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Featured blog posts from the founder of Cioffredi & Associates, Billy Cioffredi, PT, CEAS. Sharing thoughts and ideas about restoring pain free movement, and helping clients achieve optimal health since 1985.

Cioffredi & Associates was founded with a mission to provide clients with a continuum of health services to help them achieve optimal health. Areas of service offered include physical and occupational therapy, medically based personal training, massage therapy, health coaching, and nutrition counseling.

Healthy Hiking FAQ: Footwear To Fitness

Healthy Hiking FAQ From Footwear To Fitness: Tips For A Healthy And Satisfying Hiking Season Hiking is famously beneficial for practically everything: Heart, muscles, bones, blood pressure, mental health… the list goes on. But pain and injury can detract from your enjoyment and well-being. So in order to get the…

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Maintenance Marc: Keeping Up With The Homestead

Maintenance Marc Hobby homesteader, Marc Aquila first came in to Cioffredi & Associates after injuring his hip. The pain was interfering with all the random hundred things he wanted to do: skiing, skating, chopping down trees, building a bridge, carrying bags of feed to his pigs and chickens… After making…

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2023 Gardening Guide: Green Thumb Checklist

Gardening Guide 2023 Set realistic gardening goals now, planning time for recovery-rest and stretching, so you can stay outside and active all summer long!  Clearing, raking, lifting, digging, and pruning can often lead to pain and/or injury, particularly after a long winter of inactivity. Symptoms of cramping, locking, swelling, burning,…

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PNOE V02 Max+ Testing: Level Up Your Training

VO2 Max+ Testing Right Here in the Upper Valley Unlock your potential with PNOE Trusted by hundreds of professional sports organizations and health professionals, this non-invasive test precisely and accurately analyzes your unique physiology. PNOE utilizes a breath by breath analysis of oxygen and CO2 exchange in conjunction with heart…

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Billy Cioffredi, PT: Secrets To A Satisfying Hike

Life Walks: What’s The Big Secret? The benefits of walking certainly get some well-deserved press, particularly over the past few years. Now you can even track your exercise on your hike with wearables that provide tons of personalized data for you to optimize your health. But while these can be…

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The Challenge: At 73, Judy Lombardi Rises to New Challenges

The Challenge Soon to be 73, Judy Lombardi is still putting on a clinic at the CrossFit gym… “When I was in high school or college, we had nothing like CrossFit. Women never lifted weights… [But when I turned 61], my friends said, “You should try this,” And so I…

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Running Performance Seminar: Discover Your Missing Gear April 20

Running Performance Seminar How To Break Through & Discover Your Missing Gear April 20 | 6:00PM – 7:30PM Location: Cioffredi & Associates | 112 Etna Rd. Lebanon, NH Speakers: Jim Anderson Jim Anderson is the founder of The Endurance Drive which provides thoughtful, adaptive and appropriate coaching for endurance athletes….

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