Thank You for Voting for Us: Best Physical Therapist, Best Massage Therapist & Friendliest Employees!

For the fourth year in a row, we have received the Valley News’ Reader Choice Award for:

  • Best Physical Therapy Practice
  • Business with the Friendliest Employees
  • Best Massage Therapist

We strive to provide the best possible care and experience for our community and truly appreciative of your support! To read more about the Readers Choice Awards and to see some of our other community winners, click here!

Words from our Founder, Billy Cioffredi:

The Reader’s Choice Awards came out recently and I was pleased to see that we won in three categories again: “Best Physical Therapist,” “Best Massage Therapist,” and “Business with Friendliest Employees.” The particular award that is most meaningful for me is the “Company with Friendliest Employees.” This particular category represents a trait that I see as a high value for any organization and it puts us up against all other businesses in the Upper Valley.

In a recent discussion with my son, he told me how he really appreciates it when people express a friendly social etiquette that feels truly genuine. This resonated with me because of my understanding of the relationship between these qualities and the fundamental establishment of trust, the most important aspect of all positive and constructive partnerships. If you’re going to be friendly and are going to be genuine, then you have to really accept the other person for who they are. When we see a person for who they are, without adding something additional to the picture like a predetermined bias, then we have more opportunity to truly appreciate that individual. This is not necessarily agreeing with them. It is actively connecting with the other person, finding genuine interest in them, while letting them be who they are and who they want to be. And if you can see anything at all that you could admire about the other fellow, then you can genuinely be friendly and genuine even to those individuals (or groups) whose viewpoints about some issues may be much different than your own.

Being genuinely friendly, establishing trust and building a positive, respectful relationship is a hallmark of our culture and our staff. I believe it’s fundamental in order to perform good service, whether in healthcare or any other human endeavor. If I’ve imparted anything to our staff, I hope this is it.