Pre-Season Golf Conditioning With Neil MacKenzie PT

Play your best golf on the first tee-off of the season! Follow along every other week with our expert, Neil Mackenzie PT, as he brings you new exercise progressions that build you up safely and effectively for the spring season. Exercises are to be worked into your daily or semi-daily…

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6+ Ski Exercises For Peak Condition

6+ Ski Exercises For Peak Condition Carve up your favorite trails all day long on day 1 with these curated exercises from Neil Mackenzie, PT, focused on improving the power and control you need to set an edge and ultimately preventing classic ACL skiing injuries. Video and written descriptions below:…

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Golf Evaluations

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Evaluations Golf is a lifetime sport, but enjoyment, satisfaction, and comfort can suffer if you have limited flexibility, joint mobility, and/or dynamic strength. Don’t let this hold you back. Discover the hidden elements that have been holding back your golf game with a TPI Golf Evaluation….

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Invincible Ella: From Freak Accident to Breaking Records

Invincible Ella When Ella Maclean was seven, she started running track. She remembers, “I started just to make friends, but I just fell in love with the environment and all the people that do it…I love it. It’s so much fun.” That very first year, she placed second at states…

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The Deconditioned Athlete: Overcoming the Offseason

The sports offseason carries certain injury risks for athletes as their bodies and minds become more deconditioned, particularly as they start their sport back up. What happens when the offseason is extended far longer than just a month or two? In the best of times, we see a number of…

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Back in Balance: Captain Jeff Egner’s Story of Recovery

BACK IN BALANCE On Christmas Eve of last year, Captain Jeff Egner of the Lebanon Fire Department was responding to a fire alarm at the Element Hotel. In the process of investigating, an electrical fire and active propane leak triggered an explosion. Jeff was sent flying and sustained a head…

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June 2020 Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Pelvic Health Lebanon NH New Hampshire Vermont Upper Valley exam abdominal private treatment for pain

Pelvic Floor Basics: Belly Care Overview

Pelvic & Bowel Health Overview Breathing Exercises and Abdominal Massage The pelvic floor muscles are located on the base of your pelvis and help support and keep in place the organs in your pelvis – your bladder, uterus, and bowel. It’s no wonder proper pelvic maintenance can help improve your…

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June 2020 Hip Assessment Lebanon Grantham New Hampshire Physical Therapy

Test Your Hips: Identify & Correct Faulty Movement Patterns

Test Your Hips: Identify & Correct Faulty Movement Patterns Your hips are responsible for driving your body forward but are routinely overlooked when thinking about increasing efficiency of motion, increasing power, and avoiding injury. In Marsha Wykes, PT‘s 25 years of experience, she’s found that the majority of non-acute knee…

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June 2020 Marissa DIY Home Office Desk Stretches Lebanon New Hampshire Physical Therapy neck Pain

DIY: Home Office Ergonomic Setup & Stretches

DIY Home Office Remote working is on the rise, but  odds are your home office isn’t set up for long days in front of a computer screen and your body is experiencing aches and pains. Luckily, you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive ergonomic chair to fix…

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