Back Out There With Kiki Cutter

Alpine skier, Kiki Cutter, is the first American to win a World Cup Event (1968), amassing five victories in total and competing in the Grenoble Winter Games. At 74, many knee surgeries later, she remains just as committed to getting outside and exploring the Upper Valley, where she has resided since 2010. We recently had a chance to sit down and chat with her about how she does it, her tips to a successful rehab, and the keys to staying active.

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Iliotibial Band ITB Diagram

Effective IT Band Pain Treatment & Rationales

Overcoming Persistent IT Band Pain IT BAND SYNDROME (ITBS) is a common diagnosis seen in the PT clinic. Typically, clients present with a primary complaint of pain, tightness and/or clicking at the outside of the knee. These symptoms may worsen with activities such as running, cycling, walking hills/hiking or repetitive…

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Healthy Hiking FAQ: Footwear To Fitness

Healthy Hiking FAQ From Footwear To Fitness: Tips For A Healthy And Satisfying Hiking Season Hiking is famously beneficial for practically everything: Heart, muscles, bones, blood pressure, mental health… the list goes on. But pain and injury can detract from your enjoyment and well-being. So in order to get the…

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