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Learning to Live With Imbalance

Learning to Live With Imbalance -Nancy Gray In December of 2019 I sailed from Lisbon, Portugal to Miami, Florida on a cruise ship… I stepped ashore and felt the motion of the ship. This was not unusual as I have sailed many times and continued to feel motion for up…

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Heads Up! 6 Concussion Myths & Misconceptions

Heads Up! 6 Concussion Myths Over the years, our understanding of concussions has evolved. Yet, there are still a number of misconceptions out there. That is why we’ve compiled this list of common myths here so you can armor yourself with the knowledge you need to best protect your brain….

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Back in Balance: Captain Jeff Egner’s Story of Recovery

BACK IN BALANCE On Christmas Eve of last year, Captain Jeff Egner of the Lebanon Fire Department was responding to a fire alarm at the Element Hotel. In the process of investigating, an electrical fire and active propane leak triggered an explosion. Jeff was sent flying and sustained a head…

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Check Your Risk For Falling

What’s Your Risk For Falling? Even if you don’t think you’re in danger of falling over, that “running out of steam” while walking that you’re attributing to aging muscles could be something else. The problem might actually be slowing reflexes, abnormal gait, or poor balance. Use this screening tool to…

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Balance & Falls Checklist

Reducing Your Fall Risk Falls are the main reason older adults lose their independence. Falling is NOT an inevitable part of aging though! Fall prevention efforts have been shown to be effective in reducing your risk. Want to get started? Our specialists have put together this checklist to help. Click…

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Pain Points and Tension Headache Relief

Treating the Cause of Tension Headaches

Treating a Headache that Really Isn’t in Your Head   Headaches can come from a wide variety of sources—eyestrain, stress, allergies or sinus pressure, caffeine or alcohol withdrawal, and sleep disorders among them—but as strange as it sounds, one common source of headache pain that lasts for days might not…

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Concussion Management Program

Concussion Management Program No two concussions are the same. They can occur at any age, from any number of incidents, and each person’s brain will respond differently. That’s why our treatment is highly individualized to you and your specific injury. Our physical therapists evaluate numerous body systems and create treatment…

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Balance and Falls: Take Control of Your Wellbeing

BALANCE AND FALLS: Take Control of Your Wellbeing Falls are an all too common occurrence, effecting millions of adults aged 65 and older each year. Falls can lead to injury, loss of independence, and increased risk of early death. The good news is that falls are largely preventable. Knowing the…

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