Workplace Wellbeing

See what our PTs and certified ergonomics assessment specialists are saying about health and safety in the workplace. Cioffredi & Associates supports occupational health with in-clinic and on-site services.

Lessons of Resilience in the Workplace

Lessons of Resilience In the early spring of 2020, we closed our offices in order to re-engineer a process that would be safe to operate within the covid environment as we knew it at that time. I was working from home, no longer having any direct contact with patients or…

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Relieving Neck Pain

Relieving Neck Pain Neck pain is one of the most common pain complaints for which people seek help. There are straight forward ways that neck pain can successfully be addressed. For people whose neck pain is not the result of a specific traumatic injury, I break it down into 2…

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Keep the Flow: Preventing Workplace Pain

KEEP THE FLOW Prevent workplace aches and pains by relieving muscle tension and fluid congestion Maintaining physical health is fundamentally about maintaining the normal flow of fluid. When flow gets congested, exchange of oxygen, nutrients, and waste products decline and we begin to get areas of the body and systems…

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Stress: Our Biggest Challenge at Work and Home

Stress: Our Biggest Challenge at Work and Home Studies indicate the prevalence of extreme stress among staff in the workplace is as high as 30-40% and is a major influence on worker productivity, absenteeism, health conditions, injury rates, and staff turnover When you think about stress, what comes to mind?…

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The Secret To Sleep: Tips & Tricks For Your Night

The Secret to Sleep 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems with 30% of Americans getting less than six hours of sleep per night. Sleep is essential to the proper functioning of our immune systems and helps mitigate the effects of stress on our body and mind. Given all…

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June 2020 Marissa DIY Home Office Desk Stretches Lebanon New Hampshire Physical Therapy neck Pain

DIY: Home Office Ergonomic Setup & Stretches

DIY Home Office Remote working is on the rise, but  odds are your home office isn’t set up for long days in front of a computer screen and your body is experiencing aches and pains. Luckily, you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive ergonomic chair to fix…

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Desk Ergonomics 101

Desk Ergonomics 101 Ergonomics, the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment, has helped to reduce the severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, improve productivity, and lessen overall muscle fatigue. It doesn’t matter if you work at a desk, in a warehouse, on an assembly line, or something completely different;…

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The sit-to-stand desk recommended by Cioffredi ergonomics specialists.

Ergonomic Desk

Adjustable Height Ergonomic Workstations Relaxed, properly aligned postures are optimal to avoid stress and strain on our bodies. Our physical therapists and ergonomics assessment specialists recommend adjustable height workstations for those who work at a computer for long periods. Advice From Our Physical Therapists Even with good alignment, sustained postures…

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Sit or stand at your desk? We recommend both.

Sit-to-Stand Desk

Our ergonomics specialists weigh in: changing positions while working at your office computer can prevent muscle and joint pain conditions.

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