Client Success Stories: In Their Own Words

Christopher WashingtonChristopher Washington, College Wrestler

Williams College Wrestler, Active Again After Shoulder Surgery

“Coming out of my junior year of wrestling at Williams, I wasn’t certain I was going to be able to wrestle again because of a torn labrum. Following surgery, Kate has been invested in getting me back to the point where I can get back out on the mat doing what I love! Thanks, Kate!”

Leah Wolk-DirksenLeah Wolk-Dirksen after surgery and Cioffredi rehab

Active Again After Hip Surgery

“The atmosphere at Cioffredi’s is immediately welcoming and comfortable. Both my physical therapy and personal training were spot-on in terms of providing me with the medical information I needed as well as accessible and helpful exercises I continue to do months after I’ve completed my therapy. Cioffredi gave me the confidence and tools I needed to become active again after three hip surgeries. I no longer deal with chronic pain and I’m hiking, biking, and playing tennis. “