in our clinics every day, but getting to see you out in your element is why we do it! 

Billy Cioffredi, PT and Kate Leiser, PT volunteer helping bikers recover from their ride at the Tour de Taste in Fairlee, VT. 

Catch us at community events throughout the year and stop in to say hi. We love getting to connect with you while you’re out doing the activities you love and have worked so hard towards.

Community Impact

This article first appeared in the Fall 2022 Cioffredi & Associates Physical Therapy & Wellness newsletter. Read more here:

Fall 2022 In The Upper Valley: Cioffredi & Associates Newsletter

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