“When I initially met with Stephanie Daniels PT, it was becoming difficult to sit for any length of time, and pain was at the level of distracting from both professional and personal pursuits. I have been a helicopter medevac paramedic for the last ten years and a local Lebanon pilot active in the aviation community, obviously a job that requires ‘seat time’ and one that does not reward distraction. I had all but mothballed my long enjoyed cycling, surrendering mountain biking and gravel events as a thing of the past. At its worst, there were days I chose not to fly.”

“Stephanie promptly understood that I was frustrated to wits end that my otherwise healthy, relatively young body couldn’t make this problem go away with my traditional young man solutions of bulling through and pretending all was well. In the emails leading up to our first visit, I received more attention and clinical investigation than I had in over a years time of searching prior. From the start, she set realistic goals, and kept me accountable.”

“Months into the process, I am not ‘cured’, but I am better, and my outlook is improved; if I have a bad day, I understand the tools and methods required to turn it around and I know that I can slowly make the progress towards a return to the things I loved in a more normal way. Most importantly, I have the vision to see that this is not a permanent condition, and while I have a lot to unpack on the road to it being a memory, it is a path that I can now see, when I couldn’t before.”

“In my years as a clinician, learning and watching from masters, she is the type of provider we should all strive to be, an advocate, a kind listener, and a skilled hand to support it all. I have returned to some cycling, with modest goals. I can sit without distraction long enough to pen a note like this, and I am able to continue my personal and professional pursuits on the ground and in the sky when a year ago, I was convinced many of those would be memories themselves. Stephanie has my highest regards, and my most sincere recommendations to anyone in need. I am certain that many patients, men especially, fail to seek care for pelvic floor concerns due to the personal nature of the symptoms and the treatment. Never once in my time with Stephanie was my dignity infringed upon, and her kindness mixed with a willingness to tolerate my own brand of comedy towards my situation made what is an uncomfortable situation, a positive experience.” -Jeremiah Goyette

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy