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Catch up on what our health coach and our PT clinical staff are offering for healthy tips and advice to support your movement for life. Cioffredi & Associates | The Institute for Health & Human Performance.

Iliotibial Band ITB Diagram

Effective IT Band Pain Treatment & Rationales

Overcoming Persistent IT Band Pain IT BAND SYNDROME (ITBS) is a common diagnosis seen in the PT clinic. Typically, clients present with a primary complaint of pain, tightness and/or clicking at the outside of the knee. These symptoms may worsen with activities such as running, cycling, walking hills/hiking or repetitive…

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Racquet Sports Guide: Injury Prevention & Management

Movement For Life: Racquet Sports Guide Racquet sports like tennis, racquetball, badminton, squash, and pickleball can be great fun, and also a life-long activity. With minimal equipment required, they are easy to get into, can be easily scaled to your ability, keep your mind sharp and engaged, and provide a…

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The Journey of Life with Billy Cioffredi, PT

The Journey of Life -Billy Cioffredi, PT, Founder Whether you set the challenge or it comes to you, often, the greater it is, the greater the satisfaction is experienced when achieved. For all of us, particularly with these greater challenges, our success is assisted by the support, expertise and inspiration…

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10 Ways to Increase Your Motivation

10 Ways to Increase Your Motivation Maintaining motivation can be difficult, especially coming out of a long winter. If your motivation is waning, try this handy list of 10 ways to increase your motivation from our Health Coach, Marsha Wykes, PT! Make a deal with yourself. This is a great…

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Safe Pregnancy Exercises Guide

Safe Pregnancy Exercises Guide We all know it’s important to be active, but it’s even more so when you are pregnant. Among other things, it helps strengthen the heart and blood vessels needed for labor and delivery, reduces risk of complications such as gestational diabetes, boosts energy and mood while…

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