Everyone’s journey is different, but there is a path to a better you. Get inspired with these stories and find yours!


“I arrived with a sore left arm from an old injury. Julianna worked with me to find stretching and strengthening exercises. She also used the NEUBIE which seemed to make a big difference. After a few weeks, the pain that had bothered me for about a year faded away. To Julianna this may have been “All in a day’s work.” To me, it was miraculous! Thank you!”
-Sue Kruse


After experiencing a ruptured patellar tendon, life and activity as I knew it, came to an abrupt halt. After undergoing skillful surgery, I began the long and daunting process of rehabilitating from my injury. Kate, Neil, and the team at Cioffredi provided me the guidance, education, encouragement, and tools needed to recover from my injury. I have been delighted with my rapid return to an active lifestyle and have continued to incorporate the exercises provided to me into my ongoing training routine. I am tremendously grateful to the team at Cioffredi for affording me the opportunity to overcome, and get back to action! -David K.


“My recovery (from total knee replacement) was extremely arduous... I was beginning to feel hopeless in that my cycling abilities (MTB, road and gravel) would be greatly diminished, and for two years, it was. That my ability to ski, hard, would also be affected. But from the get-go, right after surgery, the team at Cioffredi was nothing short of awesome. Kate, in particular, served as a guide and coach in my recovery. She was patient, accommodating and incredibly knowledgeable about orthopedic issues, ultimately pushing and challenging me to get back to 100 percent plus! As a professional ski instructor and avid cyclist, I’m better than I’ve been in memorable history, skiing with greater balance and full range of motion, the likes of which I have not experienced in over a decade...maybe two. Having had A LOT of orthopedic-related issues due to a very active lifestyle, this was and has been my best experience in working a physical therapy team. Kate and the team at Cioffredi are simply the best!”
-John Caceres


“Howard has done a wonderful job of restoring my physical abilities and confidence... My goal was to find my baseline and seek preventive measures to deal with my aging body. I feel he has given me the tools to do this and feel optimistic about resuming all my former activities, respecting certain boundaries, and feeling confident about navigating my future. This is huge. I can now feel 75 years young (vs. old). I am extremely grateful for his knowledge, advice, cheerleading, and healing powers. It has been a body/mind journey for me. Living strong!”

Judy was in pain and afraid to injure herself further due to sciatica and osteoperosis. After graduating from PT, Judy is exercising and lifting with the Cioffredi Personal Training Program


After spraining her LCL while playing soccer, Sarah Belk works with Performance PT, Nick Franssen to get back in time for basketball season. She is being recruited by multiple colleges and is hoping to make an impact!

“People work their whole life to get to retirement and by the time they do, they can’t even enjoy it. I kept falling down and breaking stuff. Between covid and a back injury this year, I had been so sedentary for so long and I couldn’t do anything. It was really affecting me doing the things I love. Now I don’t hurt at all! I’ve been going out kayaking with my husband. It’s incredible. Before, I could only go out for an hour. But last week I went out all morning. My poor husband went home and had a nap and I went home and gardened! I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I could really just do it without thinking about it. My goal is to just keep getting stronger. My doctor wants me to lose weight, but honestly, I just want to feel really good... My advice? Don’t wait until your 66!” -Ellen Quinn

“As a yoga teacher, I really rely on my body. In my mind, it just made sense to do PT [for my hip pain] even if I eventually would need surgery, because you still want to be strong going in and discover any deficits in that area that might have caused the problem in the first place... And now I’ve gained a lot of strength and confidence! I feel very supported and I feel hopeful, which is such a huge part of the healing process. “ -Lisa Gleeson

 These stories were first published in the Holiday 2022 Cioffredi & Associates Newsletter. Read more here:

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