Brighter Days

-Sharon Guaraldi 

This past July, I was rushed to the hospital with what I learned had been a stroke. After 4 days in a rehab facility, it was decided I would be able to go home for further rehab and medical visits. Results of the stroke included huge changes in vision and balance to be worked on through PT. Because of location and reputation, I requested a referral to Cioffredi. Little did I know at that time, I would receive a perfect match for my needs, interests, and personality.

Taylor has met and exceeded all I could dream of in a perfect match. As with any recovery, there are ups and downs – celebrations and challenges. I can’t say the challenges are any greater than any other recovery but they were entirely new for me – any other medical challenges I had ever dealt with had been minimal and/or known to be short-lived. A stroke demands lifetime changes in physical, mental, emotional, daily living challenges to develop a ‘New Normal.’ For me vision and balance were substantial issues. Taylor’s exercises strengthened my eyes working together and while she warned me about expecting too much from cataract surgery (looking to avoid disappointment), we worked to have me in position for maximum success once that finally happened 6 months after the stroke. I am happy to report the surgery has been a complete success. 

Taylor is always ready to celebrate successes and in a loving manner, listen to frustrations and encourage continuation of exercises when discouraged. It is apparent that she has either had much training in emotional support as part of successful physical therapy. As I faced additional family and business challenges/disappointments (including the sudden death of a nephew), Taylor was right there listening to the emotional impact and encouraging – “Take the time you need but don’t forget taking care of yourself.” When my spouse located and suggested online email support, I could freely discuss them with Taylor and customize/modify my exercises to include changes or additions that made sense.

“Take the time you need but don’t forget taking care of yourself.”

This rehab program became one of continued education and motivation that has truly exceeded my expectations, I believe because Taylor has so actively encourage my desire to learn/understand and be involved in why we are doing these exercises. I am back at work and most other activities on a limited basis including (I hope) planning for interim follow-up meetings with Taylor to help keep me on track in my “New Normal.”

Neuro & Balance Rehabilitation

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